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Elijah does not sleep thru the night we nurse 2-3 times, I exclusivly bf, bf on demand, we co-sleep.....WHY is my body gearing up to O? EWCM and that teltale backpain today, UGH! :
With my first babe lochia lasted 2 weeks. I had 5 1/2 months before my first postpartum period.
With my second babe lochia lasted 1.5 weeks. I had 4 monthsbefore 1st PP period.
This time I will only barely make 8 weeks.
My lochia only just ended a week ago.
How is it that my friends get 10, 12, 18 months with no period?

Sorry...Rant on my body over now.
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I think each pregnancy is different. My first I had lochia for 6 weeks then a week later got my period. My second it was 3 weeks lochia and 6 months later my period. Same with my 3rd. Don't know this time still lochia after 3 weeks. Any I always breastfed on demand, my 3rd pregnancy I nursed twins on demand, for 2 years, you'd think I wouldn't get my period for at least a year.
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With my first, I had lochia for 2 weeks, then no period for a year! That was nice. This time I am still having lochia almost 6 weeks PP and some mild cramping still. I guess it's different every time. I BF both of my girls on demand, so, I dunno.
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kinda funny... only because it depends on what you're wishing for. After my first two i was PRAYING to get AF while still BFing on demand at 19 months because i wanted to start TTC. this time, since this is our last baby... i'm really hoping to get that big of a break.
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