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I used Wampole (not even sure if thats a Brand in the states). They were the cheapest of all that was on the market and the pharamacist went thru them with me to make sure that they had the same minerals and vitamins and amounts as the more expensive brands. The way I look at it, why pay double for just a pretty name on a bottle? Plus, I eat a healthy diet, filled with all the food groups, everyday, drink plenty of milk and get plenty of rest. The multi's are really just a little something extra and all my levels of everything are still good, so I must be doing something right.
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i used superfoods brand which i was told was the best since they are from food sources (similar to rainbow light i think) I really liked them and felt intuitively taht they were powerful vitamins....natural, and rich. I think that is one of the biggest differences between generic brands and the higher priced health food ones....the life that is in them. they also had rasberry leaves, alfalfa, other superfoods in them too.
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What brand prenatal vit do you use and why?

I got Rainbow Light after researching it but was curious about everyone else. I like that it is 6 pills so that if I ate perfectly that day, I don't have to take them all. But when we are on the road, I can take them all since it is hard to eat great when you are traveling.

I just got concerned because at the health food store yesterday, I noticed that one prenatal had 165% recommended vit A. Too much vit A can cause you to miscarry, so I thought that was pretty reckless.
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I think it depends on the type of vitamin A. My understanding is that Vitamin A palmitate should be limited, but Vitamin A from beta-carotene is ok. Wish I could remember where I read that. Anyway, I showed my family doctor/nutritionist my rainbow light prenatals and he said the vitamin A levels were fine.
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My midwives told me not to take any,just eat healthy.But I've heard MAJOR bad things about materna,so there's one NOT to take.(Both my midwives and naturopath said there iron levels are at a toxic level-that's why so many women feel sick after taking them).
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I'm not pregnant yet but we're planning to start trying for #2 in July, so I want to start taking prenatals soon. Last pregnancy I used Solgar, which I liked, but Rainbow Light sounds even better to me because it's totally food-based and has green foods in it, which are great for pregnancy. I did some surfing on the net last night and found a bunch of sites that sell vitamins and supplements at a great discount. I also found out that rainbow light has a prenatal called prenatal one--just one vitamin a day gives you everything you need. They sold for around $20 on most sites, compared to around $36 retail. Even with shipping it's a great price--I'm gonna order
a full-pregnancy supply all at once because I think the shipping is the same for up to a certain weight.

regarding the vitamin A--it depends on what type it is. Beta Carotene is fine in larger amounts. I think it's Retinol or some other type that is not safe beyond a certain amount.
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I know they say that beta carotene is okay, but I have also read a study of women who eat over a pound of carrots a day and found they stop ovulating. Makes me nervous.

Saige, I am with you on the diet. I was just worried when we travel and have less control over my diet (I know too much about how important it is to get all the right nutrients). I also read that it is useful if you are having morning sickness which is usually triggered by the very vegetables that you need to eat.
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My midwives too reccommended that I not take the prenatal. This was after reviewing my diet, which is pretty healthy. But I can understand the concern of being on the road. We just got back from vacation and I know I didn't eat well while we were out. If I would have had my multi vitamin with me, I would have taken it. Especially if I were pregnant.
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I'm not pregnant yet but trying to get that way. I take a chewable children's vitamin (Rugrats ) and a separate folic acid supplement. I get the full 400 mg of folic acid in the multivitamin, so I don't take the supplement every single day.

I don't like the fact that children's vitamins now have artificial sweeteners. I'm pretty sure they used to have regular sugar in them when I was young.
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Not taking prenate vits!

For the girl whose midwive said not to take prenate vits. . . I would really reconsider, and do research. My friend followed that advice, and her dd was born with many health problems, that it really makes you think. It wouldn't hurt to give your baby a little extra.
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It's a little too late, Jacob is already here and so so perfect
I seriously doubt that your friend's baby was born with health problems because she failed to take prenatal vitamins. I am sure there were other factors involved.
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I also went my entire first pregnancy without ever taking a prenatal. I mean, I tried, but I vomitted every single one of them up. I finally quit trying in my 7th month. I got yelled at by my doc- as if I could help throwing them up. Anyhow, I craved the foods that I needed to get the nutrients I needed. I ate 3-5 oranges a day. And ds was born completely healthy.

You do have to be very, very educated about what nutrients you need and what foods you have to eat to get them; you also have to be dedicated to put a lot of energy towards meal planning. With all that, I think that a prenatal is overkill. But for the majority of pregnant women out there, a prenatal is necessary, because they just don't do their homework.

BTW, I am working on a nutrient/food chart that I can use to check off what I am eating each day to be sure that I get all the nutrients I need. When I get done, I would be happy to email it to anyone (it is a MSWord doc).
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That sounds intersting Lara, I'd love to have a look at it when you are done. I am always trying to improve my diet, pregnant or not.
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I also doubt the child was born unhealthy because she didnt take her vitamins.I hope no one made her feel that way.My kids were both big healthy babies.Sometimes a little extra is too much,I trust my midwives on this.

Lara-I can see where you'd be concerned because of being on the run.I always kept baggies full of granola,trail mix,or dried fruit for on the run,it helped alot.
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I agree that a little extra can be too much, saige (you sage!).

Jen- The info I have right now is set for both pregnant and bfing moms so it will work even if you aren't pregnant! I'll try to get it finished this weekend. (I may update it because I have 7 more books to cover!)
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Can you send it to me,too Lara? My email's jasonlaing@3web.net
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could I slo get a copy as well? teh e-mail is valeria_vi[@]hotmail.com (remove the brackets around the @ sign)
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Ok, I will send it to everyone. I'll also send you updates if I find information that differs from what I have now. I am making a mothering list on my email program. If you don't have MSWord, let me know. I can cut and paste it into the email so it won't mess it up.
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I take Life Brand prenatal vits.
My doc told me to take prenatal vits. through my fertile years, whether pregnant, nursing or not.
Lara, could you email it to me as well? my email address is:macdm77@rogers.com
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me too, me too!

Lara I would love a copy of that, too! We don't have word though. Thanks a million!


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