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Total latecomer here who knows zero about FS. I plan to get the FS for Prosperity when I get the chance.

Can I ask about the treasure map? What is it, what does it do, how complicated is it to figure out for the novice?

If this is a redundant question I'll gladly take link or clue -

Also wondering how much a FS consultant costs?
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treasure maps happen at aries, new moon. I'll find the link to the page where it is on the old fs thread.

regarding FS consultants. My feeling is get the Fs for prosperity book. Read it, study it, it is a fun study and read by the way, and then do your own work. You'll start looking at your own house with new eyes. You will probably get a lot of results on your own. Then later when you are flush with some extra dough you can bring a FS consultant. But really, I say start on your own and see how you do.

also, read the old thread for some good data. There is a lot there that is very helpful.
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sorry if I'm being a pill!! I went to the old thread - whew! 11 + pages...!

I wanna know how to determine where the prosperity room (or center?) is in my house. Is it hard to explain fast?

Later tonight I'll march through the other thread, but I wanna get to the prosperity point righ now and get it done asap! Do you have todo compass to figure it out or can you do the nsew way?

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prosperity is in the upper-left corner as you are standing in your doorway
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Ok, google tells me it's the far left back corner of my house. is this when I am facing in from the front door or facing toward the front door using the left as a guide from that direction.

I could have an interesting conundrum here... in that my roommate lives in that room with its big walk in closet, and it's CLUTTER CITY in there. He has never unpacked since he moved in 10 months ago and all of his boxes just jam up that awesome walk in closet. You can hardly walk the length of the room it's so cluttered.

If he has control of that section of the house because he pays for it (obviously I cannot do anything about telling him what to do with his space) - is that technically part of my living space?

Ah! I will want to fix the prosperity center... will I have to enlist him or can that area be disqualified since it's not my domain?
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standing in your door looking into the house I have no idea about if that area can be disqualified... but maybe he'd be interested - after all it would benefit him too LOL
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since you are starting out I would skip compass and start with form. I think it is easier and it will probably easier to handle given you are juggling a lot.

just to go over the grid again


divide your house into 9 squares. See above?
Your front door can only be in either 7, 8, 9.

regarding the roomate:
does he have his own entrance into the house or is he really just in one bedroom..which would be square number 1, in the grid.
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We share the same front door - which is #8
the back door is #3

dd and I share the big bedroom which covers a big portion of the back of the house at #2

His room is #1 - do I have to motivate him or can I exclude that quadrant from my space? Hopefully someday I'll make enough to have that room be dd's room and have more control over it.

I went online looking for directions to make a treasure map and there are none, for free... they all want you to buy their stuff... which I understand, but still - I'm surprised thre's nothing on google to get you started before you buy the whole enchilada.

Gotta go get groceries now - will check back after dd beds down.
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We have someone else living in our Knowledge area. What could that do to us? She lives in a pig sty... even after she has cleaned her room. I hadn't thought of that until you started talking about your renter. I also have a lot of negative feelings towards her... even though I care about her very much. I just can't seem to help her in her path to becoming a better person. No common sense. IT prabably doesn't help her that she is living in the knowledge area and her room is a sty. LOL
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treasure maps are something that I learned about from my old astrologer. He taught it to a bunch of us a few years before he died. It is outstanding. It is amazing way to get focused about what you want for the rest of the year. The year starts at Aries new moon. I brought it up in the middle of the old feng shui thread.

since there are over 200 postings on that thread it can get lost.

here is the link to the page that begins the inner treasure map thread in the FS thread.

I think you'll find it inspiring and something to start thinking about for next spring. take a look.

regarding other people living in the baguas of the house... I have a call into my FS practitioner. I will ask and come back and post.

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tracy, thanks for the link, I read it - without knowing I was doing that - I just spontaneously did the same thing when I was about 4 months pg with dd. I made a big collage out of magazine clippings, it had a lot of marriage and wedding images on it, it had Dorothy Day - a famous single mom who started the Catholic Worker, it had images of lovely men with their child - a young girl to represnt my dd getting a great daddy in the future, it had me as an old woman, it had images of a family running on the beach. Well almost 2 years went by, and the thing wouldn't stay on the wall anymore. It was the darndest thing. I had it up in my second bathroom and it just started refusing to stay up no matter what I used to paste it there.

As you know - none of those things ever even hinted at coming to pass and actually things, it appears, have gotten worse. I took down the map and rolled it up someplace. It became kind of obsolete and I have to say my hopes that were so high when I made it were really nonexistent when I took it down - no inklings of any of it coming in th future.

Ah, I felt sad for me but happy for you when I read the link in the other thread about your map. I'm glad it works for someone in the world. I am sad it didn't work for me...
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treasure maps are specific to the aires new moon.
even if you start them the day before... they won't be successful. Unless you actually started it on Aries new moon, I wouldn't have faith in it.
Especially if it happened during the balasamic pisces phase. Which by the way, based on your description feels very balsamic pisces.

kind of dreamy, kind of hopeful...but dreams that don't even fit now...feels very pisces, very balsamic.

when you start working the phases of the moon like a surfer on a wave you can feel the difference.
I know this year my own energy was totally wonked the day before aires new moon.

maybe between now and the next new aries moon you might be inspired to give it a shot. And ride the wave on the right part of the wave.
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Please tell me again, the exact title and author of the Feng Shui for Prosperity Book? I can't find it.

Here is nice Feng Shui Prosperity link, I especially like the affirmations near the bottom.

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here is the amazon link for the feng shui for prosperity book.

this is form school.


I t hink it gives great, easy to follow examples. It is a good way to jump start feng shui and then you will want to get some of the other books too but I think if you get this one you'll be able to 'get' it first.
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ok, sounds like i was making a salad dressing! LOL

Looking forward to haring what the FS consultant says about someone else occupying the important bagwa...
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Bamboo question!

Is there an ideal place for bamboo plants or dried bamboo chimes?

To recap, my life needs improvement in finances,

I was recently decluttering my amazingly cluttered fame section when I put too much junk in the health section and got very sick.
(health section is hallway, can't really put either bamboo thing there.)

Issues in life include lack of reliable friends, poor cash flow, repairs throughout house needed that we can't afford (hence my wanting to declutter but must wait til I am better. )
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All right! My relationship area is looking good! I bought a new cream table cloth, a pair of cool artsy pink and white cups, cool napkins with pink, put a pair of candles and a heart crystal candy dish that we got for a wedding present. I saw a bagua mirror at cost plus, but it was $20. Can I just make one?

I discovered the what colors goin in each area section of my book - do you know if there are any color "no no's" in each area as well?

Oatmeal, I'm interested too. We are building a second story, and at least 1/2 of the upstairs will be where my in-laws live. They will have a seperate entrance (but one we can access from our part of the house). Do they feng shui just their area?
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Okay. Got the update.
I got the answer from Form School Feng Shui consultant. My compass schoold consultant and I are in a hideous phone tag. So, I went to my friend the form school consultant.

She said that if the person is living in your house you need to still claim the space that they are in and you need to put something in there that is representative and appropriate for the bagua. You don't need to get bogged down in getting their room perfect and controlling it but you need to plant something appropriate for the quadrant and it is enough for you to 'claim' it. Maybe a picure, frame, statue, just something. Remember it is 'intent' that is important.
You of course should tell the person and explain what you are doing. Frankly it seems to me that they would pick up the benefits of it too.

If they want to feng shui their room for themselves, remember they should base their room off the door.

Hmm bamboo. Let's see if I can get compass consultant for that answer.
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I think that lillian Too might indicate the 'absolute wrong colors' for the bagua. The only trick to her information is that she works off compass. But you should still be able to figure it out. Just takes a minute. It's like reading a road map.

by the way, your relationship section sounds fantastic. I can't wait to hear how the relationship shifts with the new feel and intent.

keep us updated! well, within reason. Can't have this turn x-rated.

all sounds good to me.
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Thanks Trabot!

I haven't forgotten your earth/mountain picture recommendation for the fame section, just wondered if the bamboo gifts I got were serving me well where they are, in the helpful people section.
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