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...and today the kids chose a nice stack of kid's books they are willing to pass along....

(These were in the $ corner too...)
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Thanks trabot sooooooooooooooooo much for your input on our home. It has really given us some food for thought.
I wanted to tell you what we have done in the last few days.

#2 fame

So we have been talking a lot about this lately. This piano has moved around a bit since we first moved in. It seems to only fit in this one spot (in the whole house) No, we are not musicians, interestly enough it's placement here may be a source of fame for ds. He has been asking to learn piano (and violin) since just before his 2nd birthday. Now that he is turning three we are going to start some parent-child classes.
We have actually quit our careers as teachers to pursue other things (writing, dh's Ph.D in English and film, and our educational (homeschool) consultancy business) Anyway, since you mentioned it, we have been talking of finding a good representation of all of those things. I have a framed page from an old sanskrit text (only the painting has been redone (gone over) and the rest of it is all original!!!) We originally thought it would be good symbol of writing/education, but dh thinks it looks horrible there. I agree, it just doesn't go. The frame is gold and it is just too much. But as far as having the Buddha there, dh is pretty adimant that it (mindfulness) should be in every aspect of you being, life, home, and that it would be VERY important in Fame. So the big guy is staying put. But we are actively on the search (keeping open to its appearance) for an addition to the fame section of our house.

"#3 romance
we had a good talk about this, have removed the bookshelf, and while out shopping came across two plants that were potted together in one pot. It was perfect! Thanks for your advice (Ivanhoe and Trabot).

"#4 Family bagua

This sounds declicious. In addition, I'd put up some family photos. Also, some healthy plants would be a good accent. Some green accents, too.

I forgot to mention that we have our family photos on the wall just outside this room (just after birth, and then a photo collage of the three of us) and just inside the room we have place a photo of us at the LIbrary at Ephesus in Turkey (since he has called this room his library since the day we moved in)

"#5 Center square Health
Can you put some yellow highlights in here? Maybe a plant too.
Does the yellow glow from the light fixture count. We are on the search for a new light fixture, so we have decided it will have to have yellow in the shade, but for now, it's kind of a very pale yellow glow.

We are working on the plant too. We don't have enough inside the house.

# 7
"This corner is the area of knowledge and self cultivation.
The master bedroom. It's all shades of white, with a canopy over the bed. On the walls are paintings of tara and buddha. The corner has a statue of saraswati, goddess of music and education, and some candles."

Some blue highlights, pillow, vases, something next to bed would be a nice addition. but the saraswati sounds fantastic.

I'm looking to see what I can find. We have been trying to add highlights with only stuff we already have, instead of buying new stuff. I think I might have a blue piece of fabric I can drape near the saraswati.

#9Helpful people and travels and angels.

We worked on decluttering this over the weekend. It's looking good. We are going to move our travel books to this area (we were looking for more bookshelf room anyway) and place a few special items we picked up along the way.

Yes, would you please send a link for the little hats you talked about for the wealth corner. I would really appreciate it.

So I wanted to say thank you again for everything you do on this thread, and you advice on getting our home in order!
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zealsmam: I'm glad to be of help.

by the way, I wasn't saying remove buddha from fame, I was saying put up some framed something..in addition. I totally got that buddha had a place there for you guys.

see if this thread works for

gold ingots.

those in the wealth area should be helpful.


I'm kind of interested in those gold pots...hmmm

keep us updated!
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Have been reading the Collins Feng Shui book - good stuff.

Any idea for a cheap source of crystals? I need like 10... :

Any ideas on the type of art for the fame area? My bathroom is the fame area. I'd like to paint something, but not sure what. Or maybe just some red art is ok, no matter what the subject?

I am tackling Owen's room tomorrow, part of it (the messy part) is the career area, and dh really needs a break!
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wow 10 cystals...are you sure?

anyway, I was in this store last week and I noticed they had some cheap crystals. call them up and talk with them. Make them go to the counter and take a look at the choices and the prices.


Painting something in your fame area sounds great. Sounds like real commitment which I intepret as positive.

you should pick your subject matter based on what you want to be known out there for...something ideally connected to your career, I would think...but it is your call what you want your fame to be about.
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Ds's bedroom

Our son's bedroom is in the helpful people/travel/angels bagua. I was getting ready to decorate. castles has come up but am not sure what I should be doing about that. I don't think he will go for angels, and we don't really have any religious affiliation so I don't think I can get away with putting something like that on the wall... not that I know what I would put up at this point. LOL

He is 6 yrs old.

any suggestions? Unfortunately I didn't think to write sooner as my days to decorate/paint are Thursday, Friday and Saturday... although I guess I can postpone.

Thanks for your help,
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I don't know if you saw one of my postings...but I had forgotten that this bagua was also the traveling bagua. I think I got it confused with knowledge for some reason...anyway, I dusted off a couple books a week ago and saw a reminder that angels/helpful people/ is also traveling..

so how about some cars/planes and maybe some fun locations.

Eiffel Tower? Statue of Liberty? Pyramids of Chesops...

I don't know just throwing it out there.

And maybe a little angel in the corner..just for...well, just for some help.

also, I believe Frank Lloyd Wright's mother put up pictures of the Eiffel tower in his room whenhe was a toddler and look how that influenced him!
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So maybe castles would be okay. There are so many castles in Europe.

I am also putting moons and stars and suns on the wall and ceiling so I think I could send in an angel.

Sound good? Or no.
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oops, repost
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sounds good to me.
of course too many moons and stars.. you might be sending dc to Space Camp in Alabama.

Houston...we don't have a problem.
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crystal children

I have seen some postings here before about crystal children but never really dug into it.

well, for some reason..I dunno, maybe the mercury retrorade, whatever... I ended up picking up this book called

Crystal Children

here's the amazon link


anyway, the book talks about how these children have started popping up around 1995. They have, and mind you I know this is pretty woo-woo....even for a feng shui thread... they have crystal auras...

Four trillion years ago..well, it was the 1980s, I went to a lecture at the whole life expo and heard an aura expert talking about auras and she said that in the 80's there were a new breed of auras popping up and they were Indigos. Some had shown up in the late 70's but most were in the 80's (as I recall) anyway, I think that woman who spoke was this woman who wrote this book. But like I said it was 4 trillion years ago when I was a size 8.
But back to the point, if there is one...

this new breed of crystals is very interesting. Very psychic. Delay speech, really into music, very, very into nature. And very into rocks and you got it...crystals. She also said that they are extremely sensitive to their enviroment and really benefit by houses which have been feng shui'd. And in fact probably part of the reason why Feng shui'ing is still very popular and has out lived it's fadness.... remember the macarana dance? well, one of the reasons why it is still strong and growing might because of these new crystal children being born. Parents know on some level that they need to make their enviroment 'right.'

I'm going to dig around and find my old crystals and see if my son is drawn to any. She speaks at length about these children and their love of rocks and cyrstals.

anyway, the book is interesting. It probably needed one more edit before it was published but then I need an editor for everything I write...

anyway, just thought I would put it out there in this thread.
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Re: crystal children

Originally posted by trabot


But like I said it was 4 trillion years ago when I was a size 8.
But back to the point, if there is one...

- lmao. Am I woo-woo? Are we all in here woo-woo?

this new breed of crystals is very interesting. Very psychic. Delay speech, really into music, very, very into nature. And very into rocks and you got it...crystals.

- Wow, you just described dd to the tee. She is obsessed with rocks. There a house being built two down from us and they have big round granite rocks as ground cover in the front and she runs down there every chance she gets and touches and feels the rocks with her little hands forever. She's totally one with the dogs and horses and cats and wants to be outside 24/7. She would sleep outside if I let her. Also I probably owuldn't even notice but I know she's slow on speaking because when we play with the two other bbies inthe neighborhoos her age they are talking two or three words in a statement, etc. DD has 3 words total. Did I ever tell you these things before? Because you alluded to her being a crystal baby but I don't remember telling you anything about this stuff - curious. Hope this wasn't too off topic..

anyway, just thought I would put it out there in this thread.
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Originally posted by trabot
sorry it took me a bit to reply. Was poking around on other threads today.
Geez Trabot - reading other threads when we all need feng shui help! The nerve! :LOL

Anyway, I missed your reply to me about the basement, I can totally do that... maybe even tomorrow! I'm tackling the career area tomorrow. I think I said that last time... really, I am. I just read a survey that said self employed graphic designers in my area can make $40k a year. !!

oh, and thanks for directing me to bodhi tree... I think I've been there, long ago... grew up in the LA area, went to melrose to record shop...
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so i'm curious, trabot.... you mentioned having both used the compass school and site (or placement - can't remember the word you used) school at various times.... which do you prefer and why? i just started reading some of lillian too's books and gotta admit feeling a little overwhelmed by the compass stuff....(plus the flying stars,etc...) just not sure my pea brain can grok it right now...

also, did i miss the answer to the question about garages and the bagua? ours is attached, and am never sure if it's included in the bagua or not.... ok, thanks!!
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well, I did it. remind me not to clean and rearrange a room when it is 95 outside. : Anyway, parts of ds's room are in the career area, where we really need a boost - the wall that is mostly in the career area is a black chalkboard wall, so on part of it a drew a winding dragon that is sort of typing on a keyboard (dh is a programmer and I do graphic design), with the words "opportunity, advancement, raise, bonus, recognition & vacation" written next to it. On ds's dresser is a black lamp, a black radio, a black clock, a pic of ds at dh's company picnic in a black frame. And that wall has all windows - I figure that can count as the glass. Oh, and there is a black dog dh bought me at the airport on our last big vacation - 6 years ago! Unfortunately part of the career area is outside, where the bushes are all cut back because we are going to re-side the house, and the plants and grass are at their end of summer best. : Anyway, I did place an anchor out there, but it looks silly at the moment by itself, but I want to wait until construction is done before I do anything crazy. I'd love some more work, and dh so deserves a raise and promotion it is not even funny.

Anyway, hopefully this major cleaning will do some good - part of ds's room is in health, so I need to do some intentional stuff there as well... I know I know Trabot, I should move the room altogether...

we are remodeling soon - a whole 2nd story, so things might shift.

Steph - I am pretty sure the garage counts in the bagua
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Sounds good to me. the windows that you mentioned. Make sure there are curtains that you can shut at night. It is good to close the windows and contain the chi'. I know that one of my old apartments was so exposed and that was when my fs consultant reminded me to get curtains. Especially for my fame area. Same holds true for work.

Okay, it sounds like you are commited to ds sharing the work/health bagua. You know I was for him moving into knowledge...but I'll trust your instinct. You can always readjust it later if need be.

Steph: I started feng shui with form/black hat/tibetan/etc... basically the form that most are using here... It takes the front door and bases everything off that. I did fs that way for about five years. Then, I don't know why, but I just started to vibe on compass. However, I can't do compass on my own. I mean I can follow all the leads by Lillian and remedies etc... thorns in relationships..etc... which really apply to both schools. But frankly i too get really, really confused by flying stars, etc. but there was just something about wanting to be in alignment with the directions. Don't know why but just felt it and then I met a compass practitioner and decided to make the move. This was also at the time when I was trying to get pregnant and frankly her remedies worked and I got pregnant and I guess that was the selling point for me.
But really, I think form is quite beautiful. What we are talking about here in my opinion is switching from Catholic Church to Episcople..not really a huge difference still believing the same things, just a shift enough to count.
I don't think one is better or more right than the other. I just think I needed a shift. And by the way, I TOTALLY think form is easier and therefore my first choice for newcomers. You really get the message of feng shui.

does any of that make sense.

re: Garages. It depends. Yeah, not helpful

lets see if I can help....


see that grid. If x is the house and y is the garage and it is just sort of attached to the x then no...I probably would not include garage.

but if:


y is the garage and it is sort of surrounded or more attached to the house (x) then yeah, you do need to include it.

and certainly if it just hanging out there with a porch in between probably don't need to include.

like i said, it depends. some people here have faxed me their layouts and I believe the garages need to be included. And some I think not. However, if your house is a two story and it goes on top of the garage..then definitely include it.

god, I should go into politics, that was such a roundabout answer.
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god, I should go into politics, that was such a roundabout answer.
hehehe.... actually trabot, you should go into politics, but not because that was a roundabout answer - just because you've got a great mind and heart!! but, thanks for the answer! it sounds like my garage is probably included as it's got the laundry room, one bathroom and part of our bedroom wrapping around it

more like


well damn!it won't let me do this right!!! ok, so imagine that the top two rows above the y's are empty (that would be the driveway)and the x's are pushed over two spaces... if that made sense..... so then i would imagine that the part where the garage is NOT is a missing part of the bagua if i stretched the whole layout out. our front door woiuld be the at the first x of the second row... and that whole space in the top two rows is essentially one room... i hope this isn't sounding too confusing.... well, it's bedtime - gotta go.... thanks!!!
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are you saying this?


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it's like this:


more or less...
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ah.... definitely count it into the baguas.
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