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Lets talk more feng shui!

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I had so much fun on the last thread!

What results have you seen from following the principles?

What are you doing differently?

I am focusing on clearing out clutter and generating income (thus my many items listed in the Trading Post-LOL!!)

I am getting rid of things that I have a negative association with.

I am keeping my house tidier, particularly the prosperity areas, since money is the biggest challenge for us right now.

So far I have had one job interview for a WAH job.

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A color question!

I have also been reading up on feng shui--

My DH and I are currently prepping for repainting the outside of our house. I've been looking for advice on choosing colors--- but haven't been able to find any suggestions for exterior colors. We're thinking either a light bluish/grey color with a burgandy door and trim, or a dark sage green color with burgandy door/trim.

Anybody have any profound advice on picking colors that invite good energy??

thanks!! Good luck de-cluttering! I'm working on that as well-- isn't it amazing the difference?
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When we moved into this new house we had a friend come stay with us for a week who is a feng shui interior design consultant.

we 'remedied' many things (of which I don't have time to post right now, but will later) but one of the things she recommended and we did was to paint the front door black. It was blue. She said you are supposed to have black at the front entrance if you want to succeed in business. So now we have a black door and a nice black pot at the front. We've never had a problem with business successes but we are just starting a new business out of the home and dh is starting doctoral work. Things are all falling into place.
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For those people who might find this new Feng Shui thread and have not read through the other thread...well, here is the link to the other thread:

this thread has a lot of data about basic feng shui and some processes many of us have gone through and results.

It is a very juicy thread...
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We are definitely going through a couple little bumps in our house.

We seem to have nothing but Car energy for months. I knew there might be an issue when my husband and I got into it with his parents on Aries new moon. We did some feng shui stuff then and we made treasure maps..but one of the things that also happened is we got into a fight with his parents.. and it ultimately was 'car related.'

Since then, my husband sold his miata, and looked for a new family car for us...well 8 weeks later he found the car, took the train to get it, drove it back and bam, literally one mile from our house it broke down.
He was heart sick. But it turned out to be a small thing (this car is new to us, but is not a new car) anyway, he got it fixed but I hope this is the end of it because there has been a lot of money going out to cars since April.

I'm seeing my Feng Shui consultant this week and I'm going to talk to her about it.

I'm also seeing more clutter appear in the house (and just when I thought I got rid of it all!!!)

there is some sorting and ditching that needs to happen again.
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advice wanted please!

I have a question about friends.

My friends are not "there for me." I seem to attract friends who are too busy, who make plans and blow me off...this has happened 4 or 5 times lately with different people....I feel left out of the loop, unloved....and these are nice people who treat their OTHER friends better...

Any recommended Feng Shui remedies? I know where my romance and wealth corners are, is there a FRIENDSHIP corner?

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nimamom: I don't know what is prefered for the whole house..regarding color.
I do know that if you take a look at any books by Lillian Too. And by the way the old thread has the link to her website. She talks a lot about painting doors Red.

however, zealsmom's door being painted black also makes sense. I'm thinking her feng shui consultant follows form-feng shui and her front door is probably in the 'work' bagua (section) and that would mean black.

Nimamom: if you haven't gone through the old feng shui thread. I'd recommend it. It is very informative and frankly it is a very fun read. Lots of stuff in there. Very, very helpful.
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Momtwice: My first inclination when I hear your thread is to ask the this:
Are there broken things through out your house? A chair that needs to be fixed, a kitchen item that doesn't work anylonger, a radio that is on the fritz, toys that are missing a wheel or an eye, or something else?

What you are talking about, basically friends who aren't there for you, is broken agreements. So, that makes me wonder if there are broken things all around you.

If so, get rid of them. Get them to the repair shop or give them to charity or just throw them out!

Why collect broken things? translates to why collect broken friends?

Are there any dead plants or plants that are barely holding on? Then either throw those plants out or give them to someone with a brilliant green thumb and let them fix them.

you don't have time to fix broken friends. again, get the anaolgy.

Also, go through your house and get rid of clutter in general. I'm wondering if there is clutter in hidden spots, cupboards, closets, under your bed, children's toy boxes. Get rid of stuff.

Are their torn curtains, ripped chairs, beaten up couches? The patch them, or slip cover them or do something to fix them.

once you have done that then I would recommend you get the book
Feng Shui for Prosperity by Collins. You will find it in the other thread.

I am also guessing you might need some more 'earth' in your life. Maybe a brown rug under your desk. Mabe a little rock garden. Maybe a photo of a nice mountain for your to look at. Something that is sure and steady.

and on a side note... you could also be going through a transition in your life in general where it is just time to get rid of flaky people. I know I have had that period in my life. It is like we go through one period in our life where light, friviolous friends were fun and important then you get married or you have children and those kind of friends just don't work anylonger. What I have found is sometimes years later those people come back into our lives when they too have settled down. It is a natural occurance. Just a side note: I grew up with parents that were completely flaky, totally narcissistic and really only there for themselves. Thus, I attracted friends when I were younger who were... you got it. Only there for themselve. After years of therapy and twelve step rooms, they were dumped. Although, I wish I had known about feng shui back then..because I think the ditching of people would have happened sooner. When I think about that one ratty chair that I had for sooooooo long. thank god that's gone.

Go to the old thread that I have posted in this link. Read it all. I think it has some valuable stuff for you.

good luck.
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thanks trabot for your replies~

I have a couple of Lillian Too's books-- and have reserved a few
more from the library. They're pretty great--- but I haven't been able to find any suggestions for color suggestions regarding the outside of the house. I have also read/heard the suggestion to paint your front door red... which makes sense. I also like the idea of a black door too.... hmmm.

I will look back through the old threads. What I really need is a firmer understanding of all the areas of my house-- what the mean in regards to missing corners and whatnot. I haven't really understood any of the readings I've done on it so far. Anyone have a suggestion for a good Feng Shui 101 book that explains the breakdown of the house in really simple terms??

The book I'm most excited about right now is Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. It's really inspiring!

Thanks again!
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I heard/read to paint the front door red because red is an auspicious color.

I will be painting the door soon but red isn't in our color scheme.

I'm thinking of blue (slate blue) does anyone know the fs implications of a blue door? (Or should I wax bold and paint the door red.

There is a relationship and "helpful friends" section of the bagua that you can focus on regarding friends. If you're looking at the bagua the top right eighth is "relationship" and the lower right is "helpful people". I'd tend toward "relationship" rather than "helpful people" because you're looking for a strong meaningful relationship rather than the people for what they can do for you.

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Thanks very much for the advice!

I do have a lot of clutter in my house. I am healing from a childhood with Messies. I have made a lot of progress (with Flylady) but it takes time. Thanks for the push to declutter more.

I will concentrate on tossing broken things that can be tossed (can't toss the leaky bathtub!) and tossing clutter, besides the other suggestions above.

I have a number of issues in the house itself that need fixing, but cannot afford the repairs; hopefully decluttering will help send the message to the Universe to bring the abundance necessary to afford to repair things.

Trying to think positive.
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momtwice- regarding bathrooms and your leaky tub. At least try to keep the bathroom door closed. If you can't at minimum try to keep the toilet seat down and the shower curtain drawn. This will help minimize the effect of the leaky tub.

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Nice to find a new FS thread. Thanks for starting it!

Well, my life is so much better than the last time i posted in the old FS thread. For those who have read my story, more weird things kept happening with our extended family: dh's uncle commited suicide two weeks after dh's father died My brother's wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer... Our "visiting-homeless-friend" was commited to stay in our house forever, I was 100% sure I wanted to divorce from my dh, my dh could not stop drinking as an sponge...


Trabot, I so much heard you and let my friend stay some more time. He was a clear pain in the a$% but I kept re-saying what you told me about his presence meaning something. He's gone now and so has his cat. His stuff is still in my house, but we have cleaned it and put it all in order in a place out of sight. Well, his presence, at the end, was good for my relationship with my dh: this 'friend' kept talking BS to me about my dh, and my dh was all the time mad at him. So, we somehow joined against the alien.
I made my homework during the Cancer moon and now...
We are not getting divorced and It's strange, but since yesterday my 27 months ds started talking about a baby girl, and he says she is under our bed... Funny, but we also started thinking about maybe ttc another child. It gave me the chills when Vicente said last night -and again this morning- "Ma, la bebé está abajo de la cama, decile a la bebe que salga" (Mom, the baby girl is under your bed, tell her to come out )
The house is so much better. Yesterday we moved the bed (maybe that's why Vicente started mentioning the bed...?) our heads are directed towards the East now. No idea about what that means, but it definitively feels better (although there's a bathroom at the other side of that wall...)
We have planted a lemon tree in the back yard, and waw, I have just realized thay just by coincidence I have planted a climbing pink rose in the interior patio, right in the division line between the 'relationship' square and the 'children' square.
What else? we have put an oleo featuring roses at the bathroom door to keep it closed.
My partner re-arranged his studio at home, we moved an ugly white cupboard and now the space is open and inviting, his desk is all nice and tidy too. And guess what? He's writing again, and painting, and feeling much better and the best of it all, not drinking, nor smoking.

There's still a lot to be done, but just wanted to give you an update and say thanks for listening!

Montwice, I read something about the kitchen too close to the entrance of the house and friends coming only to "eat", I guess this is a metaphor, meaning that if your privacy, your soul, your food is too exposed to your friends, they will only come to you to 'take' things instead of being more prone to give things or to be in the right place, in the right moment.

Warm regards,
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I'm so glad things are doing better!
YOu know it was a funny thing, my comment on your friend. I really concentrated before I told you that I thought he had been sent to you for a reason...if I had not thought about it I would have just told you, 'get your friend out of your house." but something in me just didn't feel that...i felt he was a part of the puzzle. that's why I said what I said. I had no idea that he needed to be the thing to galvinize you and your husband. but that happens in relationships all the time. Especially in laws!

do those rose bushes have thorns? I don't know if I would like them in the relationship area of my house or children area. frankly I think I might want those roses in the front of the house to keep unwanted people out.

I got chills when I heard your son's announcements. He seems to be on to something.

It all sounds so much better!!
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Hadn't though about thorns... I'm so passioante about roses. Will keep an eye on them... Maybe the thorns are good to keep our couple protected from the external pressure (which is huge!)
Thanks for your wise words

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More questions that come up as I declutter.

I am working hard on decluttering my messiest room. It is in the "fame and reputation" section. There is an amazing amount of paper clutter (other junk too but mostly paper, this is my "dungeon" as flylady would say, or messiest room.)

What would excessive (paper) clutter in the Fame and Reputation section create in one's life?

When I think "fame" I think of actors or other creative people...don't understand how if reflects my life as a mom, or dh's at his work.
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yeah, fame is a tricky word. we all think about movies and tv and etc.
but feng shui has been around long before brad pitt.

really, think of the word "reputation" .

if this were three hundred years ago and you lived in some chinese town.... you would be concerned what the neighbors thought, or your line of work, if you were a farmer...you would want to be known as the one with the best farm..etc... that sense of fame.

a lot of paper and clutter to me in that section means people might not know what to make of your fame or your husband's or reputation. Probably mixed opinions. Maybe part of the reason for the half ass friends..they may be misreading you as more casual than you really are...

don't know... just know de-cluttering will be helpful.

then I think I would put up something significant about your husband's career in that area. Help boost his reputation.
And something for you... maybe th at's an area for your painting of a mountain or something concrete, something granite.
Something that says you are sure and steady and you respond best to people who are the same.

does this make sense?
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I loved the first feng shui thread and glad to see this one going strong.

Trabot, thanks so much for your help, I can't wait to start working on my house.

I just wish I didn't miss the treasure map/love box stuff

Any more similar opportunities coming up?
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I just wanted to comment on the rose bush thing.
We also have a rose bush that is just outside our relationship corner of the house. It has thorns. For us, the thorns represent protection from outside forces that may cause harm to our relationship and the focus of the plant is the beauty that the roses bring us. So I guess it is about the intention with which the things are placed rather than other meanings that can be extrapolated.
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So where is a good spot for the laundry hamper? Mine is in our room against the children wall, as that is where there is room for it. Should it be somewhere else, or can it be anywhere, as long as it is neat and not overflowing?

We are ttc, but I have yet to get my first ppaf back after ds was born (he is 19 months). So, I guess we are trying to catch the first egg! I'm taking some herbal support type things to help get things back on track, but I thought I'd do the feng shui thing too - so I cleaned our room and put things in the children's area.

I put a pic of dh and owen in a metal frame, I have a yellow plastic bootie I put on a shelf with it, and some other baby trinkets of his, a little stuffed dog that I repaired (the real dog chewed it) that Owen had in NICU with him. I also found a double happiness symbol and put it in the SW corner (found some fertility info on the net). Oh! and I framed a collage I just did that is looking down at a mama nursing a baby... kinda abstract... and put it on that wall. Now I'm going to clean up the children's area of the house - the computer desk! Yikes!

I read your woo woo thread in ttc trabot...
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