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Oct ivf???

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I had my consult today. I'm currently on cd 10, but if my blood work is ok, I'll start bcp's tomorrow and have my er and et at the end of October. We have our education day tomorrow and we'll meet with our ivf nurse. I'm so nervous now that we're finally starting this process. I am so afraid of it failing and being out of so much money. Anyone else?
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It looks like we are on track for an Oct cycle with ER being around Oct 15th. I am very nervous too. I feel so new to all of this and things are happening so fast (which is a good thing). I am also afraid of it failing and of us running out of money! Since I only have one ovary, we couldn't participate in a shared risk program so I feel like there is SO much riding on this.

I start BCP's tomorrow 9/16.
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I'm on the same schedule as you, gemasita, ER the week of 10/15 ;P I am very excited and nervouse too! I keep trying to thinking of good thoughts to help w/the nerves but it's one of those things that I can't help.. We've been trying for over 5 years to have a baby and we finaly realized that it will not happen without medical help. Everyone in his family has 1 or more kids, he's the only one left, talk about pressure! I'm not looking fwd to being a pin cushion but whatever it takes, we're willing to try it all once at least. Best wishes to you both.. any advise, comments are welcomed!
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I'll probably also have ER around the same time, maybe the next week. I'm already nervous.

Is anyone doing anything "special" to get ready. My RE told me to eat a balanced diet, but we didn't really talk about what to avoid or not do. I think my head was spinning by time we talked to the dr. This is most likely our only fresh ivf cycle so I want to do everything that I can to have a successful cycle, but also not stress myself out too much.

Best wishes to you both
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Nothing "special" except to have good thoughts, try not to stress and keep busy!! I have heard that accupuncture is a good idea to help with the stress management, this may help or not, but if you're willing to try it with an open mind, I'm sure you'll benefit from it. Today I'll drop off the long list of prescriptions that need filling, trying to prepare myself as much as possible.. ie. having all needed meds handy, this makes it even more real! Wow.. waited so long and it's less than a week 'till pin-cushion time ;P oh yeah did I also mention I have a needle phobia (sp?).. last night at dinner I told my hubby, "hope I can do it".. he offered to be the one to give me the shots, I dont think I can handle that part.. I know it's more so the anticipation than anything else.. but wow!
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I just had an HSG yesterday and found out that I have to have my remaining tube removed before we can go forward. Ugh...another surgery. I think this might delay things by two or three weeks.

I started acupuncture about a month ago and love it. I plan to continue on with it. My acupuncturist specializes in infertility.

I am doing my best to eat healthy. I actually eat a lot of protein and keep the carbs very low.
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I too may be on for an Oct IVF if things don't pick up for me this cycle. My (estrodiol???) level was low on wed. They upped my doses of menpuor and gonal f and are hoping things pick up by Sat. If not they may have to change my meds/doses and we'll have to pass this round. I was so not prepared for this. I was prepared for "overactivity" and also going through the process and it not working, but not this.

It is just so incrediably frustrating. This is our first IVF cycle, so I'll keep everyone posted as I learn more. Hopefully all will be fine and we can go ahead with retrieval next week.

I wish everyone the best!
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It's so strange having to get used to things changing minute by minute, even when you are in a cycle!

I didn't know I was having an HSG until the day before I had it and then I had to cancel my mock transfer because I found out I needed another surgery. Even during the cycle, the doc said we'll just have to see how I respond to the stimming and either keep going or cancel if it's not going well. And it seems like whatever you anticipate and prepare for is NOT what ends up happening!
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Good luck to you all!!!

I went in today and did my pt, it's negative, that means I get to start Lupron for 10 days, tonight is the first and only one in the evening, the other 9 will be in the am starting tomorrow.. not looking fwd to the needle's, but what do you do? Weird, this was the first pt test I was ok failing, it was the only way to start up, aint that something.. you would think I would've had a little of hope left for things to happen "natural" but I guess I'm past that. I am nervous, more worried to make sure that I'm on top of things, no room for errors or forgetting to take meds now. Anyone else starting Lupron? Anyone can give some helpful tips.. advise..
**Best wishes for us all***
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Sending you good vibes ladies!

Wanted to chime in about acupuncture. My acupuncturist mentioned that there was a study done that showed a much higher IVF success rate with acupuncture done I believe right before (or right after) the transfer. Google might show the study.

And there was another one she found that showed that women who watched funny movies during the post-transfer period had a higher success rate. Guess that would help relieve the stress of it all.

Best wishes
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Thanks for the info. Really helps!

Ok, so last night was the first LP shot, not bad at all, considering I'm a baby with the whole needle thing and worse if I have to administer on self.. this morning was day 2 and again no big deal.. Glad to report it was less of thing than what I anticipated.. yeay! Also, is anyone getting cramps? I've had weird (heavy feeling) type of cramps for the past wk (before shots).. does anyone know if it has to do with the BP ?
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I just found out that I can't get a surgery date until Nov/Dec. So I will definitely not be doing IVF in Oct now.
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I'm so sorry you're not going to be able to do it in Oct. The rollercoaster must be so difficult for everyone to deal with. My very best wishes to everyone.
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I'm sorry to hear that your orig. plans have been altered. Keep your spirits and your hopes up!!

I think by body finally caught up with all the new meds + vitamins + shots.. I'm getting a slight cold. I also had very bad bone aches yesterday looked at the warning on the LP and one was; bone pain! I don't recall this being listed on the side effects sheet that I was given at Dr.'s.. I called them and they confirmed that this is not one of the most common but that it does happen to a few patients.. Sorry ladies, I'm dealing with the good-day/bad-day.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!! Stay motivated, think possitive, live happy!:
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Speaking of roller coaster, now I am scheduled for Nov 1st surgery so I guess I won't be too far off my original schedule after all.

OurTime - sorry about the bone pain!
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That's great news!!! Very excited for you. Hope everything goes smoothly from here on out. Bone pain was bad for a couple of days but now it seems my body has accepted the meds and is coping well. Unfortunately it brought my defense down and I have a slight cold. Hope nothing else changes, need to stay healthy. Anyone know of a good-quick way to get rid of the sniffles before it gets worse? I had heard of drinking oj with ginger, any better ideas?
Sending you all good vibes!! Take care.
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Hey, Can I hop in? Looks like round #3 of IVF will be gearing up this month. I'm on Cd 1 with a baseline due in the next couple days, and then I once again become a pincushion.
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Originally Posted by OurTime View Post
Unfortunately it brought my defense down and I have a slight cold. Hope nothing else changes, need to stay healthy. Anyone know of a good-quick way to get rid of the sniffles before it gets worse? I had heard of drinking oj with ginger, any better ideas?
Sending you all good vibes!! Take care.
OurTime, I've heard of taking Elderberry syrup to boost the immune system. Some interesting studies on it. But I have no idea about the impact of combining it with IVF meds.

Funny movies might be good - laughter is good for the immune system, and nothing wrong with some extra endorphins

Hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks for the info., I watched some stand up comedy last night and was able to sleep pretty good, feeling better today also, hope that means I'm on my way out of this cold..

mamimapster--Since you've been through this before, mind if I ask a few things?
I have my baseline this Friday, 10/5.. what should I expect? Anything needed to do to prep for it? I'll be going in early am for the baseline and then back in the afternoon for blood work, if all well as I understand it, my first shot of Gonal F should be at the afternoon apt. on Friday.. how long are the shots for? (7 days?, longer).. I can't believe it's so close now, it's a little nerve wracking(sp?) and exciting!! so much to consider .. trying to remain calm.
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Hi. I'm gearing up for my first cycle of ivf at the end of this month and I'm totally nervous. I have a few questions for anyone that has answers. Did you have to wait a cycle between bcp and injections? I just started bcp on sept 29 (cd 1 for me) and my ivf nurse has scheduled my injectables to show up the 9th (my ins makes us have to order them through the mail???) and my injection teaching for the 10th. Is it normal to have bcp and injectables in the same cycle like that? I think I stop the bcp on the 6th after my hysteroscopy/trial transfer (attempted it in early sept, but since my uterus is tilted I've got to go under anesthesia and get dialated to get it done... Not looking forward to that ). Does it work out the same having a few days downtime instead of doing bcp and injectables in different cycles? Also, when did your baselines/bloodwork get done, was it before you started injectables? My ivf nurse told me not to worry about getting that done yet, but I thought baselines happen so they know how much hormones to give you... I'm totally confused. Other than that, I guess I am just wondering if there's anything else I should do to help things along. My re actually has an acupuncturist that works out if her office, so I'm seeing him before and after the transfer (no date yet, but should be the week before halloween, I think). Other than that, what worked for you guys? I'm taking metformin, prenatals, and vit e, as well as trying to eat more leafys. Are all my bases covered? Good luck to everyone trying this month! *crosses fingers*
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