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I got really close this morning emptying out DS's diaper pail....uh yeah, DH gets that task from now on!
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Originally Posted by cottontail View Post
Hmmmm. With my first pregnancy, I puked all the live long day from weeks 7-12. With this one so far, I have had been pukey feeling off and on since even before I broke down and tested. Yikes!! High protein food seems to be helping at the present moment. I feel like a bottomless pit eating for 3 now!
Me too about the pukey feelings before testing! I feel like maybe I won't have to endure another 2ww ever again really, because I had definite and obvious signs before testing. I just didn't know they were definite and obvious because I didn't have them last time... kwim? Now I know! Cool.

My appetite is gone. I have lost about 10 lbs since getting pg. The food aversions are getting more intense and incorporating more things! Gah.

I also have to be careful because I have PCOS and insulin resistance. I have changed the way I eat a LOT in the last few years, which has regulated my insulin and my hormones enough that I am doing this pregnancy with no meds!! (I was on Metformin to TTC and maintain my pregnancy with my daughter). But it means I can't eat sugar or white flour foods at all, and... that is what I am craving!

Oh well. Met is horrible to take, so I am grateful not to need it this time.
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
Yep. Lunch today proved I'm well into the- I'm hungry but choking down the last third of the sandwich just really sucks....

But hey, dh got me a chocolate fountain for my birthday and we're going to go try it out this afternoon with my parents.

Surely I can stomach just about anything dipped in chocolate...

So ... how did it go? Did you have to choke down the chocolate?
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I never puked, not once, with my first pregnancy.

This time, I have puked once but I feel so super sick and nauseous. I can't eat, but I need to eat. And when I do eat, I feel sick. I feel some relief and then BAM I feel sick again. Last time, I ate a freaking tractor trailer every day, which may explain why I nearly doubled in size during pregnancy! This time around, I think I've actually lost a pound or two ... not good, but I honestly cannot help it.
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ugh, not yet, but dang close when coworker on the other side of the cube decided to eat tuna....
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