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barging in on a party already in progress, but just found this thread and am very interested in fs. needing some pointers, if anyone out there can give some.

tell me what book to buy please. one that will be a good starting place for a beginner.

and what do you all do about dh's with different ideas? how do you reach a livable compromise? i am nuts about getting rid of stuff, something of a minimalist at heart- and dh always seems to be aquiring stuff- "oh, its good to have an extra around" and "you never know when we'll need one of these".
i recently went on a decluttering binge, gutting every closet and drawer and getting rid of stuff. dh trusted me to do right, but it is now turning out that i have gotten rid of some stuff he felt he needed. i feel bad. but i had to get rid of some of it, and he doesnt seem to get around to helping me with this stuff so i can know what to trash and what to salvage...

ok, and this might be a strech, but anyone have any ideas about connections between food and feng shui- i have been majorly bingeing lately. today i stuffed myself. it was disgusting. the food didnt even taste good, because i was so not hungry- eating just seemed like the only thing i could do, other than stare out the window. granted, there are some big stressors in my life right now, but i'd really prefer to be coping differently.

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childof themoon... let me know when you need to fax me your new layout and I will give you notes on the grid. Thanks for the warm thoughts and I'm glad I have been inspiring.

sunbaby: I have just started a new feng shui thread because this one is getting long and I'm having a hard time managing which threads have which list of resources... see the posting below for the new thread and I think that will be helpful.

by the way, the eating makes total sense. If you don't mind me saying this...but my gut tells me you are scared of change and are feeling nervous.

There is an old saying... "The universe abhors a vaccum." Meaning, you are clearing out space and you are nervous as to what will come in it. thus the eating.

Trying to get centered and continue decluttering. And meditate if you are getting really nervous. My guess is that you are really ready for something new in your life but scared. Keep decluttering.. as for DH... he doesn't need to get bogged down in all t he details. If you move a red item here and then put a pink item there..and pull out an old tired rug there... well, he doesn't have to know you are activating love, fame and wealth.... you're just cleaning up and re-decorating.. end of discussion. in my opinion.

tee hee...
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advising everyone... I have started Feng Shui Part 3...

you will find our new fs here:

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thank you trabot! I am excited, because I have even got dh into it!
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one last thought before I sign off this thread... if anyone has asked me any questions and I missed them please don't be shy repost them on the new fs thread and I'll take a stab at t hem. sorry, this thread got a bit long at the end and I personally was having a hard time remembering which one i answered and didn't get to yet.....
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hey trabot, just a quick thought- maybe we could do a monthly fs thread to keep track? ex: September feng shui thread, may be easier to keep track of than the numbers. Just a thought
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don't know if anyone is still following these threads..

but this is what I'm doing these days... please PM me if you can help

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bagau grid

I am slightly confused. Just started looking into feng shui...starting to declutter the house. I am wondering about the grid, is it divided according to rooms or if the grid divides a room to apply the different (family, children,etc) to half the room or am I really confused? I don't even know if this makes sense. Please help me.
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the grid can divide rooms. if you are stuck, pm me and I'll give you my fax number and you can send me your outline.

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you apply the grid to the whole house for sure - and then if you're feeling ambitious you can apply it to each room too (like put your work desk in the career section)
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Very Auspicious New Moon.......

today is the first full day of chinese New Year.

Happy New Year-Wood Monkey.l

Needless to say it is a wonderful time to tackle any feng shui issues that have been sitting around un-addressed.

I got a can of gold spray paint and finally painted 3 alphabet blocks that I stole from my son. I took the three blocks that are my initials and I painted them gold and put them in the fame section of my desk.
I'm about to start a writing project and normally I use my maiden name but I'm using my full name which includes my maiden and my married and that is part and parcel why I put the squares on my desk.


also...this is interesting...


happy new year.
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