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Should I vaccinate myself against CP??

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I am 33 years old and have never had the chickenpox. I do not have immunity to them, as I was tested when I was pregnant. My midwife at the that time suggested that after I have the baby I vaccinate myself because adult cases can be severe. My doctor told me that I should not vaccinate myself because many people actually get CP from the vaccine and a healthy adult should be fine if they contract CP. My concern is that we are thinking of having another baby and I am concerned that my unvaccinated ds could get CP while I was pregnant. I'm not sure what to do. I definitely will not vaccinate my ds for CP but would be willing to do to myself if I had to. Suggestions? Anyone had this experience??
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I see and understand your concern but like DR said you may just end up with CP from the vax. I wouldnt do it. I had a friend whom got CP while preggo and delivered the baby while she had CP the baby developed CP 1 week after delivery. Both mom and baby did fine.
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A friend of ours had shingles while preggo, the Drs told her all types of horror stories about what would happen to the baby. Well she didnt listen to them thankfully went on to have a perfect baby who has already had chicken pox while in the womb.

I know thats not exactly related to the question you asked.

I have heard of too many kids that have recieved the vaccine and came down with chicken pox awhile later, and not so nice case either.

I wish you well in your decision
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My mom had the cp while pregnant for me. I was fine, she was fine. I had the cp myself when I was two years old. I think it was a middle of the road case- not particularly mild or severe.

If it was me, I wouldn't get the vaccine, because all the ingredients bother me more than the potential of getting the disease.

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