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moving.... Organizing/cleaning office space but, not spending any money

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I just found out we are sellingour house and moving (again)

So now I am all stressed out!!!

I need to get my office * which is my office, office and my dining room, LOL* cleaned and organized for people to come look at my house I am selling..

I don't want to spend lots of money to do it cause, well I need to get it back when I move.

I am thinking about getting crates to put everything inside of then i can just have them ready when I move, but, I need easy access to them to get my stuff out... before I move..

anyone have any help??? thoughts?//
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Liz, how much stuff are we talking here?
When we organized our office, we found it much more simple to put up shelving that moves with you. Obviously it can be explained that you are a WAHM and that is your work space. You can't be expected to put your 'office needs' on hold and make your dining room actually LOOK like a dining room when you need to cut out, sew, box, etc. . . items!

I say get some shelves that can go up against empty walls (do you have any) and some bins (plastic from that big ol' bad wallyworld) to label and slide on the shelves. No way would I pack everything away in crates. An organized space is all that is needed . . . then you can just vacuum through and suck up threads when someone is on the way - tossing everything into bins on the shelves.
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I have 3 bookshelfs FULL of stuff 9the wooden ones that run the length of the wall) my closet has a top space I have JAMED with fabric then there is 6 totes (the large ones) stacked with stuff..
7 totes around the room.. + 1 small 4 shelf thing..
On top of that all the LLL stuff from my group is in there (5 crates against the wall)
my machines, 2 more book shelfs small ones a 4 draw filing cabinet.

It is like JAMMED packed!!! LOL.. into a tiny room

i went and got some more totes to put stuff in..
It looks "clean" but, crowded in there.....

What are shelfs that move with you? I don't have any more wall space to do anything with so i don't think that will work..

We have people comming to look at the house on Monday (we just put it up on the market 2 days ago and it is not even listed yet)

but, i think we found a house, LOL

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do what I do when company is coming. Cram it in the garage :LOL
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COngrats on the house-hunting-buying, Liz! I'm so happy for you! I need ALL the details!

Anyhoo, I've seen your office and it looks like mine. I just recently put those monster bags of fleece and hemp into huge Rubbermaid storage containers ($10 at walmart for the biggest black ones I could carry). I labelled each with the contents so I don't have to dig through each to find that certain whatever. They stack nicely and keep hair, smells, dust or whatever out. It really works well for me.

Oh... just noticed the 'not spending money part'... You can get free boxes from the liquor store and label those (and you can have the prospective house buyers thinking you're a drunk pregnant woman! :LOL:

Or you can just drive it all over to my house, and conveniently forget about it!
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but you JUST moved!
What a bummer you have to move again so soon!

No great ideas...throw pretty fabric over EVERYTHING!!!
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