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Fellow GGT failure mama's.

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How bad did you fail?

I don't know what my official failing number is. But I KNOW that I failed. I took my blood sugar on my husband's glucose monitor when I just got home and my blood sugar is 206!!!! I can't wait to hear what they got at the lab.:

What was your failing blood sugar level?

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On the 1 hour, it was 155, they wanted 140 or less. Still waiting on the results from the 3 hour.
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I guess my doc is super-cautious; I hit 135. He flat out told me I don't have GD but wanted me to do the 3-hour anyway. If this happens next time, I'll just refuse.

Other than this bump, he's been great, so I forgive him.
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Oh and in the title that would be GTT, not ggt. I can't seem to type or proof read today.
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On the one hour I got 151. They told me I technically passed the 3-hour, but my fasting was a bit high so they want me to follow the diet. I'm taking the class today.
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At 2hrs they wanted it below 150. Mine was 165. They waited another 1/2 hr and it was still 164 so that 'flunked' me. But I did have a [B]fasting[B] blood sugar of 202! :
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Ug. I am going in for my 3 hour tomorrow. I hope I do ok. I am a sugar junkie so I am guessing not though. At least I will have some ladies for support through a changed diet.
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My 1 hour failing number was 167. At my 3-hour, my fasting was fine, 1st hour was 'really high', 2nd hour was borderline, and 3rd hour was fine. Technically, you have to have two bad numbers to fail the 3 hour test and I guess they failed me because of the borderline number.

It hasn't been too bad to keep the numbers in check though. Just no refined sugar and I avoid fruit cause it shocks my system.
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My number was 150...I go in on Friday to take the 3 hour test and I am SUPER nervous!
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I just found out I failed my 1-hour at 163. Hoping to get in next week for the 3-hour.
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Ok, on the 3 hour, it was my 2 and 3 hour scores that "failed" me, they were at 180 and 170 I think. Fun. I go to the nutritionist and the nurse to get my monitor on Tuesday.

We should start a support group. I'm utterly clueless, this is my 4th pregnancy, first time with GD. Lovely.
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I am curious what all of you have been told regarding diet. At my class they told me what to eat and not go over 1800 cals. I haven't really followed my plan yet. But 1800 cals? That seems so low for a pregnant woman.
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I had 131 at the one hour, so they want me to take the three hour. I'm still trying to decide if I really should - 131 seems OK!
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I posted about my nutrition class a while back in this thread:

posts #26 and #28

I've been doing the finger stick thing for two weeks now. I couldn't eat all the food they told me to. I pretty much just eat what I want, but I watch portion size and carb servings. I've been able to keep my numbers in normal ranges through diet alone which I'm very thankful for.

Had my ultrasound today to check growth and baby is a very average 4.5 lbs @ 32 weeks. They tried to tell me we'd have another scan at 37 weeks and decide 'how and when they would deliver me'. I just ignored the high risk GD doc and plan to tell my OB I'm not returning to him for the remainder of my pregnancy. I know she'll be cool with it; she thought this ultrasound was overkill anyway.
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Thanks, MOrange. I will go check your post out.

Mom to JandG, 131 was considered passing at my hospital, anything higher you failed.
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I refused to take the test but have been testing myself 4 times a day and logging my food the last two weeks. I got one horrible result of 181, 2 hours after I went nuts one night and had a bunch of special K and 2% milk. Funny as I can eat fruit and even sweets without spiking my sugar as long as it is not carbs from grains!

I e-mailed all my info to the midwife and waiting to hear back from her. Also taking a break from testing as my fingers need some time to heal and I just need some rest!

(((((HUGS))))) to all the mamas dealing with this!
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