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Prenatal Vitamins

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Howdy to all!
I found out recently that I'm pregnant and wanted to take vitamins just to be reassured that I am getting everything that I need. I would like to know what brand anyone out there recommends? I'm not sure if they are all pretty much the same, so I thought I'd try and find out what other mommies-to-be have taken!
So what brand is the latest recommendation out there?

Also, did any of you take any sort of DHA supplements as well?

Thanks for your help!
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Myethpio~Taking a high quality prenatal vitamin was one of the top priorities for me. I did a lot of research and found the "Rainbow Light" brand to be highly regarded. I know I can't say how much it effected my pregnancy, but my pregnancy was wonderful~and my ds is healthy, and has been a straight "A" student...he's in 6th grade now. I can't help but think it had to have contributed some.
Best to you though in all the choices you make during this very special time!
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I too am using Rainbow Light. I try to choose a prenatal with lots of good ingrediants for the entire body and not a lot of artificial colors etc. Rainbow Light is a food based prenatal.
I did a web search through google using rainbow light prenatals which hooked me up with lots of web vitamin shops and found the best deals online.
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Another vote here for Rainbow Light prenatal. My doctor who is also a nutritionist said they were good. I get mine at Wild Oats.
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I use Stuart's PreNatals....I am still taking them while nursing my almost 4 year old. I found that the prenatals I tried from Wild Oats either made me nauseous or I had to take 8 in a day.....

Just my two cents....
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BTW, Rainbow Light makes a prenatal that you only take one pill a day. It's called JustOnce prenatal multivitamin.
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Ditto for Rainbow Light! I've been taking the JustOnce, as we are hoping to get pregnant this spring. I noticed it also includes raspberry leaf.
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Thank you all for you recommendations, I will definitely try those. The last ones I used were just any 'ole brand so I thought I'd try something more on the natural side...

Did you all just take that? Or did you also take a calcium as well? I think with my last pregnancy I took a prenatal a.m. and a calcium p.m....

I'm still not sure if I should go for the DHA... I read some article about Neuromins DHA-PL that had me thinking... any thought...?
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I used SOLGAR Prenatal Nutrients (Multivitamin & Mineral) I also used SOLGAR Gentle Iron.
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P.S. In response to the Neuromins (I currently take them now, post pregnancy, as I do not have a diet rich in any type of organ meats) However, I was very concerned about my babies getting enough of the omega fatty acids through my diet, so I used Flax Seed Oil on a daily basis. (In my applesauce or as an addition to my salads.)
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Before getting pregnant my reg. ole dialy vites I took 3 day. When I spoke to the gal at the hfs she said to me with the amount of ingrediants in the vitamins to only take 1 they would be too big to swallow <g> So I don't mind taking 2 with every meal because it's all good stuff kwim? I've the Rainbow lights that you take 6 a day.
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Well I ordered the one-dose prenatals... they didn't carry it at WholeFoods, they only had the 6 doses one. Six seems like a lot at once so unless I were to spread them out or try one of the other brands...
I'll try the one-dose ones and see how it goes. I'm still debating the DHA, but I think I'll go get some, after all it can only help. I don't think I am getting enough DHA in my diet.
Flax seed oil, huh? Interesting, I'll look into that as well...

Thanks again everyone!
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I tried practically every prenatal under the sun--the only one that didn't make me sick was the standard prescription chewable prenatal (natachew or something like that)
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I take a prenatal called Opti-natal by Eclectic Institute.
I took them when pregnant with my dd and was happy with the result
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Another vote for Rainbow Light brand prenatals!

I have taken them for almost four years now.

During the last year, I switched to the Just Once variety, but when actively ttc again, will switch back to the 6 a day as they have additional beneficial herbs in them that the Just Once do not contain.

My iron levels were awesome all throughout my first pg and dd's too through my milk.

As for DHA, doesn't flax oil offer that? Mix it up in a smoothie and you'll never know you had it!
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Little information I received from our local herbal path.

There are two famalies of Essential Fatty Acids. This first is the Omega-3 family in the form of Fish Oils (containing EPA & DHA) and Flax Oils (containing Alpha Linolenic Acid, or ALA) The second is the Omega-6 family of Essential Fatty Acids. These EFA's are found in Borage Oil & Evening Primrose Oil, Black Currant Oil.

Hope this helps!
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could someone explain why omega-3s, etc. are important for pregnancy? thanks!
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Here is the site where I read up on DHA and pregnancy/infants:


It should have a lot of general answers to questions.
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I use Baby and Me from Megafoods. I get it at Wild Oats. I've tried several and this is the one I like the most. One of the benefits is that, because it's made from 100% foodstate it can be taken w/ food or on an empty stomach. I think Rainbow Light may be the same, but I'm not sure.
I'm anemic, though and am taking an iron supplement but haven't been able to find any iron gluconate in foodstate. Anyone know of any?
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