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Need advice - close to potty training

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Hello, and help!

My DS is 2 years 8 months, and is a little peanut. He's been wearing the same cloth AIOs for the past year or even longer. They are really really starting to wear out and he's finally outgrowing them.

He knows how to both pee and poop on the potty, but prefers his diaper. Part of me thinks that if he's this far, it's just a short time till he'll train. But part of me knows how stubborn he can be and I'm thinking maybe I need to sew him up some larger size diapers.

Should I sew him a bunch of larger dipes and take the chance he might wear them only for a short time, or should I stick it out with the ratty old ones?

Thanks for your advice!
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Pesonally i would just use the old ones unless you plan on having another that may get use out of them.

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I agree with Melda-- he could learn in a few days or it may take months. Wait until he's actually outgrowing the dipes before you order more.

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I am facing the same dilemma, although my dd is a little younger that your son.

I recently spent my vacation hanging out my diapers to dry, and it gave me a chance to notice how holey my diapers are getting! Actually, it was kind of satisfying to see something that I made actually getting worn out from so much use. The elastics are also totally shot, and the soakers are getting pretty hard.

The good thing is that we don't actually go through that many diapers these days, since dd goes naked whenever possible.

I'm figuring that I'll make a dozen or so new diapers and that should get me by..we'd like to have another child, so hopefully they'll get reused...if not by me, certainly by someone...plus I like making the diapers and dd loves getting a new one in a fun fabric.

I don't think I was any help at all..I would say only sew more if you either absolutely have to or if you enjoy it.

Good luck with the potty training! It's a long process, I think.
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I thought the same thing with my DS at 20 mos. he was using the potty 75% of the time, at age 4 he still has accidents ALL DAY LONG!! He totally regressed when I got preggo with DD, and now doesn't "want" to use the potty. I say stick with the ones you have, and maybe make a few larger ones. If the ones you have are still functional you can use a doubler or something to beef up the absorbancy.
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