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Cranberry I'm in Iowa and pg right now and you're scaring the crap out of me.

, momma.
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Daughter returned home after 15 months of not being in home. 2 social workers, my doctor and therapist have all told me I would never have been involved with DHS except for the fact that my parents chose to make negative statements about me which trumped what they had to say. Her transition is going okay. She was fine the first couple of weeks, had 2 great days at her new daycare, then promptly got sick and has been extremely fussy ever since. I feel terrible having to leave her there. She is getting fussier I hope it's just a phase. Anyways I much appreciate everyone's interest and support - will write more later
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oh cranberry, I'm so sorry it has lasted that long.

I have BTDT, if you need to talk just PM me.

There is definitely an adjustment period and it is hard on everybody. I'm so glad she's back with you!
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It's wonderful that your dd is back with you! Take it one day at a time. I'm sure if she got sick that would make her fussy. Congratulations on making it through!
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i am so very sorry it took so long, i gope your little daughter and yourself can learn and grow together and bond to be a nice fsamily and try to put this behiond you. i know you and likely she will never forget the separation but i hope something good and a great relationship will come of it, if nothing else.
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I'm so sorry for your awful ordeal. I had a brush with cps after my first UC (because of a family member!) and really just feel deep down that we got lucky nothing came of it and the case was only open a month, I just can't imagine if they had deemed it appropriate to have removed my baby (they threatened it and that alone about shattered me). I'm thrilled that your dd is home with you and I wish you both much healing and much deserved peace.
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I'm terribly sorry your DD was gone so long... But so overjoyed she's home!!! Sending positive energies to all of you for peace, strength and healing all the time!
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I'm so glad to hear you've got your Dd home with you again

And I'm so sorry you both had to go through all that you did to be able to be together. Your birth sounded lovely, and I hope that in time you'll be able to enjoy it's memory for the glorious, empowering, natural process that it was without regreting it because ignorant power hungry fools used it aginst you.

To you both, be well Mama.
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this is one of the craziest threads I've read in awhile. I don't know how I missed it the first time around.

Cran, I'm happy your dd is back in you care. What a horrible disconnect to have heppened for whatever reasons. I hope you are both able to heal and learn about eachother.
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I am glad you have your baby back! That is wonderful news.
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I'm so glad to hear your DD is back with you.
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I'm in DSM, let me know if I can do anything. ((Hugs)) Seems like ever since the Shelby Duis (sp?) case where DHS dropped the ball they've been power trippy ever since.

ETA - If you haven't already, get yourself a GOOD lawyer. Like, right now would be too late, yesterday is better.
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What a sad story! I'm glad your baby is home Lunchmeats and mac & Cheese to a baby????? My 4 yr old and 9 yr old don't get that crap!! I can't believe "professionals" are telling you these things. A Mommy knows whats best!
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Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and hope...my daughter has now been home with me for 6 months. She is doing very well and is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. A new social worker on my case (the old one went on maternity leave, thank god) is someone I attended college with and therefore see one another more as peers, a much better relationship. My case is in its final phases. Soon I will either bargain with the state regarding my name's placement on the state's (NATIONAL) abuse registry (for giving birth at home & not giving "required medical treatment" for a healthy baby girl) or stand trial to challenge my name being placed there. Everyone seems to think my name should at least be taken off the registry, even if DHS is too stubborn to remove it from their own files. I do hope someday to teach again so hopefully I can get cleared. Any thoughts, suggestions, would be appreciated. Thanks again for your support and concern. I hope my case hasn't scared anyone away from home birthing. I'm still interested in hearing about the situations of other midwives/ people especially in the midwest whose situations mirror my own.
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i just don't get how they can legally require treatment for a perfectly healthy child... i mean i get how and why they're twisting it to make it look like you should have been at the hospital, but if the doctors established that babe was totally healthy, and given the fact that you are the parent, i just can't fathom how they can make such a ridiculous leap of logic. that's so just infuriating! and the abuse registry thing has got to be the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. and oh yeah,
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I have just read through this thread, and my heart broke in pieces for you and your little one. I have a lot of frustrated words to share, but I'm sure you've had enough of stress by now, so I will just offer you hugs and comforting thoughts going your way.

As to the abuse registry issue - my first thought was to fight it out to the end, but I do not know your situation and all the details of it. I'm sure that you will do what's best.

As to CPS - I am not at liberty to discuss any details, but I was in a situation a while ago that allowed me to have quite a look at the system. I can say one thing - you wouldn't be able to find that much pathology at a forensic pathologists' convention.
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What are the consequences of standing trial to have your name removed and losing the case? Permanent placement on the registry? And if you bargain with the state - you're still on the registry but with a less severe charge? Appalling that you shoulder the burden to prove your own innocence.

I am glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, you have been forced to walk a very lonely and dark road and I'm so happy your dd is with you and doing well.
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Cranberry - sorry you had a such a terrible time. : It is sad when families do such awful things to each other. The government should never be able to take a child from its mother over such trivial issues. What about checks and balances? Suddenly I am not so sad that my MIL has been telling people I accidently had my baby at home! I think I am going to stop telling anyone I don't know very well I had a UC. Most people think it was an accident, it hurts my pride a little but it looks like it is better for them to think that than to risk someone reporting us! (NOT THAT WE HAVE DONE ANYTHING WRONG.)
How is it that late term abortions are perfectly fine but having a baby at home is negligent?!! It makes no sense. I thought that taking your baby for a newborn checkup was a way to show you care about your child's health and keep CPS out of your hair. I'm glad my OB and our Ped were supportive! It could have been a nightmare if they had decided to report me.
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