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Shipping methods?

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Who does everyone use for shipping. I'm thinking of opening an acct. with Fed-ex b/c they'll pick the stuff up at your house. Does anyone know of other shipping co's that do that?
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I have Fedex and they pick up at my house I pay $15.00/week for it.

To me it is well worth it cause, I don't have to pack up the boys, drive to the post office, get out wait inline, pay more for shipping then drive back home, LOL

Saddly when I move I wont be able to have a pick up any more

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I mostly use the Postal Service and have recently started going through their site to print out priority mail labels (with free delivery confirmation) Our carriers can't pick up any packages over a lb, though, since 9/11, so I still have to take big things into the window.

I also use UPS for packages OVER 2 lbs and for Canada. I print the labels on-line and DH drops them off in the mailroom at work. Works great =)

Actually, I should see if he can drop the priority mail packages there, too.
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I either use the PO or UPS. I have a scale at home so I can weigh the packages and determine the better shipping method.
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FYI UPS and USPS are both union but I'm pretty sure FedEx isn't, so I only use USPS and UPS. USPS is a bit more expensive, but they have awesome service!! I try to save $$ for customers by using USPS, but some packages will do better being sent UPS. Anyway, I'll have to check for sure on the union status of FedEx, but I don't think they are, so i don't use 'em.

Daughter of a factory worker
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Do any of them provide free shipping materials(boxes) I know for priority mail USPS does.

Whose DH is a union employee
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