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three laundry questions

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Okay, so I've tried the different suggestions I've read here and elsewhere. And I've been wondering...

ONE - Is that first rinse/soak in cold water only necessary if you *don't* flush/dunk/rinse poop off first?
I obsessively rinse all traces of poop off DD's dirty dipes before putting in the pail (well, it's a canvas laundry bag for me, the pail stunk too much). If there's a stain remaining, or if I've just done a washload of dipes and it will be a while before my next load, I spray a little Nature's Miracle on it too.
I also spray a little NM on hemp dipes if they are really wet, because of the stink factor.
I have noticed no real difference in the loads I've soaked first in cold, then washed on hot, and the ones I didn't, other than the time factor involved.

TWO - What is the reasoning behind vinegar in the rinse cycle? I tried it, didn't notice a difference with that either, other than my PUL covers smelled like vinegar. (I have that bionic pregnant nose thing going on right now.)

THREE - Is that extra rinse at the end of the wash really necessary unless you are having signs of a buildup problem? Yet again, I have not seen any real difference when I did or not, except on some used dipes I got in trade that definitely had a build-up problem.

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well, here's what i think:

i always do the cold rinse, even though we dunk and swish the poopy dipes. i don't spray them with anything and i wash every day or every other day, but with 2.5 year olds, there is still plenty there that could potentially stain- so i don't take any risks.

i use baking soda in the wash with the detergent to fight the odors and as a "booster" for the detergent. about once every 2 weeks i do a vinegar rinse instead. i always thought it was sort of an antibacterial thing- and it seems to help the odors that have been building up too.

and we have a front loading washer, so i can clearly see when there are still suds after a wash. i rinse until i don't see any suds. for me, that means washing with an extra rinse setting, and 1-2 additional rinses after that. front loaders are high suds too though, so most people might not need that many extra rinses.

hope some of that helped!
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