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Anyone puking?

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I'm not... yet. But I feel it coming for me. Any day now, it's gonna start happening.

Ugh, food sucks.
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Not yet. But I sometimes get nauseaous all day long.
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I haven't puked. I didn't with DD. I have felt very nauseous and extretely tired today. I started my 6th week yesterday. I kinda remember with the 6th week came the icky to my tummy feeling last time. Hang in there Mamas!
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I am having icky nauseoua feelings off and on, still pretty mild... usually the bad stuff hits at 6 weeks, which will be in a few days for me.. ugh..lol!
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Hmm I'm feeling good so far. But last time I was nauseous during weeks 6 and 7, so we shall see... Actually, last time heartburn was the real drag. I think it lasted longer than the nausea, and it was 24/7!
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Not yet, but certain foods make me WANT to puke. Today, I was driving home from our dog training and I was so hungry. I felt if I didnt eat a grilled stuffed burrito with no meat I would throw up. It took us 45 min. to get to the taco bell and I did almost puke, I think because I was so hungry. It was weird for sure.
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No. I don't want to say "not yet", because that implies it will eventually start . With dd I only threw up once, but I sure felt like puking -- for the entire first tri. And it started early, right around the time of the bfp. I'm just past 6 weeks now (halfway there!), and have gotten a few waves of nausea in the past few days, but nothing like what I had with dd. I wouldn't say my stomach feels great, but it's not quite bad enough for me to classify it as nausea (for the most part). If this is as bad as it gets, I'll be thrilled. OTOH, I stayed in bed late this morning and didn't eat until 10:30 or 11 AM. That was a huge mistake. My blood sugar dropped super low, and I felt awful pretty much the whole day. DH has instructions to bring me breakfast in bed on the weekends from now on .
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No puking, but I've never puked in pregnancy (fingers crossed... I'd really rather it stay that way ) I'm not an easy puker.

BUT I have started hitting the "I'm hungry but no food sounds good stage" Which is usually closely followed by the "do I HAVE to eat?" stage.

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I've had dry heaves a couple of times, where I've had to sprint for the toilet but haven't actually closed the deal, so to speak, and I feel like puking most of the time. Food sucks.

I have a feeling the actual vomiting will start within the next week or so. Yay.
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I never puked with Grayson but I felt like gagging and dry heaving from 6-18 weeks- all day long. It was the worst in the morning, gradually got better through the day and when 10pm hit...watch out

I really hope that I don't feel like that this time around.
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I'm waiting for the vomiting and yuckies to start here also. I have had a funny/poor appetite and maybe a few isolated waves of nausea.

With my last pregnancies the nausea started at 6weeks, then almost immediately with the following 2. I keep hoping perhaps it won't be as bad this time, but then of course I would worry something was wrong. I guess one upside of the nausea and vomiting is it tells you something is definitely happening in the first trimester!
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You know what makes me gag more than anything these days besides nasty smells? MY PRENATALS!!! They are horse pills and start disolving before I get them down!!! I usually don't have a problem swallowing pills!
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I have to take my prenatals after a moderate to large meal - if I don't have a fair amount of food in my stomach, about 10 minutes after I take the prenatal I will start gagging and heaving. Once - while we were TTC, so I wasn't pregnant yet - I took my prenatal first thing in the morning without even thinking about it, and 10 minutes later I actually threw it back up.
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
BUT I have started hitting the "I'm hungry but no food sounds good stage" Which is usually closely followed by the "do I HAVE to eat?" stage.
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Yep. Lunch today proved I'm well into the- I'm hungry but choking down the last third of the sandwich just really sucks....

But hey, dh got me a chocolate fountain for my birthday and we're going to go try it out this afternoon with my parents.

Surely I can stomach just about anything dipped in chocolate...

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Mmmmm.... chocolate....
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How I know I'm pregnant: the image of chocolate fountain makes me a bit queasy. The other night my poor husband bought me one of my favourite things from our local bakery - a cupcake - and I only managed to choke down about 2 bites.
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
Surely I can stomach just about anything dipped in chocolate...
Oh, you're going into dangerous territory now! I was sure dd was going to come out looking like a candy bar, because sometimes it felt like that was the only thing I ate !

I have thus far resisted my usually powerful need for chocolate (and Coldstone Creamery ice cream). But as the stomach gets more and more queasy, and the hunger gets stronger and stronger, I feel my willpower waning ...
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I've been nauseous, but have only really puked three or four times. Usually when I puke, it's not even a *real* puke, just a little one... so I don't end up feeling any better.
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Hmmmm. With my first pregnancy, I puked all the live long day from weeks 7-12. With this one so far, I have had been pukey feeling off and on since even before I broke down and tested. Yikes!! High protein food seems to be helping at the present moment. I feel like a bottomless pit eating for 3 now!
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