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It sounds great! Definitely cleaning up husband work stuff and getting his certificates up is terrific energy. And of course I don't think it is at all a coincidence.
By the way, don't forget about the drawers of any desks. Clean those out, too.

Will be curious to hear how things go when you apply the correct color for the individual baguas.

But so far all is sounding good.
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yes, cleaning up the feng shui can cause a move. I feng shui my first apartment and within 3 months I was out in a new one. In the same building, I should say. But I moved. I had been in the first place for 7 years. Did the feng shui and the place just didn't feel right. I felt i needed a smaller place. I wanted to save some money, I wanted to be more contained. I also got rid of stuff and had more ability to move in a smaller place.
I loved that new place. Should indicate my boyfriend at the time and i were doing that dance..are we going to commit are we not... and during that time in the little place he got it together and proposed and now he is my husband.
when I moved from the little place I moved into the next place with him. In the same building, once again.
Just the gypsy in my soul, I guess.

we even were written up in the food section last month!
and that is what you frame in a beautiful frame and post in your fame section!

I still make the case for "feng shui for prosperity by Terrah collins."

but maybe some other people will have some smart ideas too.

I talk a lot on this thread.
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I don't like the idea of having a mirror under fabric, like for me, it feels like the mirror (and the people in the mirror) is still there. Besides, being sometehing so fragile, i find that the possibility of breaking it just because of not noticing the mirror is there is too big and dangerous. I would just take it out, and paint or repair the door

hmmm... those are good points Ivanhoe. I hadn't thought of that or heard that approach. You might be right.

however, given a choice of not removing the mirror or covering with fabric I would probably still give fabric a shot. Anything to temper the mirror.
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Wow, what a great thread. I devoured the last one too. I got ahold of a few of Liallian Too's books and have been trying to read as much as I can. I still have a few questions that I'm hoping someone here might have some insight on.

First, our house has three doors from the outside. A "front door" and two side doors. We use two of the doors every day, about half and half, which one would we use as the point to map from?

Second, when decluttering and removing things from the house is it less desireable to sell these things? I feel like I should give everything away but some things do have a re-sale value. We could use the money but I don't want to get hung up on needing to make money on these items?

I appreaciate any advice.
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First, our house has three doors from the outside. A "front door" and two side doors. We use two of the doors every day, about half and half, which one would we use as the point to map from?

I think I would use the true front door as the guiding point. work the baguas from that point.

Second, when decluttering and removing things from the house is it less desireable to sell these things? I feel like I should give everything away but some things do have a re-sale value. We could use the money but I don't want to get hung up on needing to make money on these items?
I would definitely have a yard sale and sell what you can and then I would give the rest away. If you want to make this extra abundant, I would get a couple of your neighbors to join you on the yard sale. Have them go through their stuff and then all of you do it together.

by the way, yes, you can give it away, sure. But I think it is good to just get inspired by bringing dough into your house. Bringing in the money could attract more money. Like brings like if you will.

I kind of strongarmed my friend to have a yard sale with her neighbors. I knew she had a lot of junk that was getting her down. She got her neighbors to do it too and it was quite the event that weekend. I came and helped and frankly, we probably needed a cop to direct traffic. It attracted a lot of attention. She ended up making about 1200 and her friends made several hundred too. A couple months later she got a huge unexpected bonus at work. frankly that yard sale jump started a lot of things in her life. Too much to go into here.
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okay two more questions...

when you do the bagua in each room do you start from each room's door? my playroom is in the wealth area of my home which is great since I set up my business there! but should the computer and desk etc be in the career area? or the wealth area of the room?

also is this a religion? or just something cultural? I would prefer personally not to co-opt someone else's religous traditions. for instance no matter how much good fortune you told me putting a christmas tree in my home would bring me... I'd never ever have one since it isn't from my religion ... and since this topic is in spirituality I am wondering.
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1.excellent question...I sometimes get a pang of "does this contradict my religion" although I am very liberal about my spiritual choices...


OK so I decluttered a lot of paper. That's good.
Boxes of it. House is still very cluttered. I tried to stay with my painful feelings as they came up.

Then I came down with a urinary tract infection which I have now.
(Could this have anything to do with always putting the toilet seat down which I tried for a few weeks but have now stopped since I pee every 5 minutes? )

Dr. Christiane Northrup says urinary problems can symbolize feeling "pissed off" and releasing angry feelings from the body. So I am trying to figure out what I am angry about. When I was a kid anger was not allowed! So maybe I attracted clutter to protect myself from my feelings? And as I release it all that old blocked anger comes up? Ponder, ponder......

Money has seen a bit of an improvement! Trying to keep the prosperity corner clear-ish (now that I'm sick that will have to wait) and purple bedding.

I also find that when I declutter people then give me lots of their stuff, hand me downs, household items etc. Usually a lot of junk with a few treasures. Why do I believe I need to attract junk? WHy can't I feel I deserve only good things? And then I need to deal with THEIR clutter too. (While at the same time appreciating the treasures in the junk, but wishing people didn't see me as a pitiful charity case.)

Sick and can't declutter, frustrated about that, trying to use the time for feeling my feelings as they come up etc.

Any advice?
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Feng shui is not a religion. I was under that impression and doubled checked several of my books before coming to post. It can be described as a practice, an art, a science, a philosophy and a study but not a religion.

It is about 6,000 years old and it started with men observing the enviroment, places, people, time and how the energies of each interact . It is a practice of understanding and harnessing those energies.

There can be some chinese astrology in some compass schools. But that's about it for the woo-woo. Really it is pretty darn practical. Can't get more practical than..get rid of clutter.

feng shui translates to wind/water the two natrual elements that influence the focus of earth in a dwelling or on a site.

the thing for me that I like, is that it asks the person to start to intuit their home. Where are the problems? What feels off? I like that because, especially now, so many people don't take a moment to reflect, get quiet and feel or hear their surroundings. I walk into people's huses and can just feel something off. It isn't a woo-woo thing, it is just a natural thing. The balance is off. I can't really explain it but when I started utilizing feng shui it all made sense.
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wow, you are advanced. Yes, you can feng shui each room. I have to admit I have done it with my FS consultants help but I never did it on my own. Because even for me my head would start swimming. But I have been thinking about that in a couple of rooms lately. Anyway, yes, you are correct.

and for anyone who has been reading these threads and is wondering why I have not brought it up before, it really is because it makes my head swim to even think about it and to try and describe it can be so hard. Also, a lot of the books recommended bring it up.

For example, the bedroom can be in the wealth corner and the door to the wealth corner could be in the knowledge section. So, you could put up something there that might support more knowledge to bringing in wealth.

I think if it was me, I would probably put the computer and desk in the wealth corner. Just my feeling. Although, really it probably isn't off to have it in the work corner. I guess my thinking is this...and again, remember my head swims a bit... but my thinking is that if you want your desk and computer to bring you more wealth than put it there. Wealth and abundance could come in a variety of ways. You could post something here on MDC in Trading Post... "does anyone have an old couch they don't want anymore?"..... for example. And someone in your geographical area, says, "Yes, you come get it." And you go get it, and you put a quick slip cover on it and it changes your whole livingroom and you feel more abundant.
The computer/desk brought more abundance. Abundance doesn't always have to come from work. But it could include work. Does that make sense?
That's my feeling, but if others have some thoughts, please share it. I think we might now have some moms who have some experiences that they can share.
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What does the health section of your house look like?
What ever shape it is in, clean it a bit more and really feel your way through that space.

I don't think toilet seat up will be apart of the urinary tract issue. Unless the toilet is in the health section and then I still don't think that would be it. When I think of urinary infection I think of something foreign in the tract. How are your pipes? How is the water in general?

I would like to recommend another book for you......it is small and simple and I think it might be the perfect time for you to do some of the exercises. I'm sure Northorp gleaned a lot of her knowledge from Louise Hay. Louise Hay's work is pretty remarkable and she started it a long time ago.

If you go to google and put in Louise Hay you'll probably find links to her website and you can order her book, "You can Heal your life." She too talks about urine problems as being pissed off. Here is her quote:

"Pissed off". Usually at the opposite sex or a love. Blaming others. "

The affirmation for you to use would be:
"I release the pattern in my consciousness thatcreated this condition. I am willing to change. I love and approve of myself".

get Louise book, she talks a lot about deserve and she talks about attraction, everything you are talking about.

YOu can get the book at any bookstore. I had the pleasure of hearing her lecture in the 80s'.

take care of yourself and then come back to decluttering later. I predict you will have a yard sale and get rid of the items that were passed down toyou from people you might resent. Just a thought.

happy healing.
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I have that book! It rocks! How wonderful that you heard Louise H. did she just ooze love or what?

Thanks. I don't even know where the health section is and will deal with that next!
I looked at an online chart and cannot find one that says where health section is!
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on one bagua that I have it says health/family on the center left of the octagon

(imagine this as an octagon - the dashes were the only way I could get it to format right : )

-------------------------------- fame--------------------------
--------------------knowledge --------------helpful people---
---------------------------------- career------------------------

and then the grid that tarbot gave us in the last thread it is #5 - center of the house


1 - wealth
2 - fame
3 - relationship
4 - family
5 - health
6 - creativity
7 - knowledge
8 - work
9 - helpers/angels
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OOOH thanks! That makes total sense! There's a small bunch of clutter there and I do have anger issues about the content...oh it's amazing the way everything is connected.

Thanks all!
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Any ideas on sprucing up the marriage/relationship sector of the house? Mine is kinda dreary .... although I just decluttered it best I could. There is a bookshelf with lots of books, a small dining table with two chairs in the corner, and the sliding glass doors to go outside. Oh, and the liquor cabinet.
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pairs of anything are good. so a special salt and pepper shaker might be nice for the table.
a cheery table cloth, with some pink or red would be nice. Remember you don't need to turn it into some fru fru laura ashley thingy... just some pink or red highlights. Maybe placemats?
Fresh cut flowers are nice. Or if you prefer some artificial ones can spruce it up.
I would take a look at the books on the book shelf..I would highlight any love books. baybe pull them out of the stack.

how about a rug?

All this can be done on he cheap. IKEA, Target can be on target.

Remember, it is about intent. You just should walk over to the corner and see what 'works" for you and what feels off.
You will be the best judge ultimately.

as for the liquor cabinet. I don't know. How is he alchohol consumption in the house?
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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Target. We are actually going on thursday, they have full length door mirrors on sale (perfect for the back of the bathroom door!).

The alcohol, for better or worse, is a fun part of our life. We have a couple cocktail books and enjoy learning and trying new things.

I've been trying to find info on back doors, my feng shui book mentions a back door in the marriage section possibly draining chi. It doesn't say how to fix it, if all back doors are bad, etc. Any thoughts?

D'oh, I forgot about the pairs thing trabot - you even sent that to me on my fax. I think the chi is flowing rapidly out of my brain!
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OMG! there is a bad back door in my marriage section!! that is freaky! now I want to get it replaced, like...ummm... NOW! I bet if we fix it we will be able to sell the house!! oy
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These feng shui threads are so interesting!! It's something I've been meaning to do for a long time.

I have a question... What if you have a 2-story house and the second floor is only over half of the house? Would you put the bagua map over just that part, or do you still put it over the whole house and the upstairs would only have certain areas? (Hoping that question makes sense... :LOL )
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i live in a two story townhouse.

we put the grid over both the up stairs and downstair.

double your opportunity for auspiciousness ...I like to think...

double the work, basically. but that's okay.

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