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Wool fans please...

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Can all you wool fans out there enlighten me please! After dealing with night leaks I tried a ME airflow cover as suggested by the diaper experts here, and it really does work. But, as some people warned me, it can leave horrid red marks on my chicken pie's legs. (He is a baby, not a chicken pie really...nickname)

So I took the plunge for wool and ordered a Stacinator. (Big gulp, I must stop spending on this little guys butt, I must stop...) I figure the wool will be better for summer anyway.

My question is, if I use it for nights, do I wash it each time? I've heard that it's not necessary with wool, but honestly it seems kinda gross not to. Is it just during the day you can get by with more than one use? I'm worried now 'cos I just bought one to check it out, but does that mean I can use it once and then spend 2 days waiting for it to dry beforing using it again? It's midwinter here so I'm freezing, and drying weather is kinda rare...

How often do you wash your wool honestly???

Thanks again for your abundant knowledge!
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You really don't have to wash it that often. Wash every couple of weeks unless you get poop on it. Honestly, it doesn't stink. And wool is naturally antimicrobial, so you don't have to worry about germies.
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Yep, I only wash my stacinator about once every week and a half. He doesnt poop at night so it never gets poop on it. It doesnt stink either.

to wool!!!!!
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How often do you wash your wool honestly???
honestly? If no poopies get on them, every 2-3 months But I only put a cover on DS once every few days.
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I only wash my wool about once every 2 weeks and it has never been stinky to me. It has generally dried quickly after diaper changes for me too, so you shouldn't have to wait too long for it to dry.

Good Luck
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Wow! I guess it would be obsessive to wash it after every night then!? I guess I don't need to buy loads more after all...

(The drying thing I was talking about was drying after washing)

Thanks for your honesty woolly mamas!

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It takes quite awhile to dry after washing (2-3 days IME), but I only wash 1-2x a month. And the moisture and smell really does evaporate between uses. I had the same reservations you do, and now love wool! I might as well sell my PUL covers because I haven't used them once since I got a few wool covers. I have a weird sentimental attachment to them, though, as they were the first cloth diapering items I ever used with ds!
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