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yeast rash

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My daughter has a yeast rash. I cannot get rid of it! UGH! DH said we should use sposies until the rash goes away. Of course he would blame CDs. We have been using CDs for 7 months and this is her 1st rash. I have done a lot of naked time. But it doesn't seem to help.
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What exactly is a yeast rash? Wish I could be helpful! Sorry...
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Yeast (candidal) diaper rashes are also common. This comes from a moist, heated environment and typically looks red, sometimes raw or raised with small bumps. The bumps that look like pimples around the edge of the rash are called "satellite lesions." Yeast rashes usually occur more towards the front of the genitals - on the labia in girls, on the testes and groin area of boys and can even spread down the thighs.

Classically a yeast rash is beefy red with sharp raised borders and white scales. Small satellite lesions surround the main rash. Even without the classic pattern, however, yeast is often present.
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We dealt with yeast when Kenny was only weeks old. Here is what I did:

I began taking acidophilus and garlic. Acidophilus replaces friendly bacteria and garlic discourages yeast (plus babies tend to like your bm better).

Add GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) to you diaper wipes solution. If you use commercial wipes, fix up a squirt bottle of GSE with distilled water to use each diaper change. This is VERY drying, but that is good . . . yeast thrive in a moist environment.

Try to do as little 'diaper' time as possible (this would be disposables or cloth - no difference) . . . it encourages the skin to breathe - which it needs to do to heal.

Do not use a barrier ointment - again yeast thrive in moisture and it is ineffective.

Also, we used a paste of Acidophilus (if you buy the capsules for yourself to take you can open about 2 or 3 of them up) mixed with distilled water. It will look like glue and is a bit runny. Apply this to baby's bum before a nap and bed-time (2x a day is good). This will help heal as well.

Here is Dr. Jay Gordon's information on Identifying and Treating Yeast.
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My dd got a yeast rash a month ago. We tried all the *natural* remedies and did everything Heather stated above. In the end none of that worked and we ended up having to get lotrimin. It cleared up in a few hours and was completely gone within a day. I waited like 4-5 days for the acidelphous to work and it never did. I felt horrible for being stubborn and not getting the lotrimin sooner.
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(((luv4sophie))) I'm sorry - Yea, it does take longer going the natural route. I want to say it took 3-4 days for the yeast to 'start' backing down with the acidophilus and then another week for it to go away altogether. Yep, yeasties are not easy!
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Hmmm...well..no one shoot me but when my ds got yeast rashes I slathered him w/Monistat and it worked like a charm.
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My dd has been a yeasty baby since she was a few days old (we started out in disposies so I doubt putting your baby back into them will do anything) ... over the past 17 months I've tried EVERYTHING...acidophilus, candida free diet (oh SO hard), garlic, LOTS of bare bum time etc... unfortunately none of the natural remedies ever worked fast enough for me (and I did some of them for months at a time) so I've resorted to topical monistat ... and only use it when desperate (as in when I send her out with dad for a few hours and he doesn't even think to change her diaper ... and she SO yeasty and sore the next day).


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When Alex was an infant we had horrible yeast problems, mouth, my breasts, his bumm...it was horrible.

What I did was boiled diapers, rinsed in vinegar, same with sheets and towels, nursing bras, everything used by both of us.

What worked the best though, was giving him plain yogurt by mouth, and letting some get to room temp and rubbing it on his butt like a cream.
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Mix about a cup of distilled water with 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract, shake well and spray her with each diaper change. Add 40 drops with detergent when you wash dipes, so the yeast doesn't stick around in the dipes.

My son had recurrent yeast infections for 4 months. I started using the GSE/water spray and he's been clear for 6 months.
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I'm using Monistat for now. I'm not sure where I can buy grapefruit seed extract locally.
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