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I'm swollen. And I'm not talking about my feet!

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Heeeeeelp? I've done a google search and I get nothing helpful (lots of xxx links though : ). My labia is very swollen. It hurts. Quite a bit. Mostly the outer labia, but inner is a bit too. I'm not sure what would help... ice packs? Burrrrrr... the pelvix pain isn't fun with this either, but I figure there must be something to relieve the swollen ache. At least a little. Anyone had any experience with this and found anything helpful? Thanks!!
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Lisa, the same thing actually happened to me at the end of my pregnancy, maybe the last month or so.
I don't really have any advice, maybe some ice. I didn't do anything, it didn't bother me THAT much.
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Yeppers, yet another one of those indignities of pregnancy no one ever warns you about. I think it's increased blood flow to the area. I'm not sure there's anything to be done for it except maybe a little therapeutic massage by your dh to take your mind off things.
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I was thinking ice too since I know it makes one feel better after giving birth.
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sitz bath? I dunno~this is my 1st, and I've always heard that sitz baths releive hemerhoids, so why wouldnt' they help a "vagina-rhoid?" LOL~~sorry. It had to be done.

I 2nd the "theraputic massage"
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Oh Christy you're bad! :LOL Well I'd have Dh help out, but seriously snug pants, or laying on my side without a pillow hurts, so ah, all but the *lightest* touches HURT. Waaa! I'll try the ice. Wrapped in a THICK towel. I don't usually like ice...
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Pelvic Rocks!!!

Probably you have alot of pressure, and the pelvic rocks will help relieve that pressure some. You might also try a "belly belt" to help with the pressure.

The other suggestions of ice and sitz baths are very good, too.

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I hope this response isn't too much information

I always try to have an orgasm when I am that way. But I have never had swollen labia so bad that it _hurt_ to wear snug pants, etc. Just enough to be uncomfortable and annoying.

Before my pregnancy, I would get swollen labia, usually related to unfulfilled excitement, sex dreams, etc.--blood engorges the area, making everything more sensitive. Orgasm or time were the only ways to make it go away. Then again, I never thought of ice or a sitz bath!

I just assumed that when I get it now that I am pg, it is the same thing--relating to hormones that effect the libido. Perhaps there is more to it than that...
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oh lisa_lynn! i'm sorry you are so uncomfortable. i think i posted on our sept/oct mamas thread about my possible yeast infection...anyway, i don't think it is one...i think my whole are down there is just VERY sensitive. its also a bit swollen. i've been using some wipes that have witch hazel on them, which seems to be helping (good for swollen hemeroids, why not swollen labia???). i've also been putting tea tree and lavender on my COTTON undies, and that seems to help. i bet being on the birth ball would be uncomfortable, but it might be worth trying to sit on it, after covering it with a damp towel that's been in the freezer for a whie? pressure and cold? just an idea. hop you're feeling better soon!
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thanks everyone! The birth ball is actually comfy to sit on (I think pants hurt because of the seam), but my ball is too short, so if I sit on it too long my hips hurt. Can't win!

Last night I used an ice pack (a cup of water, a cup of rubbing alchol frozen double bagged, its icey but squishy) wrapped in a towel and that helped out a LOT. I bet sitting on the ball with that would be great too!
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I had the same thing when I was pregnant w/Amber. It happened during my last trimester and my midwife told me it was varicose veins! Yep! It would come and go and the only thing that helped was a cold rag or ice pack to decrease the swelling. It does go away after the baby is born though!

Good luck~

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It good to hear that those things are working. I was just reading in Maternal Child Nursing about labial edema. It was scary looking but very interesting becuase I had never even heard of it before. The case study had some other issues going on, but they ended up doing hydrotherapy with her fully immersed in the water to her shoulders.... Sitz baths didn't do it. So that could be an excuse for having a long soak in a big bathtub :-) Hope you feel better soon.

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Another way to make an ice pack is to take some maxi pads, run them under water (don't saturate them, though) and put them all in a big zip lock baggie and freeze them. Then take one out, wrap it in a paper towel and put it on (this is mainly for post partum, when you are also wearing a pad, to catch the melting water as well as the lochia). For prenatal, you could just put it in a zip lock baggie and then wrap it in a paper towel and apply it.

Good luck! I'm glad you've gotten so many responses and ideas.
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Ooooh great idea! Much more portable than an ice pack, and it would give the pads I have laying around a use (they aren't going to be absorbant enough for lochia, so I was just thinking they'd be sitting around forever). I'll make some up tonight! Thanks!

Oh yes swimming helps so much... Ahhhhh... helps the pelvic pain too... we've gone for an hour or more every night the last 3 nights and I'm not going to stop going. SO nice.
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