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THANK YOU TRABOT and the rest of you feng shui fans

I got the "FS for prosperity" book on Saturday and finished it by Sunday. we did some major cleaning this weekend, and that felt nice... I have four days to go at my job before I start working part-time and I can't wait to have more time to work on my house, my office and dh's business. I even got a few co-workers interested in FS.

can anyone recommend a good consultant in FL? I think I'll be ok working on improvements myself for now.. but we'll be expanding dh's business next year, and I'd like to use a consultant when we make that move.

and I'm looking forward to the next treasure map opportunity!
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oh, forgot.. have another question: mirrors in the bedroom.

in our bedroom, we have a dressor with mirrors. it's an older type dressor with three mirror panels (one in the middle is stationary, the two on each side can move to be at different angles) not sure if this makes sense. Is this ok? it has a jewelry box in front of the middle mirror panel and I can take the whole thing off the dressor. should I do that? I do like how it looks, but....

we also have another huge mirror on the wall. right across from our bed. this is bad, isn't it? so i'm wondering where I could move it. any thoughts on mirrors in the living room?

our front door (which we're going to use now, thanks, Tracy ) opens up into the living room, and I'm thinking of framing that big mirror and putting it on the wall opposite the entrance? The door is on the side of the living room, so the mirror would actually face the front window? I don't know if any of this makes sense. I do like having a big mirror somewhere.. if I take it out of the bedroom, I can't think what to do with it.

i'd appreciate any thoughts on my ramblings
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chi chi mama:
Get rid of the mirrors in the bedroom. You don't need a boyfriend and your husband does not need a girlfriend. You guys have each other. MOve the mirrors out and I would take the one off the bureau. Even though you have a jewelry box in front of it. get the mirrors out.
I'm kind of hard ass on mirrors in bedroom. My understanding is both form and compass schools hate them. And I have had friends suffer the consequences...if you know what i mean.....


It sounds like you have done a lot of terrific work. I'm envious... I remember my own first pass at feng shui 7 (?) years ago... I remember it like yesterday.... ah, the pleausre and relief I felt almost instantly.

I still get bursts of great energy... today I cleaned my desk and my bookcase both had gotten hideously cluttered lately.
DH got a work call within a few hours of clearning. It was a good offer but not great. He turned it down but I noted it happened after desk was cleared. He uses my desk too!

back to mirror: Yes put it in the front door area, I recall that your layout the mirror made sense there. Can you paint the frame, black?
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I will get that big mirror moved. I was just worried that putting it there, across the front door, will be sending the 'chi' back out the door? but I guess the door is on the side, so that's ok?

about the other, dressor mirror. that dressor is a bit-below-waist height, and the mirror is a part of it. It can be removed, but it looks strange without it. Dh and I both thought it was the prettiest part of our bedroom set. (the mirror part)

so should I just toss it anyway? I guess I'm a bit hesitant on this one

can't wait for the upcoming weekend!!!!! and my office is looking much better as well!!
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hi trabot, gotta ask another bedroom mirror question.
our br has essentially a wall of mirrors. both closets are on the same wall and have double sliding mirrors. we could take them down and replace them with wood but it would be expensive and i rather like how the mirrors lighten up the room and i think dh gets a charge out of them at certain times, if you know what i mean. what is the damage that such mirrors do? i'm not worried about infidelity with us, but i'm wondering if there's more...
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my feng shui consultant told me that she has had clients paint over the mirrors in the bedroom. Or put fabric. just as an alternative to wood.

I don't know more about mirrors in bedroom except that it has brought in 'others' into some relationships that I know. That it can cause restless sleep. and it seems to confuse the chi. Why don't you just try a little test... put up some fabric, like a sheet or something and see how you guys feel for a month. See if there is any difference. If not, then go back to the old way. I had a friend cover her mirror wall with a sheet and she said she did notice she and dh slept better.

I have another friend who won't cover her mirrored closet wall and she is constantly saying she doesn't know if her relationship will make it. She seriously wonders.....
I think their chi is seriously weakend.... but she still won't do it. I think she is afraid what dh will say. Which kind of is the chicken versus the egg... afraid of dh's response reflects a weakness and the mirrors have a weakened effect but to stop the mirror will stir trouble.. a catch 22.

for more info on mirrors.... go to google and put in feng shui mirrors bedroom and see what pops up.
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about the other, dressor mirror. that dressor is a bit-below-waist height, and the mirror is a part of it. It can be removed, but it looks strange without it. Dh and I both thought it was the prettiest part of our bedroom set. (the mirror part)
Well, why don't you see how you guys do with the big mirror out of the bedroom and if things feel better and more centered then maybe you can think about covering the mirror on the bedroom set or removing it.

Remember, you don't have to do everything at once. Take it in steps and then assess.

good luck this weekend.
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Trabot, I hope these blackouts don't have anything to do with your friend's premonition/vision. They seem more of an annoyance than a threat at this point.

On the mirror issue, I was skeptical and still am a bit. However, the 2 times that I've been unfaithful, I had a 1930's vanity table with a large mirror on it. I'm not sure that it was in the bedroom for both relationships or not. I have not had a mirror in a bedroom at all in this relationship (marriage) and no infidelity. In fact, mirrors have played a much smaller part in our home decor in this relationship overall.
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Trabot, I hope these blackouts don't have anything to do with your friend's premonition/vision. They seem more of an annoyance than a threat at this point.
I know. I had a pit in my stomach when I heard about it. But hopefully it will just pass.

thank you, Leaflady for sharing honestly about the mirror in the bedroom. I will never let one in my bedroom.
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mirror question

I guess I was under the impression that a mirror was ok if you couldn't see into (or see a reflection) while lying in bed. And that is when it causes problems. Am I wrong?
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listen, my opinion is no mirror in the bedroom. even on the vanity. But again, if you feel alright with it, then go ahead. But why don't you hang something on it, drape over it and see if there is a change.. give it a shot for a month or so.
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Originally posted by trabot
listen, my opinion is no mirror in the bedroom.
ok, loud and clear. sorry if i made you repeat yourself.
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zealsmom... lordy, reading your quote of me I could see where it seemed I was annoyed about repeating myself. I wasn't at all. I was using the word, "listen" more in a collequial manner. I'm getting so casual on this thread...
I should know better..how we speak and how we read are not the same.

follow your gut on the mirror but I would think about testing it for a month or so.
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thanks trabot! I guess I was being a bit touchy!

We are trying the mirror thing. more on that in a month. (although no issues to report presently)
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thank you, trabot!

I can get a bit carried away with things.. and you're right, it's not an 'all or nothing' game I'll get the big one moved this weekend and see how we do.

on another front: I applied some feng shui ideas to dh's martial arts academy. The wealth/prosperity area was in the bathroom! and that was a mess. So I cleaned it up during the week. All I did really was take out a bunch of cleaning supplies, etc. out of it. and it looks SO much better. I also put up some newspaper articles about the academy, and some certificates, etc. in the fame/reputation area. We haven't added any news students in a while. But right now, I am carrying two new contracts in my purse (signed last night and the night before) and expecting a few more to be signed on Monday!!!!!


also, just heard back from a local TV reporter - I've been waiting for her to get back to me about a piece she did on us for over a month. well, just heard back from her this morning, and she gave me contact info for a few more local tv reporters to hopefully get them to do stories on us at their respective stations.

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I have a mirror in my 28 months ds bedroom...
No mirror in children bedrooms as well?
And... there's a mirror in the door of our bedroom, but the mirror is in the exterior side of the door, I can see the mirror from the dining room if the door of my bedroom is closed. If the door is open the mirror can be seen when we are in bed. Actually, that mirror was in the interior side of the door, and I moved it in order to have our bedroom door closed, to avoid the kitchen smell and all get into my bedroom... I moved it thinking feng shui...but I guess that mirror is still a problem... Just thinking in a loud voice..
I've always had mirrors in my rooms (in other houses) and I tend to let others get into my marriage with not very good consequences...
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We have mirrored sliding closet doors in the bedroom, and I was thinking of getting a cool screen to put in front of it. (like you know, the 3 paneled foldy kind).
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Alright, I need to get rid of the mirrors. Well, I will have to cover them. One is full length on the back of the door and would ruin the door if i took it off. Or should I say they ruined the door when they put it on and it would be a huge eye sore if i took it down. So, Ideas for how to cover it. DS really likes to play with it too. We sit and brush her hair there and stuff.

The other one is a small square inset on an antique. I will look and see if i can get it out and cover it with fabric today.

i suppose on the big one i could use sticky velcro so that if ds pulled on it it wouldn't ruin anything. Does that sound like it would work?
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I don't like the idea of having a mirror under fabric, like for me, it feels like the mirror (and the people in the mirror) is still there. Besides, being sometehing so fragile, i find that the possibility of breaking it just because of not noticing the mirror is there is too big and dangerous. I would just take it out, and paint or repair the door.

IMO It's not the same thing with super large mirror like corridor doors, etc. because they tend to be strongly installed, but mirrors in doors that keep opening and closing, uhm... i find it too risky.
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oh wow two great threads that I just spent all afternoon reading!!! I *REALLY* need this info right now! I just mapped our house and our store (a sub shop) - they are both set up great but we are looking to move - I wonder if fixing it up will help the house sell?

the store's stove is in fame and he does cook famous food! we even were written up in the food section last month! I want to put something over the stove to bring him more fame and business and recognition.... does anyone have any suggestions? are there good FS books for business?
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