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If you got the MMR for your child

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At what age did they get it?
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PH, 14 and 16 months old for my two.

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age 4.
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My son is 4 1/2 and we still have not given it to him. I'm terrified! I'm trying to figure out at what age is a "safe" age to give it to him?? He has some speech/language delays/articulation errors as it is, and I'm so afraid that this shot will cause more problems. I expressed my concerns to his pediatrician, and he said he would sign off in delaying the vaccine if that is my request (so that he can still start kindergarten next fall). We have also gone so far as to get a religious exemption from the MMR and Varicella (because of the way that they are made), but now my understanding is that you can only use the religious exemption on an all or none basis. When my DH got the exemption they never even asked him if our son has received any vaccines, so I'm not sure about that one. Anyway....if we are forced to comply, would it be safe for him to receive the MMR now? If not, we will homeschool. Any opinions????
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as scheduled
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I only got it for my first DD, but she had it at 12 months.
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This is the only shot we've delayed. I can't get past my fear of it and I refuse to do it until/unless I feel at peace with it. My ped is fine with it. We discuss it at every checkup and I've never been pressured to go ahead with it, thank God. DS is 18 months old. We've talked about giving it to him at 2 y/o, but I want to make sure to see his verbal skills develop a little more, so who knows....
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DD1 got it at 17 mos on schedule before I questioned vaxes. DS is 4 and got a single measles at 3. Unsure when and if we'll do more for him. DD 18 mos hasn't had it and not even considering it in the next 6 mos.
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Both of my boys had it late (by about 6 months).
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My oldest DD got it at 12 months and because of her reaction my 2nd DD didn't get it until 2 1/2. I don't know when Keegan will get it, as we have stopped vaccinating for a while and don't know when we will resume, if ever. I'm thinking age 3 if we decided to go ahead with it.
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DD--15 months, positive measles titre at 5
DS--hasn't had MMR (he's 27 1/2 months)
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about 2 years for both.
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4 3/4 years for DS1 (Now 9). DD 1&2 - on schedule (they are now 14, 12.5 years old) DS2 will not ever, but if I change my mind, not before 5. Worked so well with ds1, nary a reaction.
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She'll get it at 16 months.
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we split it up & she got it spread out from about 2 1/2 years old to 4 1/2.
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My DS hasn't gotten it yet, but we'll think about it when he's three. We'll most likely split it up if we do it, and we probably won't do the Rubella portion. I'm not happy about the whole aborted fetal cells thing.
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I've since found out more information since my last post and we've made our decision - our kids will not be getting it because of the aborted fetal cells used in this vaccine. We will use our religious exemption when we sign him up for kindergarten next year. I was told by our school district that this is OK to do. We do not have the option in our state in splitting up the shot (called the health department and was told it is not an option). So, no MMR and no varicella shots for sure!
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Info on splitting MMR

Here is the info, don't let your state tell you it isn't possible...

Dr. Stephanie Cave (Dr. in Baton Rouge, LA - 225-767-7433) is an advocate for children being immunized with three separate doses instead of the MMR combined. Reportedly, she asked for American Medicine (wholesale pharmaceutical company) to carry these immunizations. The owners of American Medicine are Mark and Bridgette Schexnayder who are also pharmacists.

The pharmaceutical company of these three separate immunizations is Merck.

American Medicine will need the following from your doctor:
•Doctor’s prescription with the child’s name
•Copy of Doctor’s license
Have your doctor fax this to 225-924-0249.

You will then pay American Medicine (225-924-0247) and they will overnight the immunizations to your doctor. You will have to pay the overnight shipping fee due to the medicine needing to be refrigerated. Make sure you ask for the expiration dates so that you will know ahead of time and for your records.

September 2007- Cost is appx. $119 (for all 3) plus shipping/handling (+-$20.)
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Originally Posted by Mom2twoboys View Post
Both of my boys had it late (by about 6 months).

they got it early.

it is not recommended until 12 months... the rubella part certainly should not be done earlier. curious why your ped gave it early.

anyway, my ds is nonvaxed so can't add anything to OP.
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Around age 2.5 for my oldest, around age 2 for my middle DD, and around age 3 for DS.

My plan was to delay vax until preschool. With my oldest, I started her vax around 2 or 2.5 so she was all caught up by the time school started. With DD2, I had to put her in daycare around age 2 so she was vaxed a bit younger. With DS I delayed until preschool started, then took him for shots every few months while attending school. By the end of "3 year old nursury" he was caught up with whatever the minimum vax requirements were to avoid needing an exemption. If I'd known a child could start preschool while getting the "catch up' shots, I would have delayed all of them until school/daycare actually commenced.
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