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Well, so far I have had no inkling of help with the relationship area - not even a G rating to talk about! He is still in a bad mood (work related, I think I'll work on the career area today!!) and I'm still getting annoyed. Ah well. Maybe it just isn't instant!

It sure looks nice though, that area was a PIT. Maybe this weekend will change things, I can get him to relax, make him a cocktail...
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by the way, is there an attic over your romance section or a basement? You might want to see what is going on there.
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I am wondering what the other qudrants of the house represent. I know #1 is prosperity - how about the rest?
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warning. this will be the longest ass posting todate.

I have gone to my book shelf and dusted off one of my feng shui books.

As I have indicated here a few times, I currently am using compass feng shui in my house. I started off in form and then switched to compass. I had a couple of feng shui consultants in both.

Oh, yeah and as I always like to say in the middle of these threads, I'm NOT a practitioner. I just play one on TV.
Just kidding.
But my point is I thought it was time to get a tune up and share some of it. Because I too am always learning. And I always encourage everyone here to find the books that resonate for you. And dig in and find what works.

okay that is my disclaimer.

Now back to the grid. Divide you house into 9 equal squares.
The axis of this grid is your front door. So your front door needs to come in number 7, 8 or 9.


So, here is the feng shui book from form school that I think is really clear and easy to understand with clear examples and remedies. And to me this is a great way to introduce yourself to think 'feng shui'.

I think it is a good jumping off point. I don't say it is the whole megillah but I think it has a lot of good data:

The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Prosperity


by the way, this is not to be confused with this book:

The Western Guide to Feng Shui: Creating Balance, Harmony, and Prosperity in Your Environment

This might be a perfectly fine book. I just don't have it and can't say one thing or the other about it. I am only putting it here so it is not confused with the first book. They both have prosperity in it.

Okay so now onto another book and the whole reason for this posting. Today I was giving someone some feng shui notes on form school and I went ahead and took down this book....and dusted it off..



The Western Guide to Feng Shui: Room by Room

and here are a few notes to share from it. it is not verbatim so there is no copywrite thingy.. but just to give everyone a good heads up.

#1 wealth and abundance

Water features which has the water moving is encouraged. wind chimes and prayer flags and banners that symbolically call in wealth and prosperity. beloved possessions, and collections that are literally valuable.
Posters paitings and photographs of the things you'd like to buy or experience.
the book says all blues, purples and some reds... I also know gold hightlights like frames etc, are ideal for this corner.
quotes and affimations related to gratitude, welath and prosperity.

#2 fame

You should put up symbols of your accomplishments, such as diplomas, awards and certificates or trophies.
should have pleasant lighting.

artwork that depicts people or animals.
items that are made from animals, leather, faux-fur, feathers, bone and wool.

images of people you respect.
symbols of your goals for the future.
objects or patterns that are triangular or conical in shape.
all subtle and bright and deep shades of red.
sayings quotes and affirmaton relating to integrity and to your fame and reputation.

#3 romance

things to put up...artwork portraying romance and love. No kidding.

pairs of things, such as candlesticks, flowers, books and statues.
mementos from romantic experiences
favorite photographs of you or you and your true love
items in reds, pinks and white.
quotes, sayings and affirmation on love and romance.

#4 Family bagua

Okay, here is where it is a little different than my understanding or my own knowledge. this particular book indicates this quadrant is health & family.
All my other sources say this is family.

Here is where you want your healthy plants.
In this quadrant
fresh flowers is significant, the book indicates, dried and silk flowers with bright appearance.
artwork depicting your concept of ideal health.
artworkdepicting a happy family
garden landscape artwork.
anything made from wood such as tables, chairs, bowls.
Pillars, columns and pedestals.
photos of family and family of friends.
blues and greens.
floral prints and stripes including linens, wallpaper and uphostery.

quotes, sayings and affimations concerning honesty and forgiveness.

#5 Center square Health

This particular book does not work with yellow as the color for the center bagua.
But all my other books do as well as my form and my compass school feng shui practitioners.
So, with that in mind, I would say yellow in this room. Again, like what I indicated up in family health, applies to this room, at least the health part. Healthy plants. Etc. Flowers, things that are bright and cheery. Photos or posters of things that remind you of good health what ever that would be.
I would keep this area clear of clutter!


children and creativity.

art or objects that are especially creative, whimsical, playful, colorful or that stimulate your creative juices.
toys, dolls and stuffed animals that bring you joy.

however, note, if this is the master bedroom you should not overwhelm the room with the toys, just a tidbit here and there. If there is too much child stuff it can bring out the immaturity of the relationship. I had a friend that had too many dolls in her bedroom and her husband treated her like a doll. no kidding.

photographs of children, along with anything children made by hand.

circular and oval shapes.
items made from metal.
items in white and light pastels.
quotes, sayings and affirmations that apply to joy, children and creativity.

# 7
This corner is the area of knowledge and self cultivation.

in that area you should put books, tapes or other material that you are currently studying.
art work that portrays mountains or quite places such as meditation or gardens. Pictures or photos of people you consider wise. items in black blue or green.
mediatiitive or inspriation sayings or quotes or affirmations.

great for bookcases and books. Globes, etc.

work area

This is good for water features such as aquarium, fountains etc. however looking out the front door the fountain should be on the left side. Not the right side. (as I recall from my FS consultant)
any artwork or photos depicting water, pools, lakes or streams might be nice near the door.

any image or object that symbolizes your career.

And of course, mirrors, crystal glass things. Items which are black or very dark blue or dark tones.
quotes or sayings, affirmations related to courage and following your path.

again, keep it clutter free. Let the energy flow in. Frequently this is where the front door is located if so, make sure there is nothing blocking the front door entrance. Big heavy piece of furniture. Etc.

Anyway, think of something that would be appropriate for your career.

Helpful people and travels and angels. (I forgot about travel, glad I dusted the book off)

This is the area where you would put religious or spiritual figures you love sunch as angels, saints, goddesses, teacher etc.
objects that have personal spiritual associations, such as rosary crystal or book of prayers photograpshe of people who have been helpful to you such as mentors teachers relatives, art posters and collages of places you'd like to visit or live.
quotes or sayings or affirmations on miracles, heavenly experiences, synchronicity.
This is where I have put photos of dead friends or family members and asked for a little help from the other side.
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Something else...

I was glancing through the chapter on prosperity and she said something that I completely forgot....

All those nice things that you have in a box, that you save to only bring out for a special occasion. YOu know the crystal candlestick holders or the gold this or the silver that..? Those things?

Bring them out now. If you need dough and the money is tight bring that stuff out so you start feeling abundant again. Don't hide it away, fearing you'll break it. bring it out and enjoy it!

makes sense, no?
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Trabot, thank you so much for all the info and the personal look at my house. You might want to alter what you posted here about the yellow. I think that pertained to us, but not to the dining room per se. right? If I am not, my apologies.

All the books I have ever had are the compass school and I always get stuck with the too many window, bed facing the wrong way stuff. It will be nice to start with these things and see what kind of difference they make. Thank you so much.

I have a quick story. A couple of days ago Ivanhoe had mentioned that they would not be comfortable with a mirror on the back of a swinging door as she wouldn't feel safe. I checked the mirror on the back of my door and bought some velcro to put up a cover. Well, in my procrastinating way I didn't get it done right away. So, two days ago dh looks at me as I am leaving the room for him to put the kids to sleep and he asks me to look at the mirror, it looks loose. The side bracket and one of the top brackets were no longer holding the mirror to the door. I interupted bedtime, got a screwdriver and took it down. There was no way for me to put the brackets back on... thus no way for them to have come off. A little bit of a coincidence, huh?

Thanks for having a gut feeling about my house Ivanhoe, after three years of the mirror being securely fsstened... I check it pretty often... you sort of "saw" what was about to happen.

Even dh, who is pretty mainstream, but believes in psychic phenomenon thought it was really wild.
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good story, musicalmomma.

I have to say in my case we have a mirror on the inside door of a hallway closet. It is in tight and secure and the fact is we just don't open that closet that much, certainly not as much as a bedroom mirror. It is the easiest way for us to get a look if anything we wear looks screwy. Which is frequently the case.
but I agree the bedroom door could be scary for a couple of reasons. And I'm just glad to see the mirror out of the bedroom.

also, I fixed the text, thanks.
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I heard this on NPR radio and found it very, very interesting.

It is not a story about feng shui per se but it really ultimately is a story about feng shui. In a weird way.

Austria report (2:00)
A stretch of road in northern Austria was once notorious for car accidents. The Austrian highway authorities first took the usual steps to correct the problem, but that didn't help. So the authorities turned to an unorthodox solution. Host Lisa Mullins explains

it is only two minutes and I found it fascinating. If you can download it do it.

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For those who want to learn compass I am finding "The COmplete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui" to be realy helpful. It takes you step by step through calculating your Kua number and Flying stars.

Also, the type of Feng Shui that bases entirely off the door without regard to compass directions (mostly what we have been talking about here) is called Black Sect or Black Hat Feng Shui. I read on universalfengshui.com that you should not mix up the 2 kinds. Pick one or the other and use it. I can see how it would get very confusing to try to do a mish-mash.

I am trying to learn compass now as I think it would be better for househunting.

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thistle, agreed.

My understanding is that you should pick the one you want and work with it.
however, there are some things that are universal in both form and compass school.
clutter issues, dead plants, broken things, bringing out fresh flowers, etc. some apply to both.

but with compass you also need your chinese astrology and that is where things can get complicated.

The idiots guide has a lot but I kind of get overwhelmed by it in certain chapters. I have to let my practitioner figure out all my flying stars etc.

I'm impressed you are doing your own calculations.
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What can I say? I am a math dork!

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I like being able to figure everything off the door - makes it all less overwhelming.
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I justs moved into a basement studio "apartment" that is located in the "fixer upper" my dh's best friend owns. There is still major construction going on.

The basement bathroom is where my dh and the owner of the house keeps all the supplies. There isn't even a toilet in there, but I can get at the sink. It's a small space for us to share with our 7 month old. The Living room, bedroom and Laundry room are all one and the same. We use their bathroom and kitchen upstairs.

Unfortunantly, we are stuck here for a year or more so I gotta make this work. Ive been sorting and resorting through my stuff and giving it all away to goodwill. But it still seems like I have too much stuff. There is a fireplace but it is currently out of order. I seems like dh and his buddy have so many ideas but we are all so busy that I will never get done.

How can I make my small space a personal haven?
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oh, my. That is quite a challenge.


I would start with gettting rid of stuff. I know with a 7 month old is not like you can just mosey out that easily.

can you call goodwill or some churches and see if they will pick it up. I mean it is a donation and sometimes they will do it. Especially if they are planning on a tag sale soon and need donations.

do you have a friend who has a garage where you can store a few boxes of things? If you can keep some of the clutter in a garage that will help carve your space.

also, throw rugs can help make contain some of the cramped feelings and turn them from crimp to cozy.
And lamps.

I would not use that fireplace unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it is safe and that you have proper ventillation.

curious, what will the heating look like in the winter?

I think that something can be done here and I think it behooves you to try because maybe when you get this space together, a new alternative idea might open up. kwim?
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I need some help... I read that you should avoid the color white and metal objects in the family gua. Well, my laundry room is the family gua, and my big, metal washer and dryer are white! Any advice/ideas/tips on what I can do?? Moving the washer & dryer is not an option.

Also, any ideas on what to do with the garage?? The skills/knowlege gua and part of the career gua are in my garage. Obviously the first thing is to clear out the clutter, but what else should I do?

Oh, and thanks, trabot, for all your insight! I recently bought and read The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Prosperity and thought it was excellent - thanks for recommending it.
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Thank for the great "starter kit" trabot.

I was just on Oprah.com emailing a plea to her producers to help me with a home makeover for my work at home mom situation and I saw this link. Probably "balsamic" but as Deepak Chorpa cioncidences are actually serendipity trying to tell us something:

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I saw the show Oprah did on Life Maps.
The show aired in January.

about three months prior to aries new moon!

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Well, I just read through both these threads in the last couple of days - tons of great info! I have had some interest in feng shui in the past & even read Karen Kingston's book many years ago. I just had trouble with a few things & never followed up.

The main problem I had was with the shape of my house. It is not square or rectangular & had some odd cutouts & extensions. I never did see a clear answer on whether the cutouts should be considered in the grid & the extensions outside, or what : Was it Trabot that was taking faxes to help out in this regard?

Next question was regarding upstairs/attic space. This area is rectangular. Do I do a separate grid for just this space or fit it over the downstairs grid? Also, do I count the attic space on the sides or just the living space? If I do a separate grid, do I align it from where the stairs come up or still from the front of the house?

Hmmm, didn't realize I had so many questions just about that...

Also, How do you decide whether to use the octagon or the grid? And if you start with form, how do you switch to compass without completely rearranging everything?

I see I am going to have to cover up the mirrored closet doors in the bedroom
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So I FS'd for fertility on like the 6th. It is the 25th and I just got my first PPAF back. Coincidence?
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Can I share my house with you?

Thanks trabot for sharing this!! I just wanted to share how this corrolates to our house. It was fun to see that according to this we are doing it all correctly. But if you see anything that triggers questionability in your head, please mention it.

#1 wealth and abundance

our living room. low table and pillows on woven rugs. wealth corner has a tall Indian bookshelf. We've placed books in it that symbolize wealth to us (some about spirituality, some about travel, some about family, education, and music- things we want in abundance). On the bookcase is the first sculpture my (step) father-in-law ever made (very important to dh). There is also a small golden buddha in one of the openings. On either side of the bookcase are pots (one bulbous and clay, one tall and made from teak). Outside of the window, we have planted a water garden and hung prayer flags on the deck.

#2 fame

the section of our house that houses the piano, a statue
wooden we got in India and a large book of buddhist paintings.

#3 romance

the dining room. along with the dining table it has a small bookshelf with children's books (symbolizing nurturing our relationship with our child), a loving painting of krishna and rada, and a lamp with three rice paper laterns (representing the three of us)

#4 Family bagua

our child's "library" (that's what he calls it). It is painted with trees, clouds, and the sunset. Where we usually have nighttime reads and games.

#5 Center square Health

The only one I had a question about. It is the hallway, and has mostly red in it, by way of pakistani and turkish rugs we picked up while travelling. It is cluttter free with a few paintings (tangkas and bamboo paintings) on the wall. At the end of the hall (kind of facing the living room) is an altar.


children and creativity.

the kitchen. Where ds and I sepnd much time cooking together, laughing and playing. We also house all of his art supplies in this room and have an "art wall" with his favorite works.

# 7
This corner is the area of knowledge and self cultivation.

The master bedroom. It's all shades of white, with a canopy over the bed. On the walls are paintings of tara and buddha. The corner has a statue of saraswati, goddess of music and education, and some candles.

work area

our entry way. black door, statue of ganesha, and a bench that houses some shoes, but is covered by an animal ikat weaving from indonesia.
There is a nice black and terra cotta colored pot outside the door and a brass name plate with our name in English and Hindi.

Helpful people and travels and angels. (I forgot about travel, glad I dusted the book off)

The laundry room and what we call the "Organization room". There is a small painting of an angel in there and pictures of our families and people who helped us in our house while we lived in India. We need to declutter this area.
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