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We Had Our First Leak

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In a disposable!


My husband wrapped up Spike-o in a Luvs stinkeroo (how do you get disposable diaper "perfume" out of the air?) last night after we bathed our little beauty, and this morning my mom picked up Mr. Wakey-Wakey and found he'd leaked.

Hmmm, never happened when I put him in cloth!

Any tips on getting the other parent to use the cloth diapers? Greg has a tendency to grab the Luvs even though he's watched him set up a CPF and a wrap and put them on Spike several dozen times. Oh well. This is the same person who has rode shot-gun with me on countless trips to certain shops and STILL can't seem to drive himself to these same places on his own without missing a turn or doing SOMETHING wrong. :

Yep, that's my husband, Captain Oblivious.

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first of congrats on getting Spike..... second get rid of the sposies and he wone have a option....... when i did that my DH made the laep to cloth much easier then i thought we would...... he did try his hand at a snappi and a prefold last ngiht and he didnt do to bad.. still needs a little practice but he is coming around...LOL
oh and i am like your DH : i am so bad with directions i have to go several times befor i can remember how to get some where..... :LOL

oh and i wanna see pics of the little in his
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My DH will change Owen, and was the spearhead to the whole cloth diapering to begin with. He can't, however figure out a prefold to save our carpet. I have wanted to sell all of our ME and go to prefolds, but he can't snappi, or even get the prefold in a wrap snappi-less. So I'm keeping my fitteds around with doublers so that he can change Owen. He won't reach for a disposable, he'll just hand O to me if I don't : . If I was ambitious, I'd sell all the ME and use the $$ from that to buy however many hemp fitteds I could with that and use prefolds otherwise.

Also pocket diapers are the easiest system around. You stuff em, and all he has to do is change them.
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Happy Heinys (prestuffed) or Honeyboys, or other front velcro AIO. Even Bumkins if he's not a super wetter. My dh always reaches for these diapers first. They are just as easy, if not easier, than putting on a disposable. He has never attempted a prefold, and even with fitteds and covers, I have come home to more than one inside out or backwards combination.
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Put some velcro closing AIOs in the basket ('cause they close/work like 'sposies, not much thinking involved :LOL), and GET RID of the icky fake diapers. Donate them to a womens shelter, and tell dh 'oops, we ran out'.

Good luck!!h
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Yep, that's my husband, Captain Oblivious.

Get rid of the 'sposies and get something easy for him to use. If there are no 'sposies he has none to use and no excuse :LOL
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i second the "get rid of the sposies and replace them with front aplix aios" idea. dh will only use aios, though last night i came home and eden was in a prefold...dh said it was just simpler that way (i keep the aios upstairs in the dresser, the prefolds downstairs in a basket). so maybe he's coming around?

course, this is the same guy who put elijah in a fleece cover...*just* a fleece cover, and then griped about how it leaked lol. so i am not getting *too* hopeful over here.
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How long has Spike been home with you? Your DH might be feeling a little overwhelmed . . . I'm sure he'll get on board with CDs eventually!

Here's what I did to help DH (he begged me not to use cloth, BTW and now uses cloth without complaint!). I got some cute pocket diapers from Apron Strings and I got a cover made out of the Chicago Cubs material. He didn't ohh and ahh about the cover, but I think he liked it anyway. The pocket diapers really helped (had to be prestuffed) and now he's fine with fitteds, too.

Don't worry! He'll come around!
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Oh, I didn't know Spike was home! Congrats!!! We also have front-aplix AIOs for DH to use. CPFs intimidate the heck out of him, and he's scared of messing up. I now have a big stash of front aplix AIOs and he actually uses them, and he's so proud of himself when he does, lol.
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Hey I have a great suggestion! Luvs has a No Leaks Guaerantee, I guess since their dipes are supposed to hold like the Hoover Dam : Anyhow, you can call 1-888-NOLEAKS. You have to send the receipt, UPC and one unsed diaper from the package in and they will refund you the price of the package of diaper plus $1 for shipping. Get yourself a real diaper with that money :LOL

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woo hoo! congrats on getting spike home!!

I agree with everyone else on just getting rid of the sposies
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