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Primary Grade Challenge Math by Edward Zaccaro

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Supplemental math for gifted or math adept children, Gr. 1-4. Interesting and humorous short lesson/discussions are followed by four levels of questions: 1,2,3 and Einstein. There are 26 topics, many of which are not typically covered in K-4. An answer key is provided, with short notes for the most challenging problems.

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Prufrock Press (publisher)



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On and off for 10 months.


There is no drudgery, for this is all application: Zaccaro has a gift for making math come alive, a real departure from the standard fare. Some topics/levels can be covered after the traditional Gr. 1-2 scope and sequence, but many require knowledge of more advanced topics, such as multiplication facts to recognize a sequence of squares.


Engaging, real-world applications of mathematics, written in a humorous yet informative style. My one quibble is that US measurements are used instead of Metric, though the necessary conversion information is always provided.

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Absolutely, as well as as the rest of Zaccaro's catalogue:

Challenge Math
Real World Algebra
10 Things All Future Mathematicians and Scientists Must Know
Be a Problem Solving Genius

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