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could i have a copy also?
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Lara..me too..I can't keep any prenatal vitamins down they make me so sick. thanks trozbar@hotmail.com
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Lara-you've got your work cut out for you!!! I have no idea whether I have the right software or not,I know nothing about computers.
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I must be a bad shopper. I get whatever prenatal vitamin is offered at the store I happen to be shopping at. For the first pregnancy it Walmart. This time it's from our health food coop. I read the label and look for reasonable, but higher levels than are in a usual multivitamin. Sometimes I take them every other day.

My midwife and clinic recommend only taking a folic acid supplement or regular multivitamin with folic acid, unless blood tests show an iron deficiency. They test hemoglobin at the first appt. and then at the beginning of the third trimester.
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If you opt to not take prenatals for whatever reason, it's still a good idea to take folic acid, especially while TTC and for the first few weeks of pregnancy, to avoid spina bifida. It's hard to get enough folic acid in your diet.
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I'm with you, Leafylady! I take el cheapo Trader Joe's multivitamins (400 mcg of folic acid). My mother, who is a master of whole health, is horrified that I am taking "synthetic vitamins", rather than natural ones. We have the Solgar vegetarian multis here, but, frankly, they smell so.....smelly, that just opening the bottle makes me gag. That and you need to take two very big pills to get the total amt makes them unpleasant for me right now!

The TJ's ones smell a bit, too, but it's do-able, at least for now. If the smell starts getting to me, I plan to ask the mw for a prescription for vits next week, b/c the rx ones don't smell at all. Although we eat pretty healthily, I really like having the backup of a vitamin if my diet is not great for a day.

Anyone else noticed that their morning sickness is better when they take their vits (and keep them down)????
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Originally posted by lovinglife
Anyone else noticed that their morning sickness is better when they take their vits (and keep them down)????
my friend is pg, and she claims that prenatals make her morning sickness worse.
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Rainbow lite because they contained great herbs and minerals on top of the vitamins.They don't consitipate or hurt your belly.I bought the Rainbow one a day ones though and they were $9 a bottle.
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I only took Floridix with Iron plus herbs. Read labels and research types of supplements. Certain calciums, irons and binders are hard on a pregnant system and kidneys.
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and what are they?
do you mind sharing the info you've got on different types of them with us?
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