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Not FS but it is fairly common not to ovulate the first postpartum cycle.

I believe the Children (creativity ) section is the center right (when facing south)

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DB, I know, I don't have my hopes up or anything, but I have known a few people to get pg before AF returns and boy were they surprised! :LOL So I'm not sweating over it, maybe the "wanna baby" FS will help AF return even, or something.

It is hard to FS a house when ds swipes all his alphabet magnets off the fridge 10 minutes after I find them all and return them to the fridge. :
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Any more similar opportunities coming up?
Those are the only two that I know. Maybe someone has some suggestions for autumn equinox (first day of libra).

I can tell you this much...that in terms of treasure maps... the libra new moon is the same as a FULL MOON in regards to the treasure map. The map is New and the libra phase is its opposite or full. So, like any other time there is a full moon, you sometimes see passion up high...so, during the libra new moon, sometimes things pop up that have to do with the treasure map to get our attention. Kind of like, "hey, don'tforget me."
So, during libra new moon, which will be in either september or october (don't have calendar in front of me) watch to see what you notice in your life. That could be something you forgot to put on your map..or it could be something that is going to help you get somethning on your map.
if you didn't do a map, just watch what comes up for you in general. Could be a significant piece to your own puzzle.
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I'm curious...

that Owen had in NICU with him
Did owen come early? Thats why NICU? How long was he there? Are you living in the same house you were in when Owen was born?

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Are there any particular colors or symbols that are good for the prosperity corner, while I'm on my decluttering orgy?
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as I recall...purple and gold.
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Trabot - here is the quick version.

Owen was to be a homebirth - was at 43 weeks and had a negative biophysical profile so had to get induced. Other than pitocin, a 9 hour drug free labor. Took him home the next day. ON day three he threw up bile (lime green stuff) about 5 times. My midwife said if he did it again to take him to the hospital - he did it just one more time at 11pm and we took him in. They checked to make sure no kinks in his system, then he stayed there perfectly healthy for 4 days while they did tests and cultures. Then we brought him home. Same house we are in now.
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thanks. I'll pm you.
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How are you doing car & couple wise?
I hope much better

I re-read the thread and realized that we tend to let you take care of us being our 'feng shui mother' and never ask you much on how you are...
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owensmam: clean out your pm box. I tried to pm you but it was full.

ivanhoe: you are kind to ask. My husband finally got our second car and thought that we were officially done with autos as of the week before leo new moon. I even said to husband, "thank gosh that is over..it is has been a long haul since april."

Then, I almost fell over. I was standing in the kitchen and over heard my husband calling a friend and scheduling a complicated meeting. What struck me odd was that he normally doesn't try THIS hard to meet with this friend. I thought, "what's up?"
I said "why the big time meeting with k?"

dh,"k took his audi in for tune up and they gave him a porsche boxer for replacement car.....he's going to let me drive it in the hills."

That would have been fine..had it not been...LEO NEW MOON!

I said, "arrghh, how can you do that,we're keeping the car energy alive."

He said, "No, no. this will be it. I just wanted to give it a spin."

so, he did his little drive. He came home annoucing that it is a very, very fine automobile but did not wow him like he thought it would but then he said he has been wondering what it is like to drive a porsch since he was 10. But he added. I think that is is. I'm really now over carstuff. It's done.
I was suspciious.

Well, four days later my housekeeper/nanny came over and she told us how her boyfriend left her. And she has a bunch of bills and one of the things she is going to do is sell the car (she bought him) but she need help.

So, over the course of the last ten days my husband and I have driven to her house three times, to see the car, to write up the text on the car, translate the information to spanish since we're putting the ad in a spanish newspaper. Then went back to take pictures and my husband has put the ad in two internet sources. and I'm starting to get emails about the car, since he did it on my computer!
Even he admitted..."I probably shouldn't have driven K's car on new moon."

The car energy won't leave...even when we're not in need of cars!

I have to admit there is a bit symbology with the car. I'm trying to get a project up off the ground and it is complicated and needs a lot of energy and I sort of feel like all this car stuff around me is symbolic...zoom, zoom... I have to push a lot of people to do stuff and I have to gather and inspire and move, move move it along and that might be part of the message here.

car,car, car...

in the meantime: I finished a lot of work this week. I've been nonestop since december and I kind of feel like I've just finished a race. Before the next one begins, I must clean my desk.

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trabot - d'oh! Sorry, I'll go clean it out right now. I don't check MDC much on the weekends, dh is too hovering!! Monday mornings I'm on for a while though!
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Any advice on moving to a newly built home? I'm freaked out about all the chemical stuff a new home emits. Luckily we are moving in late Sept. when the windows can be opened.

Also as far as the grid system. Our home is pretty square/rectangular but how do you split 2 rooms into 3 sectors. ie in the right side of the house there is just the dining room (upper corner) and the living room below it. Is the connecting parts of these rooms section 6 (children)?

My front door is actually due west. Should I still align my front door with the bottom of the Ba-Gua chart?

My stairs lead to the front door off to the side a bit. Do I hang a mirror at the top of the stairs or next to the front door? btw the foyer leads to a narrow long hall and then into a very open area with a kitchen (center of house) and a large sunroom (east)?

Any concerns that my sons bedroom is right above the entrance?

One more, no windows in the bathrooms? Any suggestions on what this means/what to do? Luckily in the master bathroom the toilet is in it's own room with a door.

Thanks for any info----- I'm new to this and have only read a book called Feng shui in a weekend or something like that. My dh thinks this is BS....I'm determined to prove him wrong. We are moving from a house that I love but is very toxic. Lots of underground streams that I was told is 'black water' by a consultant and also the previous owner who was my age died of cancer 2 years after he bought the house! Mold problems, soot problems where we had to move to a hotel for 2 weeks with a newborn, etc. Nightmare that is coming to a close as of Sept 20th or so.
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I have so enjoyed reading this and the last thread over the past few days. My questions are...

I think someone else asked and didn't get an answer on the last thread about whether your garage is part of the grid.

And, what if your house is a rectangle... except for the missing top two corners. If you include a patio and screened in porch the house is a complete rectangle. If you take out those two areas there are significant areas cut out. So there is a cut out of relationship (ours took a blow when we moved into this house, but has become stronger than ever in the past year) and wealth (we have been given many helpful gifts since we moved here although things started out with major difficulty and I wondered how we were going to be able to stay. Since we have been here we have almost completely gotten out of debt).

So, do I smoosh the grid on the sides and elongate it in the middle? or am I totally lacking in these areas and everything has been luck?

Oh, and the house is almost rectangular (I should say, the concrete slab we are on is rectangular until we add the garage, so that would complicate things even more. LOL

I have been really enjoying this and thinking about my pack-rattedness away for a bit to declutter more in order to help my family run more smoothly again. I did this a few years ago with the FlyLady and it was good for me, but to go through some of these areas will be rather hard. LOL

Thanks all (trabot, you come glaringly happily into my mind at this point) for your questions and answers. I find this to be incredibly interesting. The car thing has me facinated to say the least.
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I think I have PM'd all three of you.


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trabot -- I don't know if I was one you pm'd or not????
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elfie, you I emailed.
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Trabot, I tried to respond to you in pm but had a computer crash at some point and I am not sure I got to send it. I need to send you a pic or attatchment by e-mail if possible as I don't have access to a fax. I have already drawn it up and have taken a picture. You can pm me again if you want. I just got too laxy as my puter is not functioning properly at the moment. Taking a breath....
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hi trabot and all you other feng shui fans,
i'm one of the folks who did a treasure map -- dh did too and loved the process, though he takes it more as setting intention and resetting one's energies than causing stuff to happen to him...
i haven't reported back b/c the first few developments were quite the opposite of what i'd hoped for, i guess most significantly dh not getting a job that we were excited about and were certain he'd be offered (that said -- the job had a *lot* of uncertainty around it, so while i was stunned he didn't get offered it, i wasn't entirely upset that it didn't come to pass.) but i wasn't feeling too up on my treasure map.
however, things are cooking now in an interesting way for him, with coincidences aligning to encourage him to send out promotional material to advertise his freelance illustration work (including stumbling across a printer wanting to drum up more biz by offering a free 500-copy print run -- how weird is that?! so his first promotional mailing will be free, but for the stamps and mailing list) in hopes of one day dropping the 3-day a week gig at the newspaper.
and when he mentioned his treasure map in connection with these recent developments, i went back and looked at mine and was surprised to realize that i had made significant progress in several areas of mine -- most notably personal growth work and generating more freelance writing assignments myself.
so, while i'm not sure where this is headed, there's certainly a sense of more movement in our lives right now, of the positive sort.
(thanks, trabot, for all the work you put into answering our questions!)
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sueami, thanks for the update. I'm glad things are moving along. Yeah, maps can be tricky. I had one friend that had significant movement in many areas of her maps but she always put in one little thought that I thought was troublesome but continued to do it. It involved a relationship with a person who I never thought was a good person in her life. And when that dream never got realized she used to think her maps weren't happening. I had to always go over the map with her and she would see that she did have progress but the deal with the one person got her so down. Finally she stopped putting that picture in her map. And her maps have soared. This person was so cross purpose to the rest of her life.
Anyway, I have digressed. The point is that some things on our maps don't happen because they might be cross purposes to the rest of the map...
and yes, there is some things on my map that haven't been realized. But I continue on and we'll see if it makes it next year on the map or in my life.
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I'm mostly replying to get subscribed to this fs thread. I've enjoyed the last one.
I did the treasure map too. We have broken ground on our new house and shop but now need to keep it on a tight budget.

We've been out of town for 18 days and now I need to do some serious cleaning, organizing and decluttering around this rental home we are in.
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