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Fuzzi Bunz Mediums

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So, even though my little one is only 6 weeks old and has awhile to go before moving to size Mediums (My stash mostly consists of Fuzzi Bunz and BG 2.0 OS with a few AIO's thrown in for good measure) I plan to slowly start buying the Mediums so that don't have to shell out so much at once.

Anyhow, it says on the size chart that they start fitting at 13 lbs. Has anyone found this to be true? That would be awesome because there'd be a period of time when he could wear both smalls and mediums.
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Well, my guy is almost 16.5# and his thighs are pretty much too chuncky for the Smalls, although the waist is fine. Mediums seems to fit just fine. It could be possible that Med. would have fit him a couple lbs ago ... hopefully someone else will have a more definitive answer for ya!
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if you have a chunky one, yes medium can fit at 13-14lb. for this to work the thighs need to be chuncky.
my son has been in large since 5-6months, we started cd at 5 month he was around 22lb, with 13inch thigh so large was good, we never used medium.
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My 20 lb nearly 2 year old can wear Mediums with PLENTY of room to grow. Probably could get away w/ smalls.
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My first, who is on the petite side and was only 16 lbs at 12 months, grew out of smalls at 9 months and started wearing mediums with the waist snaps crossed over at 4 months. So there was a 5 months of time where she wore both. HTH
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DS2, who was nearly 10lbs at birth, outgrew the smalls around 7/8 weeks. He is 10 months old now and still in mediums. He is about 18lbs, BTW.

DS1, who is about 30lbs, could still wear mediums. He uses the potty now, but I had one on him last week for a picture.

with DS2, we never really had any period of overlap. We made due with the smalls until the legs fit on the mediums. By then the legs on the smalls were way too tight.
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My 4 month old chunky monkey (18lbs) can wear mediums, and probably could have at about 15 lbs. The waist on the smalls still had room to grow, but he outgrew the leg snaps.

Even at 18lbs, I'm not using the tightest of the leg snaps.
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I only have 1 fuzzibuns diaper, but its a medium and I started using it when my son was 14 lbs (2 months old). Works fine, although I found the rise a little high until recently now that he is about 17 lbs (3 months old).
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my ds has been wearing FB since he was 2 moths old and 13lbs now he is 25 lbs and 13 months and still fit great!.
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Mine was in mediums at 4 months (when I started CD'ing). She was maybe 15 lbs--tightest waist snaps, 2nd tightest thighs. She's still in mediums at 20 lbs, only 1 snap setting up and on 1 side only!
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Thanks for the input ladies!
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My daughter first fit in medium FBs at 12 pounds, but she's a little chub.

There are such better dipes out there, though...my DD doesn't actually use the FBs. The snaps won't stay snapped, the elastic is shot, and they leak. I bought them about 1 year ago for my DS. The rise is also weird, and even though my DS fits the weight, he grew out of the rise before growing into the smallest snap setting of the large. I know FBs are really well-known, but just about any other pocket dipe fits and works better IMO.
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