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A new rash on the bum

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Help!! My ds has a new rash on his bum and I can't seem to get rid of it with Desitin. Right around his anus it is really red and then up onto his cheeks just where they touch it's red. It's like a perfect circle. Around the edge of the circle (up on the cheeks) the skin is starting to break down. I've been using Desitin which usually works to clear up any redness he has on and off. He doesn't seem bothered by this new rash at all.

He is teething and has the drool rash around his mouth, I know Sears talks about the teething rash on the bum too. He has cut one tooth and is about ready to cut the second.

My bigger worry though is that it is thrush. I've never had it so I don't know what to look for. I tried looking in his mouth this morning but I couldn't see any white spots and it's a big game to him so I didn't get a real good look. My nipples are a little sore lately just while he's nursing and I've been blaming that on his new tooth and me getting lazy at night and him losing his latch as I fall asleep. My nipples don't seem any redder than normal either.

I'm looking for new suggestions from anyone who's dealt with thrush or just a nasty diaper rash. I use disposable diapers and haven't changed brands in months. No new wipes either. No new foods in the last week or so either. I hope someone recognizes this. I feel so bad for him!
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It doesn't sound like yeast, but more like a reaction to the acid content in his stool(from both the location and color). I have used Hyland's Diaper Rash cream with amazing success. Give it a try . . and you might want to try using cold cream on a cloth to clean his bottom while it is so red. It will help it to heal faster, as will allowing him to "air out" a bit!

Good luck!
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