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Can you re-condition Nikkys?

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Have a question for all your cd mamas! I use Nikky covers and with child #3 they are beginning to be not as water proof as in the beginning. I have heard you can re-condition them, but don't know if if works. Anyone tried it? What did you use and where did you get it! Thanks.
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What type of Nikkys do you have? I use the wool and breatheable poly, and the cotton, and yes, you can recondition all of them.

I would recommend lanolin melted in boiling water for the wool. Just add the covers, stir and allow to cool.

For the breatheable poly, I would recommend using Nikwax polar proof wash-in waterproofer.

For the cotton, I would recommend Nikwax Cotton Proof wash-in waterproofer.

The nikwax can be found at some sporting goods stores, although the cotton proof is relatively new, and most don't have it yet. I went to the Nikwax site for mine, but I also know that www.stactinator.com sells it too, if you would prefer to support a WAHM....

Home that helps! Love those Nikkys!!!

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