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musicalmama: I'm impressed! Great that you checked that mirror, it could have caused an accident.

zealsmom: thanks for sharing your house, it seems a very fine place to live! I don't know much about FS, but I dear to make a comment about your romance area. You mention the three lamps that represent the three of you, I'm not saying that your dd is not part of the relationship (as you said it nurtures your relationship, that's why you've included a shelve with children books) but I would think about the implicances of including a third one in the romance area. Of course you don't need to take the lamps, but maybe you can add a pair representing *only* the two of you as a loving couple.

I'm not having the best of the best times with my dh, but things are way much better than it used to be some months ago. My romance area is my kitchen: the area below the sink is full of mold because there's a filtration there. I'm sure things will get better when I finally fix that. All that mold and the way it smells make me think our relationship will get rotten as well, not to talk about all the water (money/energy) we are letting go through that filtration. So, off I go to call the plummer!
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Trabot - there is a partial basement under the romance area, we have to walk hunched over in it, store all boxes down there, very must, dirt floor and walls, very primitive really...

Thanks for the NPR link, that was really interesting!
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Well I got better, so I need another pep talk from you wise women about the finances corner. YIKES! Please tell me stuff about the finances corner.

Is stuff under the bed bad?

Is dust bad?

What is GOOD in the finance corner? I did put some nice $ affiirmations in that corner.

Finances are scary...I know I need to do my written affirmations again (stopped when I got sick...)

(Oh and I put a cheerful yellow picture in the health section... )
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I hear ya, Ivanhoe! That's why we ended up putting a painting of Krishna and Rada there! We are also looking for a pair of healthy plants to put there. We have never called it the "
romance" area, but rather, the "relationship" area, so we wanted to reflect all our relationships in the house.

But since you bring it up, maybe we need to rethink it. We have placed everything together, so I can't go and change it without dh being involved in the move. Just the way we do things. My mom thinks its weird since she is the sole decorator in her house. oh well.
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hey, just to let you guys know, i've been a bit busy but will come to this thread a little later when ds and dh give me a minute.
i have a couple small thoughts.
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If the family section is the laundry room and the appliances are white. I think what I would do, is paint the room green. I mean it is the laundry room, who cares what color it is, right? So, I would paint the room green. Can you put up some shelves and put some photos of family up in that room? I know it wouldn't be all your family photos..I'm sure those are another room, but I would put some in there. A little tableau.

I would also put a plant or two in there. And if you are stuck you can use silk plants.

the white appliances, are they side by side? if so can you some contact paper on the tops of them. some flowered paper. something fun. Just a little square to take the edge off the white. But I think if you paint the room that could really counter a lot of the metal white.

double checking the feng shui Room by Room book... she says something very interesting about the laundry room:

"display things that you love, but which may not fit in other rooms, such as posters, college memorbilia, or child's finger paintings. Consider painting the laundry room or the door itself a wild and crazy color (I have already suggested green). Or you may want to really break tradition and bring things into the laundry room not normally found there. Anything that makes you feel good will enhance the ch'i. Brighten it up with a cyrstal chandelier, a fabulous mirror or a collection of antique glass. sorting and folding laundry takes a whole new meaning when your surrounded with fun or beautiful things. Give the laundry room flair and personality so you smile every time you see it."

my suggestion, take labor day weekend to gussy up the laundry room!
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owensmom: Congratulation on the new cycle!

following your threads has been fun and you've been very concentrated on a new baby so this is wonderful news. Can't get the new baby without first getting a new cycle.
you're on the road!

Trabot - there is a partial basement under the romance area, we have to walk hunched over in it, store all boxes down there, very must, dirt floor and walls, very primitive really
one other thing, go to the partial basement under romance and put something there. I hate to use the word shrine because that is kind of a loaded word, but you know what I mean, a little somemthing. Maybe a basic filled with a red candle, bottle of perfume, a pair of g strings... you get the idea....maybe a nice love note or card....
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standing by, for your fax.
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"#1 wealth and abundance
our living room. low table and pillows on woven rugs. wealth corner has a tall Indian bookshelf. We've placed books in it that symbolize wealth to us (some about spirituality, some about travel, some about family, education, and music- things we want in abundance). On the bookcase is the first sculpture my (step) father-in-law ever made (very important to dh). There is also a small golden buddha in one of the openings. On either side of the bookcase are pots (one bulbous and clay, one tall and made from teak). Outside of the window, we have planted a water garden and hung prayer flags on the deck."

So, if following the form school, which you are doing, make sure there are some purple highlights, maybe pillows, pots, etc. And maybe a few more gold items.
I totally respect your understanding of wealth being more than just money. And I think that is beautiful. But I would probably still put a few more 'money' things there. Do you live in a community that has a chinatown? If so there are these little gold things that are shaped like hats. They are gold. They represent gold money from olden days in china. I can't imagine you guys putting up a big ass golden "$" symbol. but these little hats are sweet and still send the message to the universe that a little dough is always well received in your house. you can buy them online too. let me know if you need a link. i"ll find one.

"#2 fame
the section of our house that houses the piano, a statue
wooden we got in India and a large book of buddhist paintings."

hmm, pardon my boldness...but what do you guys do for a living? If you are musicians than the piano is perfect. If you do something else you might want to put that in this area in addition to the piano and the buddha. I'm totally cool with a big ol' piano and a buddha in fame but you probably have more going on in your life and you need to get it out there a bit. Do you know what I mean? If you were, lets say, teachers, then I would put up somehting there that represents teaching to you. Or if you have won any awards they should be framed and put on that piano.

"#3 romance
the dining room. along with the dining table it has a small bookshelf with children's books (symbolizing nurturing our relationship with our child), a loving painting of krishna and rada, and a lamp with three rice paper laterns (representing the three of us)"

I agree with Ivanhoe on this one. I would put the accent on you and your dh. It is relationship and romance. It does not mean your dc is not in the scene, dc has a whole section dedicated to him. And then there is family. But there needs to be a section that is just about the relationship. The two of you. I would concentrate on pairs of things. I personally would move the children's books, but that is me. Is there a piece of art you can put on the shelves that represents your relationship? and also some photos of the two of you you could frame and put up here. Your dc had to start somewhere and that somewhere was just the two of you, keep this little corner alive with the two of you.

"#4 Family bagua
our child's "library" (that's what he calls it). It is painted with trees, clouds, and the sunset. Where we usually have nighttime reads and games. "

This sounds declicious. In addition, I'd put up some family photos. Also, some healthy plants would be a good accent. Some green accents, too.

"#5 Center square Health
The only one I had a question about. It is the hallway, and has mostly red in it, by way of pakistani and turkish rugs we picked up while travelling. It is cluttter free with a few paintings (tangkas and bamboo paintings) on the wall. At the end of the hall (kind of facing the living room) is an altar."

Can you put some yellow highlights in here? Maybe a plant too.


"children and creativity.
the kitchen. Where ds and I sepnd much time cooking together, laughing and playing. We also house all of his art supplies in this room and have an "art wall" with his favorite works. "

this sounds great to me.

# 7
"This corner is the area of knowledge and self cultivation.
The master bedroom. It's all shades of white, with a canopy over the bed. On the walls are paintings of tara and buddha. The corner has a statue of saraswati, goddess of music and education, and some candles."

Some blue highlights, pillow, vases, something next to bed would be a nice addition. but the saraswati sounds fantastic.

"work area
our entry way. black door, statue of ganesha, and a bench that houses some shoes, but is covered by an animal ikat weaving from indonesia.
There is a nice black and terra cotta colored pot outside the door and a brass name plate with our name in English and Hindi."

this sounds good.

#9Helpful people and travels and angels.
The laundry room and what we call the "Organization room". There is a small painting of an angel in there and pictures of our families and people who helped us in our house while we lived in India. We need to declutter this area."

sounds good, declutter, more photos of traveling would be good too.

All in all it sounds like you have done a beautiful job, I'd just make those adjustments especially in the relationship/marriage/romance corner. But you really seem to be very centered.

Also, for fun, pick up The Western Guide to Feng Shui, room by room, she has even more accents ideas that I think might resonate in you.

but again, sounds great
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re: diaper hampers et al

I think that there is no brilliant place for them except maybe outside and that might not guarantee anything either and since that makes no sense on a practical level...well, I think just keeping them tidy is the best answer. I don't think we can do much more about them.

But, I'll double check some books in case there is a remedy or etc for them. but I kind of doubt it.
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"Is stuff under the bed bad? "

the bedroom is in the finance area? hmmm. well, lets say I would look carefully about what that stuff is, under the bed. Is it hideously cluttered than yes, in my opinion it is bad.
If it is one box of gift wrapping materials and a suitcase than probably no. I'd sure take a look at what it is, though.

Is dust bad?
On the WooWoo thread in TTC I posted my own pregnancy and feng shui story and it brought out a number of other stories. One that came up more than once is that if you are tyring to get pregnant than let the dust be... under the bed.

but dusting as a whole in the finance area is a good thing. Nothing like dusting off the finances.

What is GOOD in the finance corner? I did put some nice $ affiirmations in that corner. why don't you put a healthy plant in there too. And if you can put some valuabels in this room and bring them out so you can enjoy them. Do you have a pearl necklaces, show it off. Bring some things that make you feel good.
I don't know if you ever studied philosophy in school, but there was the old theory by Descartes.. "I think therefore I am."

Start feeling abundant and you'll attract abundance.

(Oh and I put a cheerful yellow picture in the health section

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oops - double post !
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hey, I just realized that our jars of coins (pennies & small change)are in the wealth corner of our bedroom. good or bad : Maybe I should put the jar of foreign money in the travel corner?

I also realized that the curtain the dog chewed a chunk out of is in the relationship corner. hmmm...wonder why things haven't been good lately . I'm going to buy new ones ASAP!
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Thanks trabot! I'm planning an under the bed cleaning this week!

One thing under there is the head and footboard of 2 old beds handed down from a relative. They are nice, but in bad shape so I want to save them and have that bedroom set refinished when I have the money.

Lightbulb moment! The wooden bed(s?) are an elderly relative's childhood beds...who was a child in the Depression! Who is a person who always believes in not deserving enough money! Ding Ding Ding!

Also dust bunnies, socks, etc...time for a clean-out.

No baby dust wanted, thank you.

Today I dropped off 3 bags of gently used bedding, towels and clothes at a charity bin, and I have 3 bags of trash including a bunch of old ripped torn baby clothes and diaper covers I cleaned out from the attic yesterday. I went to clean the box out thinking there would be treasures to pass along, but it was mostly junk. Can't wait for trash day!

Hmmmmmmm trying to think of something precious to me to put there.

And I like how prosperity is not just $, but about creativity, supportive people etc.....
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Thanks, trabot for the tips on what to do with the laundry room. I was really stuck!
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here's a question - if you're single does it matter if there'a mirror in the bedroom? Is it ok in the kids bedroom?

I am picking up a dresser for dd that I saw on cl and it comes with a cute mirror. She won't have her own room for awhile so I'm wondering if I can put it up in the bedroom for now and transfer it to her room in the future.

Our bedroom is in bagwa 2 - in the future her br will be in #1
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Holy Flylady, Batman!

You would not BELIEVE the crap under that bed!

It's a large bed in the $ corner with a bed ruffle on it to hide what's under. It's like one of those circus cars that people keep coming out of. Besides the 2 bed frames, I've pulled out toddler bed rails, outgrown kids' clothes, books, socks, shoes, broken crayons, an overdue library book, a 3 year old magazine, all kinds of paper dross, small toys......all very dusty of course!

This HAS to improve prosperity for us.

Since the bed frames are important I have to move them somewhere...the fame corner will have to do for now...maybe if I do it with enough love and good intentions it'll be ok. I'll check trabot's info from that "Western book" about something good to put there.

"Please release me, let me goooooooooo....."
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((((paging trabot or those in the know))))

I got the new pieces back and after I wax the drawers so they aren't so sticky I want to put it away.

Mirror in bedorrom anyone? I'm single and share br with dd...


If it's a no go I'll turn around and sell the mirror with my changing table.
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sell the mirror.

mirrors in bedrooms are never brilliant. Even if you are single. They disturb the chi when you sleep.

and think of this way, if dd slept in her own room by herself and woke up in the night and looked towards the mirror she could easily scare herself.
For me, no mirrors in our bedroom or our son's bedroom.

sorry it took me a bit to reply. Was poking around on other threads today.
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oh. slightly bummed because it matches so cutely but I'll get rid of it!

Got thee cutest drawer liners for dd on the net... can't wait to put em' in

y'know I have three mirrors in the house on walls. One faces the front door one is to the right of the front door (8 bagwa)

the other is on an Indian altar in the hallway, which I think must be part of bagwa #4

any problems with those?

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