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Follow up!! So for the last two days ive been cramping i just felt things weren't right im 8DPO and thought for sure i wasnt going to get a pos dispite my denial this morning i decided to take a HPT and i got a BFP this is my first pregnancy and most women say you dont feel symptoms until 4-6 weeks so i thought this was all in my head when in fact ive had server headaches and back pain along with a fever since 3DPO!! So listen to your body you know whats unusual but on the other hand im so excited and scared hope you ladies can give me info about whats really inside pregnancy
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Hi so its been a few days since i took the test and im alittle worried. Since my pos result i notice that im cramping and having bad backaches this is all before my missed period although it feels like im getting my period but im usually ok after the first day ive never cramped for days... What could this mean??
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It's probably just pregnancy symptoms. :-)
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Im having light spotting and only appears when i wipe.. now im confused because ive gotten 2pos test and im guessing this is implantation bleeding but how would ive gotten a pos result b4 it.. my dr appt not til next week but im worry
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It's probably just implantation bleeding which is normal. Unless it is bright red flow that fills a pad and there are clots it's probably okay. But, you should call your doctor. Always best to call your doc or midwife. I'm sure they will talk to you, even if your appointment is next week.
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Yea i was told it was nothing to worry about the spotting only lasted about an hour im trying soo hard not to stress about every little thing.. thanks again @dalia
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Ahhhh, I stress about everything too. I think it is just part of being a mommy. <3
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Actually, you'll often have the cervical mucus most conducive to sperm movement and survival several days *before* you ovulate, rather than the day of or the day before. In fact, by the time the egg pops free, the cervical mucus is already drying up and changing to be very inhospitable to sperm, and I think most successful fertilizations happen when the egg emerges into a cloud of *waiting* sperm (ie, sperm that have been deposited up to 5 days before ovulation and are waiting for something to happen)

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I agree! I had EWCM yesterday afternoon on CD 9 with a normal 26/27 day cycle. This is the first time I have been using OPK and it's only been low so far. I tested twice yesterday and will test twice again today. I haven't started taking my BBT yet though. I have a thermometer but just haven't gotten in that routine yet!
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