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Nightime EC = no sleep!

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Love the concept, but am finding that my now 4 month old baby really does not like to go in his cloth diaper at night. While he is sleeping, he will squirm and kick and cry and that is his signal for us to pee him. This happens, and we always get up to pee him when he asks, at 1 am, 2 am, 4:30 am, 6 am.... you get the picture. When we pee him in the in arms position, he arches his back and cries some more. No sleep for mom, who does the peeing, and no sleep for dad, who wakes up to the crying.

At what age does this pass? Oh what we do for a baby who likes a dry diaper!
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Well, my DS cries if I try to pee him at night unless I nurse him simultaneously, that way he falls back to sleep right after peeing. He is almost 8 months and for the past week hasn't needed to pee at night until about seven hours after going to bed. He then needs to pee again 2-3 hours later. This is excluding bad nights when something else disturbs his sleep. Then he needs to pee every time he wakes. He used to need to pee every 2-3 hours, but we didn't do a lot of nighttime EC until he initiated it like yours is doing with the wiggling and fussing. We started regularly ECing at night about a month and a half ago.
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DS1, who was EC'd starting at 6 months, was dry at night around 8 months. Until then he was up around 3 times a night to pee while nursing, and another 3 times to just nurse.

DS2, who has been EC'd since birth and is now 10 months old, is no where near that. It could be that i am on autopilot and can't seem to manage to actually wake up at night. I pee and/or change him usually at his 11:30ish wake up, but then not again til morning. Occassionally he is dry at 6am. He is just now starting to not want to pee at 11:30 though. maybe that is a sign he will be peeing less at night.

good luck with the sleep!
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I suspect there's no across the board answer here... all kids are different. Our seven week old stays dry most of the time at night- I get up to pee her a couple of times usually. She has to go more frequently when she's awake, so I miss more during the day...
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My DS, 8 months, wakes me about 2 x per night to pee: around 1 am and again around 3:30. Lately this month he has often not needed the 1 AM but I am usually still awake because am used to him needing to pee then! Since he was 4 months (I recollect) he has been pretty casual about being held over the potty. Seems it helps if the room is warmer/ he is wearing leggings and socks. I've lately started to persuade him to go back to sleep with a snuggle instead of breastfeeding between 12 AM and at least 5 AM. I miss the sleep too. Good luck.
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