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Originally Posted by MommytoTwo View Post
It looks like the shoulder straps are really close to your neck.
That was the first thing I noticed, as well. I would probably try to wear them spread out more.

I'm also curious how you're tying the bottom ties. I tie mine on sortof upside-down, if that makes sense, so that the panel and shoulder straps are hanging down toward the ground, and the outside (pretty fabric) of the panel is facing my legs. When I tie the waist straps I'm careful to keep them as smooth as possible. Then I put babe on my chest and pull the MT up around him. Because I put it on upside-down first, the result is that it doesn't twist the waist ties, which would help them to stay laying flat instead of bunching up and cutting into my waist.

I also bring the shoulder straps back around to the front but pass them over his thighs first, then cross or tie under his butt. This helps to support him a little more, which takes pressure off the waist ties. Looks like this (not a great shot, but the only one I've got).
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I agree with the last two posters:

Try moving the shoulder straps away from your neck a little and toward the ball of your shoulder. Try different placements, if you haven't already, to see if some specific spot is golden and the pain goes away!

And crossing the straps over your baby before tying is a good idea too. Trying different things like this is the best way to find out how YOU are going to be comfortable!

Here's my instructions page for a front carry (sorry some pics aren't working--it's under construction): http://www.wrapyourbaby.com/meitaifront.htm
Steps 6 and 7 show two different ways to try tying the shoulder straps and you'll just have to image step 8 (it's what pp posted a picture of, I believe).

And my back carry instructions show some similar options in the back carry (in retrospect, black straps on black t-shirt: not a great idea): http://www.wrapyourbaby.com/meitaiback.htm

Regarding the waist straps being too tight, have you tried tying them on a little looser? Too obvious? As long as it doesn't interfere with how close and high your baby is on you, it would be fine. They shouldn't be constrictive! If you do end up altering your MT, maybe a little padding in the waist straps would keep them lying flat and broad around your waist, and not turning into a tight rope, if that's what's happening? I'm not a sewer :

I think your pics look great, actually. Nice positioning all around. I even think those little knees look fine--the legs aren't dangling and the baby's weight isn't all on the base of her spine. It looks to me like his weight is on her bottom and thighs. As her legs get longer, the knees above bottom look gets more distinct.

It's just a matter of tweaking it to your comfort. It would be nice if you could do that by adjusting your method, but it could also just be that they need padding!
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You guys are THE BEST!!!

Thank you for all your thoughts, tips and hints. I'm kind of getting a little more used to my MT and have tweaked how I wear it and find I'm doing better. I still think the straps are way to narrow and could use some padding. I've started sewing #2 and will make some changes and see what happens.

Adasmommy, thanks for the site...I just read a great tip about re adjusting after 15 min or so. I totally find that everything has shifted after about 10 minutes and never thought to bounce dd up again and re-tie. DUH!

Thanks for the encouragement! I might...just might still consider a wrap.......

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Try out an onbuhimo! I can't use MT's to save my life....same issues you have. I recently made an onbuhimo and it is fabulous! I found the waist straps were too much "extra" on a mei tai so not having them worked so much better for me. I hated wraps! Have you tried a ring sling? That's our default (by default I currently have 5 ) carrier...works well for transition size wise and easy to figure out!
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I'm also wondering if the way she is sitting in it has something to do with the material. That looks like a nice light weight material which would be good for the pretty side, but I don't see a sturdy fabric to give it strength. I usually use a twill for the weight bearing part of the mei tai. It not only make the entire structure sturdier, but the fabric doesn't bunch up like a light weight material would.
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I bet you are right! Not only is it flimsy, the coudory is *grabby* and it makes it really difficult to shift dd around at all. Not a good choice but what I had on hand.

Live and learn!

Thanks for your thoughts...
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I am glad it seems to be working out a bit better. For your next go-around in carrier making, I would make the top straps thicker and padded, and I would actually angle them a bit more toward your shoulders so that when you tie it the staps will be away from your neck. Also, definitely loosen the waist strap!
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I agree with PPs - it looks liek you have the waist tied incorrectly so your baby's weight is then hanging around your neck. If you create a seat for her and have the straps further out it should be a lot better.
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