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Originally Posted by marisa View Post
LOL, I have never done an announcement for my babies...and we're graphic designers too!
I guess it's true what they say, that it's the cobbler's children who never have shoes!
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I'm still trying to come up with ideas. We are sending out an announcement that will need to have triple duty....1. Holiday card, 2. We got married,
and 3. We had a baby. Ideas are welcome...lol. We were just going to do a family photo with, from the XYZ Family...but my daughter has a different last name and that kind of tweeks her.

So what do you think of this idea. 2 photos on card....One of the family, and the other, taking a photo after baby, that is an ariel shot of our 4 hands...mine, soon to be dh's, dd's, and upcoming dd. Like a pile-on of hands, biggest on bottom up to new baby hand. We figured our wedding rings would be visible so it would not so subtly drop that hint. Then just, Happy Holidays from C, J, R and Whatever-We-Name-Baby.

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I like your idea, Joanna.

BTW, This is going to sound dorky, but honestly it has worked well for us and no one questioned it. Except now a fouth baby's name throws a wrench in the works.

Since my youngest was born 6 years ago we built and maintained a website about our family, e-mails with that domain, and a newsletter. Except right now the website is down :

Anywhoo, it was www.taylexson.org and we called it the Taylexson Times for the newsletter and we often call ourselves Team Taylexson.

TAYlor, aLEX, jackSON. The name Taylexson is a combo of our three son's names and Team Taylexson incorporated all of us. We have three last names in our family right now (mine, my husband and third son, my two oldest) and that makes everything a pain in the rear when trying to use a family name.

Anywhoo, just a thought! Combine some names or make up a cute family nickname (like my husband's biking "group" nickname, Team Avacado which just incldes everyone he rides with. He wants jerseys!).
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For Matt we used Celebration Cottage (www.celebrationcottage.com) and we LOVED them.

This time around we're also doing www.purplestork.com and we might be using it as a Holiday Card as well depending on when baby comes. Its not the money per say, but the time issue of writing and sending out holiday cards right after having done the birth announcements. Also, the first anniversary of my mom's passing is dec 2, and I don't want added stress so its possible they may go out together.

Actually, we just got our pre-order envelopes from purple stork because I want to have the addresses all written out before baby is due. I just remember trying to do it after and it took weeks with a new baby. Now I just have to take the pictures, pick the design and wording, and stick them in the envelopes.
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Originally Posted by cheeseRjedi View Post
I'll make my own with photoshop and then have them printed out at Target. 4x6 prints are only $.19 each. Then I just have to get to Michael's to get the right size envelopes.

I made my own for DD and they came out pretty nice, imo:
That is DARLING! You are so talented!
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I made my own with Emily--they ones you order in the catalog were just soooo expensive, and I remember looking at one of them and realizing that I could easily do it myself (and I am NOT crafty).

I bought some square pink flat cards and envelopes from a cool paper store, plus some vellum paper (its slightly opaque but you can still see through it) and ribbon. I cut the vellum paper to be the same size as the square flat pink cards, and then printed the birth announcement on the vellum with my laser printer. Then I took a picture of Emily, printed a bunch with my photo printer, and glued one to the center of each pink square flat card. Then I put a piece of printed vellum on top of each card, made two hole punches in the top, threaded the ribbon through and made a little bow at the top. Voila! Super easy and pretty and simple. We have one framed in Em's room surrounded by a collage of her newborn pictures--so cute.

Of course now I'm out of ideas and have no inspiration as to what to make for this babe...
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Well I guess I am crazy. With DD#1 I handmade all her birth announcements. Each one was different because it drives me nuts to make more than one of the same thing. It was fun being creative. I had them all made and envelopes addressed before she was born. Then I printed out her info and added a picture.

I have made two so far for this little one, but doubt I will be able to make all that I need in time. So I might make up a digital one and get it printed as postcards at vistaprint. Their prices are really good.

Here is one I have made for current baby.

Here are a few of my favorites from DD#1
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I cannot imagine doing a different one for each card! They're all adorable though! Inspiring.

I do cartooning like the babe on your cards and would love to do something, but I don't know how to get the images transfered and printed on cards. That would require yet one more thing for me to do!
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Originally Posted by welldone View Post
Oh, I highly recommend the following mom designer for birth announcements:

Winged Feet Design
That's who I am using, too! I "know" her from thebabywearer.com and she does beautiful work!
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