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Poop on my Aristocrat!!

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Poor ds has diarrhea and some leaked onto his 'crat. How should I wash this? It is currently soaking in the sink with just plain water. Usually when I wash the wool, I just soak in the sink with a bit of Eucalan. However I don't think that will be enough this time. But I don't know what else to do. Anyone care to offer some advice?
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Some of the -y mamas might not agree with me, but here's what I do: I do a "micro" load in the washer - set to rinse (so that you don't actually rinse), fill with cold water, add some Eucalan, and toss in the cover. No problems with stains at all, and the covers don't seem to be hurt by getting machine washed. The spin cycle gets rid of the water better than blotting with a towel, and I hang to dry.

I tried this after unsuccessfully trying to hand-wash poop out of wool. Whatever you do, don't scrub!
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We wash our wool in the machine too, on cold gentle cycle...sometimes I'll resort to full fledged detergent then relanolize to get a poop stain out.
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You can also wash with shampoo if you want something a little stronger than Eucalan.
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I'm going through this same thing w/both my arisocrats. I tried scrubbing at the stain w/an old toothbrush and washing on gentle and can't get them out of either. I've decided to quit fighting the stains and just dye them w/koolaid.
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