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How many CPF & covers do I need?

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I am going to control my diaper spending and just get some CPF. Right now I will have 3 Fuzzibunz's, one HH, and 6 side snap AIO's. Plus 4 hemp fitted diapers that should still fit DD for a while yet.

DD is 3 months old and almost 9 pounds. She is just a wee bit of a thing but should start to grow more after her heart surgery next week.

So, how many CPF and covers should I get. I don't plan to use the AIO's as much of my daily rotation just for the diaper bag and if we need them between washes. The pocket diapers are for night time but I don't know how long I will continue that DD is a real soaker at night. I may just sell the FB when she grows out of them and get more HH.

One more question, what size CPF should I get? Also I want enough so I can wash every other day or so. Right now I have to wash every day or I don't have enough diapers.

Thanks...sorry for rambling so long.
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36 Regular 6-ply cpfs
6 covers to rotate

Should put you on a 2 to 3 day washing cycle. When mine were 3 months we had a minimum of 10 changes/day. Kenny is hitting 7 months in a couple of days and this is our system. We do use Pocket Diapers in rotation with our Wooly Wonder Covers for night-time.

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I would say, with your system and your DD's age, to get around 1 dozen to 18 cpfs. That will give you 6-9 changes a day (about every two hours) and you can use your pocket diapes for nighttime. And, I'd do infant sized. You can use them as pocket stuffers later - after she's too big to fasten them around her!

If you are planning to snappi them, I'd say 6-8 covers for two days.

If you are planning to trifold them and lay them in a cover, then more like 8-10.

www.naturalbabies.com has a great shipping rate on CPFs - flat $3.95 (which is great b/c cpfs are heavy and cost a lot to ship)

She also sells snappis and covers.

Sounds like you have a great system! (And we'll be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers when your sweetie has her surgery).
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I'd say 3 dozen. Especially if you are only washing every 3rd day.
6 wraps or so should do it too

I'll be thinking of you and your little one!!!
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With your 14 other dipes, I'd say bare minimum would be one dozen cpfs and six covers. If you don't want to do laundry so often, or if you can afford them, get more!
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I also meant to say. I'd go with the infant size so you don't have so much to fold/tuck in. The 8 ply unbleached would be good
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Well, I was going to say 2 dozen infant sized cpf's and 6 - 8 wraps.
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How little are we talking? At 3 months Kenny had outgrown being able to snappi an Infant cpf. I suggested 6-ply b/c they could at least be folded down.

Also, suggested the 3 dz. b/c I thought you didn't really want to use your fitteds unless you were out and about and were using the pocket dipes for night time.
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James can still wear an infant CPF snappi'd

She's 17 mos! (but we don't do it because it's AWFULLY risque!)\

ETA: she said her daughter is 9lbs at 3 mos. Just saw that!
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I'd probably go with the 8 ply infant as well. DD is 5 months, and 15lbs. She still fits comfortably in the infant size. I've tried the 6 ply regular recently, and they are still a tad bulky, but getting better. I'd think 2 dozen at least, and 6-8 covers.
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I highly recommend getting samples of different size CPFs before ordering a dozen or more. Since they are always available, this will only mean waiting a few extra days or so before you can place your large order. I'd get samples of infant (4X8X4) and regular (4X6X4) so that you could compare them for fit and absorbency.

Once you've decided what you like, I'd get 2 dozen CPFs. You can always get more easily if you find you need more, but it's time and money lost if you find that you have too many and want to get rid of them.

As far as covers, what kind of material are you considering and how are you planning on folding the CPF?
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