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Did anyone see the new fabrics at Sally Spicer?

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They're absolutely gorgeous! I was all excited about my new bag on the way until I saw the nightengale. Now I don't know how I'll even be able to go out in public with my stupid fiddlesticks truffle!

(Yes, I know that I need help.)
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GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clunk

<-------------- hitting the floor

WHY OH WHY didn't I get in on a co-op for these????????
Okay - truth be told - I didn't care about the fabrics...

PURPLE HAIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!! - I NEED ONE - I mean I actually NEED one!!!!!

Who's running the next co-op?? WOW!






I must have this print
Purple Haiku Spicer Bag
It will be mine soon
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Oh man! Those are so beautiful I love the velvet toile!
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Ok I am going to have to quit spending money right now in hopes there is another SS co op. I adore the velvet toile taupe and autumn
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Nope, I don't think there'll be another co-op. We were lucky enough to get in on this one b/c the rep misinformed me.
The owner called me and they frown upon co-ops but let mine go thru for misinformation and the fact that I already had $3000 of peoples money
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And I forgot to say.....
yes, the fall fabrics are gorgeous!!!!!
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adria, a friend of mine, is offering 20% off of sally spicer through her yahoo group i believe.

here's the link:


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And I love love love most of the new ones esp.....

nightengale red
nightengale black
velvet toile taupe
haiku green
and denim dragonfly
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I love the velvet toile taupe and autumn print too!!!!!

i have a spring print coming and i think i need one for fall too.

i also like the red toile,the black toile, and the nightingale red

what kind of yahoo group is your friends and will she mind us jumping in on this?

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adria is also a member here...her yahoo group is a public group for different natural baby-related products at a discount. she is also currently offering treeblocks products and weleda.

i'm sure she would love for you to jump right in! but i believe the sally spicer deal closes this sunday- so you'd better hurry! (lol) she ~might~ be convinced to push that date back a few days if there is alot of interest, but i really can't speak for her.

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