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how many times a week do you eat beans?

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we have soy, nut and seed allergies.
we like beans but dont want to rely on them too much for protein. How often do you eat them?
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Why don't you want to rely on them?

Depends on the week. I'd say at least a serving a day, most days. Sometimes more, rarely less, especially if we count lentils and split peas as beans.
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2-3 times for sure. I am not always aware of what we eat exactly as I don't always do the cooking and we decide on a daily basis...there's so many types of beans and so many ways to eat them you can have a varied meal pretty often with them
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Daily in some form or another - hummus, or bean burrritos, or beans and rice, etc.
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Originally Posted by catnip View Post
Why don't you want to rely on them?
I have heard that if you eat the same foods day after day that it can cause problems with allergies
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I make one big crockpot meal/week and we usually have beans in some form a couple more times.
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We also eat beans/legumes/peas in some form every day also- at least one serving. I am not that worried about food allergies, though, because we eat a wide variety: black, pinto, adzuki, red lentils, green lentils, split peas, yellow split peas, garbanzo, kidney, canneloni, mung, lima, navy... we can go for two weeks before we repeat. Although, I must admit that garbanzos and green lentils we eat every week.
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Probably at least 4 times a week, but often more. Love refried and black!
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Well...let's see. Given our freakazoid love of garbanzo and kidney beans....how about 5 times this week? I made hummous, I made a tomato chickpea pasta dish, I made burritos, and one night I made a mexican sald with cilantro and tomotoes and black beans, and I made another salad-type meal that called for navy beans.

So, ok, we love beans, and maybe that's not the right answer. lol
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It waxes and wanes. For instance, I'm about to make a big pot of black bean soup... so I'll be having some for lunch daily til it runs out. Then it will be a break for a bit and we'll go round again with barley-lentil soup or split pea soup or hummus or .... but in general, bean is my lunch thing.

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Not nearly enough! Maybe once or twice a week. I really need to incorporate them into our diet more b/c we all love them. I just never know what to do with them!
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At least one meal a day, usually two. Beans are the main staple in our house, but they don't get boring because there are so many varieties and ways to cook them. Yesterday for lunch we had taco salad, w/ black and refried beans, then last night for dinner we had spanish beans & rice; we'll have the leftovers today for lunch. Lunch today will be mock tuna salad, with chickpeas instead of tuna, dinner tonight will probably be lentil shepherd's pie. All beans or legumes, but very different meals. Beans are amazing!
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I eat black beans at least twice a week... and then I usually throw some pre-cooked frozen beans into soups or other stuff a couple of times a week...

Today I'm making a big pot of pintos to eat with cornbread tonight and I'll use some leftovers for refried beans for burritos later this week, and then I'll freeze whatever's left for soup or chili. Beans are just so darn cheap and easy to incorporate into almost any food.
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We don't like to rely on tofu/unfermented soy much and I am not a fan of the strong taste of fermented soy. I also don't drink dairy and don't want baby to eat much dairy until she is much older, if ever. Baby is too young for nuts as well, so we really eat a lot of beans
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Lots. We have tacos or a taco casserole two nights a week. We have lentils (I know, not technically a bean) at least one time, sometimes two nights a week. We usually have one lunch w/beans. I'd say 4-5 times a week on average.
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We eat beans daily. We combine them with a grain and veggies :-)
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i don't mean to sound like those meat eaters that say "where do you get your protein?!?!"...but if you cut out soy, nuts, & seeds & want to eat beans sparingly, where else would you get your protein? i'm a bit confused.

we eat beans at least a few times a week. brown lentils are a big staple in our diet! followed by garbonzo beans in close second. my partner is picky about beans, actually, but those two are safe so we eat them often. when he's not around i can cook my kidney & black beans =)
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We have lentil or bean or chickpea (garbanzo) soup at least twice a week as main course during winter. Leftovers maybe cooked again with rice (not a soup any more) for next day's lunch. Baked giant beans (look like lima beans) are considered to be a delicacy (don't know why). We might have black eyed peas or other types of beans in the place of salad when vegetables is the main course. Split peas are a all-season delicacy here.

Since we are talking about legumes in general:
To my knowledge, only peanuts and soy are considered to cause serious allergic reactions (peanuts technically are legumes). Lentils and split peas are considered to be more easy to digest. Broad beans can cause death to individuals that have a particular enzyme deficiency. (more info if you look up "favism")

In the traditional greek cuisine, bean soup is a national dish, most of the legumes need overnight soaking and animal protein(meat, fish) should not be consumed on the same day with legumes. Monks (who don't eat meat) serve lentils with walnuts to increase iron absorption. Legumes here get "harvested" in late summer/fall so people prefer to consume the fresh harvest during winter when it is easily cooked (and also fresh, organic vegetables are less available). Women may avoid cooking bean soup for dinner in order to have a peaceful sleep

Some people combine beans with grains in order to get "good" protein but some scientists believe that when one has a diversity of foods, this combination can provide too much protein. This link might trigger some searching on this: http://www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/2467.html

Well, I didn't mean to sound like lecturing, I just like legumes too much and got enthusiastic :
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i'm also a daily bean eater. i like mine in dips and spreads, soups and stews, in indian sauces, and sprouted!
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Daily bean eater here as well. DS loves beans. We eat fermented soy, beans and nuts most days.
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