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Fluffy mail for 7*18

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Mail should be here soon and I'm hoping I get some goodies. I will add what I got whenever he shows up.

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3 more HH pocket trainers for me. I almost missed 'em because they were shoved in the back of the box with regular mail in front. They could have come yesterday for all I know!
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Got my Toadies Diaper today.

I FORGET HOW LARGE THE LARGE IS . . . I went ahead and purchased the Large b/c Kenny will need Larges soon enough.

She sent a couple of freebie wipes.

The diaper is very soft, cute crocodile knit outer with aplix tabs that have the loopbacks for laundering. It feels nice and thick with an add'l doubler . . . anxious to wash it up and try it on him.

Ordering from a new WAHM is fun . . . I'll post a review once I'm able to try it out!
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Where is my stuff? WAHHH He has come and gone and there was not a single item of fluff. How utterly sad. Well we are getting a new car so thats not fluff but it'll tide me over
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I got my LLL order today She included a bunch of free wipes And refunded my shipping b/c it took longer than expected
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I got two WAHM AIO's.
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NOTHING - yet again

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Good fluffy day here too.

I got:

2 Small Sugar Pea lavender wool covers (one teal serged and one lime serged) from the last stocking

2 adorable 7th Heaven Hemp Fitteds fully lined with fleece--can't wait to try this and see if it helps keep Emma drier at night time. I especially liked that they prewashed the hemp 3 times to get it ready! I will still wash it a couple more to make sure its fully absorbant, but that was a very nice start!

And . . . *drumroll please*

My first ever Hemp SOS dipe to try out! Wooohoo! It looks very trim, but I still have to wash it before I can use it (several times, right?)

SO, a Happy Fluffy Day it was for us!
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nuthin but the phone bill for me today!

I'm not waiting on a lot...just some procion dyes and resin snap caps. At least I think thats it...I always order stuff and forget I ordered it!

I'm dyeing to dye so I'm anxious for my procion
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sandi..where is our mail? I dont remember what all I have coming but something shouldve been here. Maybe monday will be another 4 fluffy mail day for us.
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I got 3 SP wool covers
a super cool wet bag that goes along with my made to order diaper bag
and a kindhearted woman diaper...

I must say though i didnt get anything in pairs...Im still missing my FF rainbow, my sp diapers and my diaper bag this is horrible its too tempting to have one thing and not the other...sigh
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I don't know, Meghan!

I want my stuff.

As for the hemp SOS - I didn't wash them first. She prewashed the hemp fleece so they were good to go!
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I got my LLL order today, too Four extra large Nighty Newts for Noble....buh-bye Fuzzi Bunz
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Woo Hoo! Big mail day here...while my dh is home of course : I received my lovely peach feather diaper from Darling Diapers, oooh it is cute! Pretty wipe in there too. I also got my Giesha cover from FMBG... , it is a medium for ttc baby, pathetic, huh? Nice wipe with it! AND, got my Tupperware from QVC! Love it. Pale green set, very good deal!

Fun, fun, fun
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I had a HUGE fluffy day today.

2 babysoftwear covers from the last stocking

Angel Wraps AIO from her instock store

a package from Patchwork Pixie (AIO and a dress for older dd)

and a super huge order from www.storkcrossings.com I ordered 2 custom bikini cut diapers and 3 bikini cut from her instock store.
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2 qd firefly dipes and a BRIO Bananas Gorilla for my girl's busytown collection.

maybe next week i will get SOS and the rest of my maternity clothing...i really need my maternity orders!
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I got my first FMBG AIO - very cool grey Hawaiian print with asian print inner. It's a large tho so ds won't wear it for awhile.And I got...

My Garden FUZ!!!!These are the two I won on ebay. DS is wearing the sky one right now.
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