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Newborn development question

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Do any of you know when the involuntary jerky movement of a newborn's arms and legs stops? My 6 week old DD still has very jerky, involuntary movements and is constantly smacking herself in the face which startles her so she cries. She likes to be swaddled at all times because of this, however, because of these movements she unswaddles herself all the time, smacks herself cries and I rush to swaddle her again. This goes on all day and night. Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone knows when babies develop more control over thier limbs?
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Mine didnt get control until about 3 mos, but she didn't smack herself, she just didnt move her arms until then. Sorry I couldnt be more help.
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Jackson is 3.5 months, and still smacks himself at times.
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The movements gradually get smoother, can't remember when it happened. dd is nearly 6mo now.

I used to swaddle dd at night for the first 6 weeks or so but after her unwrapping herself all the time cause of the arm waving, I'd swaddle her but leave her arms out. She used to love sleeping with them straight up above her head. She can't do herself much damage with her hands and I guess it's a learning experience, they learn by doing.
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Just adding my agreement that at 6 weeks that seems normal. DD is 2 1/2 months and she still does that- it is getting better, but my husband is always commenting on the fact that she smacks herself in the face. She does have fairly good motor control most of the time (ie she is great at getting her hands in her mouth, and putting them together) but when she gets worked up, they start flailing and then -boom- she smacks herself.
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yes...seems normal...I was wondering this about a month ago and now I have different questions...by 3 months, has mostly gone away.
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