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Na, na, na, boo, boo........................

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OK I have to brag about this. Colleen from Natural Babies just moved in a few miles from me. When they were here looking at houses, she and her family came over for a bit and we just hung out. They are so sweet. So Colleen moved in a few weeks ago and she invited Amy (Ekblad7) and I over for her dd's birthday party. It was just us and 1 neighbor girl. (Of course *just us* is Amy and I with our 9 kids). The kids played outside and were pretty good. Just the normal mishaps you get with 12 kids, girls vs boys....

Anyway, her house smelled awesome and we had to know what it was. Tami's Soaps. If you have never tried them, you have to. They smell awesome. Colleen took us to her basement where her dipe stock is and we were in Heaven!! To be able to look at and touch all the dipes was great. Colleen and her amazing dh, Trevor, took turns watching Jackson and Sarah so that Amy and I could shop. We were like kids in a candy store. We were pulling boxes off the shelves, pulling diapers out and just going crazy. We felt bad leaving them with all the kids but Colleen said she was suprised we showed so much restraint and waited as long as we did. I bought a dozen preemie CPFs, 1 Luke's Drawers Cotton Kiss, and 2 Hemparoo prefolds to try on Sarah at night. Right now we use a premium CPF with 2 JBs and a wool cover. It would be nice to get rid of some of the bulk. I think I showed great restraint. I can't wait to go back again without the kids and really be able to browse.

Just had to share. Colleen is so sweet and loving. I loved doing business with her before but now it is even better.
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Lucky, lucky mama!!!!!!! I love shopping via Colleen's site . . .I can't even imagine shopping IN PERSON!!!
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You lucky duck!! Hmmm...my husband wants to move next year...my mission? To find the biggest concentration of WAH diaper Moms!!!
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OMG you are so lucky! It sounds like hyena heaven!!!
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Oh man!!!!! you guys are sooooooo lucky!!!!!

i'm glad you had a great time!!!!!!!

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Is there a green w/ envy emoticon? Guess he will have to do, LOL!
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NOOOOOOOOT FAAAAAAAAAIR (is that whiny enough?) OMG I'd be in heaven, I love Naturalbabies . I don't get to order much often, but when I do I head straight there. I'm glad she is settling in and has some rl friends there.
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OOOOOHHHH! I'm jealous, too! I just ordered from her and I had no idea that she was moving! I can't believe she had time to mail our stuff!

You guys are so lucky! I would have went nuts around all of those goodies!!
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Yeah she is amazing. Their first priority when they got moved was to get the business set back up and get orders out.
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Yay for you!!! I am so jealous. This would be me in her home.

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I was afraid to try the hemp pfs before because I didn't know what to expect or what size to get. Being able to look at them totally changed my mind.
Note to self: find time to go to Colleen's again SOON. Without the kids. Take drool bucket.
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I'm dying of jealousy over here - it would be SO COOL to be friends with Colleen, and also SO COOL to get to see her stock. I have often wondered what her work space looks like. Or should I say I have often FANTASIZED about it...

If it's ok to say, where in the country did she move / do you live?
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We are in Michigan. I am sure she won't mind me telling people the state as it will be the return addy on the many, many packages you will order from her. :LOL

Yes, it is cool to have a local dipe store but even better, Colleen is wonderful and I am glad to have her as a new friend.
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Originally posted by tnrsmom
Note to self: find time to go to Colleen's again SOON. Without the kids. Take drool bucket.

What I wouldn't give...I don't need this extra arm that I am carrying around (jk)!

You are so lucky girl!
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Sounds like a great day!!! I'd be like a kid in a candy store!!!
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I love shopping at Colleen's store! She has the best costumer service...Sorry Heather never shopped w/ you but I know you do too from all the other mommas here!

I'd so to just be you right now! I'd go insane as I'm expecting and would want EVERYTHING!!!!
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Yes, I was wondering how many Kissaluv 0s I could stuff in my shirt. She has all the cute colors. I just can't afford to buy all new ones at $10 and $11 each.
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not fair!!!! LOL she used to just live a few miles from me.. ill miss being able to pick up my burts bees stuff ... *sniff sniff*
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I am from MI originally. Where are the Texas WAHMs?
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amy from stork crossing is in texas i think
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