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I am the mama of a very sweet intact baby boy.before i was ever pregnant I always thought i'd let daddy decide for the typical reasons. but when i found out i was pregnant i instantly knew i could never allow such harm come to my son. would i allow my husband to beat my children just because he was abused? OF COURSE NOT and this was exactly the same to me. When I found out the gender of this wee one during my pregnancy I stressed over talking to dh about it since he is circ'ed. when i finally got up the nerve to talk to him about it i bombarded him with info and ended it with " I WILL NOT cut anything off my son's body. there will be no compromise in that. other things we can compromise on but not this. I would not cut off his hands just because it was fashionable and i certainly won't cut off his foreskin, argueably a man's most prized possesion, for those reasons. I will get a divorce before i do." I was 7 months pregnant and crying as i said it
My dh came back wuth a big "...uhh...Ok" (smart man that he is )

I was just feeling so sad today for all the little mutilated children and wanted to be able to talk about it without starting a huge debate. so here i am
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So glad to have you join us!!

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Good For You !!

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Selissa, you are like a breath of fresh air. I'm getting so frustrated with women who won't put their foot down when it comes to protecting their sons.
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Welcome to the board Selissa!.
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