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What to do re: school?

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My 9yo has been in ps for kindergarden and first grade. When I quit work the summer after 1st grade, I knew we were going to homeschool. We did for all of 2nd grade and the beginning of 3rd. When I was sick and pregnant and afraid of how I would cope with twins, I put him back in public school for the remainder of the year in 3rd grade. Well, he LOVED it! He had a great teacher, made great friends, etc. Now he is willing to go back to homeschooling, but is ok with public school too.

Here is my dilemma. He is 9. He has begun to change from that little boy that loved dragons and Legos, to someone that wants to talk about cars and rock music. He is getting interested in girls. He is more into hanging out with dh, doing "guy things", than with me.

So, on one hand, I think homeschooling would be lots of fun for both of us, but on the other hand, I think it will take him away from so much of that boy- life he was leading. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I am so stumped. I just worry about pulling him away from something he enjoyed so much. I know if he went back, he would love it just like last year. He loved it so much that he was sad at the end of the year.

Any advice from moms who have been there with a preteen boy on the verge of being a man? I don't know whether homeschooling will stunt this growth that I see as a positive.

(didn't put this in the school forums, because, well, it seemed the homeschoolers would say homeschool, and the ps'ers would say ps- plus it is really about the stage he is at developmentally that is causing me to wonder)
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Hello laralou,

I have been a homeschooler for years and have recently become a mother of public school kids( their choice)

I have alwasy aloud my children to make choices for themselves unless those choices would in someway be harmfull physically, emoitionally or spiritually..................

This year all three girls ( 16, 14 and 10 ) will attend public school for the first time ( 16 year old staretd in January) This was their choice. I was alittle tasken back and sad at the time. But we have always unschooled and feel the kids own their own education. Public school has been their choice. I will stand by that decision unless I see some direct harm.

If your son was happy, made friends and feels positive about going to school, I would give him a chance.

Peace to yo,
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What if he is the one wanting to homeschool (and believe me, I want to homeschool him- I love doing it), but I think he has just forgotten how much he enjoys it and I think he is having typical summer time/return to school blues. I also think he doesn't understand that summertime rules won't apply if he does stay home. I think he is imagining lots of tv, lots of playing, staying up late, staying out to play late, etc. To homeschool and care for the girls will require a lot more organization than we currently have.

I know I am batty for wanting someone to make this decision for me. I am just hoping that reading what others would do will help me make up my mind.

BTW, granolamom, I think you are a great mom!
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My good friends' daughter will start school this fall for the first time. Her moms have told her that is she starts she must go until December break, if at that time she wants to come back home for school, she may.But, if at any point during the first semester her moms think she needs to come home, she will stop going........

Maybe you could give your son this choice.......

Best of luck, and laralou, you are a GREAT mom...follow your heart.......

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