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web host recommendations

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First, I don't want to violate the rules, so if you have a recommendation for me, please PM it to me. Thanks!

I am looking for a new web host. I'll be hosting a web site and email. The site won't have a shopping cart but I may want to run PHP or mySQL or other database type stuff on it.

If you're happy with the host and you've been with them long enough to know they are reliable, I would appreciate any recommendations you can offer. Thanks!

PS> If you are interested in the recommendations I get, PM and I will forward them along to you.
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I can't think of a reason not to post this here and I ADORE my webhosting and love to rave about them. ImageLink USA They have great customer service, a really user friendly control panel, lots of extras like chat room, shopping cart (though I don't use their cart on my site) unlimited email addys, and guarantee 99.9% uptime. They also have these great "midnight madness" specials everyday, I got 400 mgs for $99 a year and my own static IP addy for an extra $3 a month. The specials change every day, so you just have to check in to see what deal they have. Today they have a 200 mg deal. If you do use them, sign up for the newsletter, you get tips and info on how to set up everything.
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I use Pair.com. Love them. I've probably been with 5 hosts over the lifetime of my business and I like these guys the best.

Their plans range in price from $5.95/month to $29.95/month and up.

Check em out at http://www.pair.com/pair/shared/
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Jackie at http://www.dotcomdesigns.net .... Great service and she is a WAHM too!!!

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www.totalrealm.com - its run by carli of littlecaboose.com diapers... and is great! very affordable I think .. $5 a month.. and has an awesome shopping cart!
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Thank you! there are some good possibilites here!

(I was worried in the OP about not being able to mention company names - I guess I misunderstood the guidelines)

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We use digital space and love 'em!
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I have absolutely loved www.godaddy.com . I have never been down, never had an issue, get a heck of a package for the cost. I can register domain names through them for a great price, and can park them and forward them for free.

The needs you require fit their OS as well.
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