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Fabric questions

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Could someone please help me out with fabric selection. I'm wanting to compare Burley Knit Terry, Hemp, and Sherpa. Here's my experience so far...

Hemp tends to get stiff, and takes forever to dry, but it is absorbant...

BKT is VERY absorbant, and seems to stay soft, I really like the one contour dipe I have in this....

I've never used sherpa...How absorbant is it? Does it stay soft?

I'm trying to do a custom order, and don't know what fabric to choose. I want very absorbant. I guess I just really need to know if sherpa is as absorbant as BKT, or if I need to stick with the BKT. (She doesn't offer this as a selection, but I may ask for a special order with it) I don't think I like hemp, it tends to get scratchy (but it might be okay under a layer of velour, huh ) Maybe I'll just order one of each...

Sorry for the ramble...Just tell me about sherpa. :
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The only sherpa dipes I have are my new ones from Sugarbums, and they rock! They are definitely as absorbent as my hemp fleece dipes. I do find them to be a tad more bulky, though. I don't have any BKT, so I can't help you there.

Since it was brought up below, I'm editing to say that my Sugarbums are organic sherpa.
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Sherpa is a very nice material for an inner layer (next to babies skin) but I don't really like it for soakers...I find that it "sheds" more than Burley does and I don't find it as absorbant.

Hemp Fleece is always yummy but I don't really find it more absorbant than Burley.

My personal favorite thing to do is have the full middle layer be burley with a two layer burley soaker. I have found this to be really wonderfully absorbant but still pretty trim KWIM?


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Well, there's really a lot more specifics that go into this choice than simply choosing one. Of course, it depends on the number of layers used.

HEMP ~ Some people have problems with it getting stiff. We had a discussion about these recently at AW and I think we decided that it really depends on what kind of water you have. I have lots of hemp diapers and our don't get stiff. I think hemp is about 14 oz.

BKT ~ Is nice and it is one of the more absorbent materials out there. It doesn't seem to get stiff. Some BKTs to have poly in the backing, so if you're opposed to man-made materials you shoudl ask this queston. I can't remember off-hand the wight of this, maybe 16 oz?

Sherpa ~ IME most sherpas are far less absorbent than the others you have mentioned; often only about 7 oz. weight is the standard. Again, many have poly in the backing. Now, organic sherpa is another story: no poly and very absorbent, as much as 17 oz.

HTH a little
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