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desperate teething help needed!

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DS is 3mo and definitely teething. He is soaking himself, me, and DP with drool constantly.

His favorite soother is to chew (hard!) on my knuckles, which is beginning to be painful. He is not yet able to reliably hold on to anything and keep it in his mouth.

Any ideas about what might sooth him other than my knuckles?

Also, we've used Hyland's teething tablets for two days now, can't tell if they're making a difference. Are there other things we should try?

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One thing we've tried that my ds LOVES is a wet, cold washcloth. I take one of his thin baby washclothes, wet it with cold water and keep it in a baggie in the fridge. WHen he seems bothered by his teeth I give it to him and he chews away. The cold feels good to him I'm sure. He has been able to hang onto the rag for a long time, I would think at 3 months your ds could handle it.
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Cole cut his first teeth at 3 months also. It is a special challenge because the teethers you buy at the store are too big for their teeny mouths and they don't have the motor skills to hold them, anyway.

Same thing with Cole - the only thing that gave him relief was our fingers. We tried the washcloth thing and he didn't like it. : What we ended up doing was getting one of those rubber finger toothbrush thingies they sell with baby toothpaste. We'd put it on and he could chew to his heart's content and it wouldn't hurt our fingers.

When he gets older, those teething beads are great, as well as the water-filled rings or fish or whatever that you can put in the fridge. Good luck - hope those teeth come soon!
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At that age, I 'd wrap a cloth around my finger and let him chew on it. The cloth absorbed the drool and cushioned my finger. I also started him on a sippy cup of cool chammomile tea. I think he really just chewed on it more than he drank from it, but it really helped a lot.
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Hylands also makes a teething gel which both of my kids got more relief with than the tabs.

we also have one of those small teething necklaces with the plastic beads that seems to be a good knuckle substitute-but you still have to hold it for him
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