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Bye-bye Due Date Club

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Just wanted to post one last time in this space to say goodbye to our DDC. I know we have the offsite and will continue to correspond, but it's sad to think that after tomorrow, we won't see "July 2007" on the list of DDCs anymore! It's amazing to me that our pregnancies are over and our babies are a month or two old already! Where did the time go? :

You mamas have been such a source of inspiration and support to me throughout this last pregnancy...I can't thank you enough!
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Goodbye DDC

I didnt post a whole lot but I can tell you I read just about every post and visited every day.

See ya at the other site. I am so glad its there. I have learned so much from everyone here/there.
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I am sad to see our DDC go.....i had a rough pregnancy with Natalie and you ladies really helped me get through it with my sanity!! Thank you everyone and MDC i dont know what i would have done without you!

I'll see everyone on the flip side in life with a babe!
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I'm sad to see july 2007 go to archives! I can't believe that soon we will be seeing July 2008 on the ddc threads! Wow where did the time go? It's almost a year since I concieved and now I have my beautiful babe in my arms.
I am so glad I found mdc and shared my journey with all you amazing mamas! I am so glad that you were a part of my pregnancy and that you all are still with me as Emersyn grows!
Thank you mamas and mdc!
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bye bye due date club.....we will all miss you :
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i actually have got quite emotional about this :
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Bye Bye ddc :
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Bye.... I certainly have not been able to go to the off site as much as I hoped...
Maybe at some point... october looks to be a little less crazy, lol!

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Originally Posted by Mumof3Nic View Post
i actually have got quite emotional about this :
: :

i miss you already
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It all went by in a flash. Thank you ladies for making my special one-last-time pregnancy so extra special!

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they havn't archived us yet!!
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