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one hot babe (worried)

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We live in Texas, where it has been very, very hot lately (high of 101 today), and generally, we keep the thermostat set to 80 degrees. DS (two and half months) usually just wears a t shirt and cloth dipey to bed or naps. I almost never sling him because we both get too hot. Instead, his dad and I switch of holding him in our laps (DH works from home).

Anyhow, DH and I are fine, but DS sweats so much when he sleeps! Enough to leave a big wet circle by his head on the bed.

Is this harmful? Is DS hot natured? My mother says not to worry. DS is a very healthy boy.

What do y'all say?

Oh, and the books I read say to keep the temp like at 74-76, which, to us, is chilly enough for a sweater!

Jean (I am typing this next to a sleeping, sweating DS)
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Do you have a fan you can put by the bed?

It's warm in the room my baby sleeps in and I had to do that the other day. We keep our thermostat around 80 too.

He could just be hot natured. My second dd sweats VERY easily!!
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Maybe set it for like 78 and see if that helps at all. We keep our house a lot cooler, so maybe he just gets hot easier.

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Jonny is like that, he is always sweaty. but Ben never was, maybe because he was a winter baby in North Dakota, and Jonny was a summer baby in Louisiana? Right now, I don't have a really good air conditioner(I have a small 5,000 BTU one, which basically keeps the place almost livable, with fans running too) so Jonny's been just sleeping in a pair of shorts over his diaper(he'd sleep in just a diaper, but the little bugger has figured out how to get his diapers off) If it's a bit cooler in the house, I do put a t-shirt on him too.

Ya know, when we were in Louisiana, we had our central air set at 70. We are definitely cold blooded, anything about 76, and we were hot!!
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Soleil was a really sweaty baby, and now at 4, she still sweats easily! I wouldn't worry about it, as long as he's not dehydrated, all should be fine!!!


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Nope, lived in Texas and now in GA. The heat is HOT and the nights are just slightly HOT, but HUMID too . . . so the hot STICKS! :

My oldest stays cool - will wear a sweatshirt in the morning.
My youngest has always slept in nothing but her dipes or her panties now and still wakes up with a soaking wet head.
Kenny sweats - not from his head - just gets clammy.

I think it is just one's nature - Jeff is like a microwave in bed. When I was pregnant and not sleeping, I'd come into bed in the winter and warm my feet on his legs (literally felt like a heating pad).

I kept a small floor fan to circulate air in the room where Meredith slept . . . while she was with us and then now, where she and her sister sleep together.
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You all keep your houses HOT! We keep our thermostat set to 68-70. Anything else is WAY too hot for us (and most people we know).
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My baby stays pretty warm, but he usually doesn't sweat, except for when he's nursing. I do keep him in less clothes than the rest of us wear. He usually just wears a t-shirt and cloth diaper. He goes coverless most of the time during the day, unless I'm expecting a poop or we go out.

If he's sweating most of the time, I'd try to do something to make him a little cooler. Have you tried taking the shirt off?
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Thanks! I guess we are normal, after all!

68-70! That's ccccc-cold! Brrrr!

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